My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 291


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A battle had just broken out, and the camera was switching on Black Panther, the leader of the Wolf Heart Mercenary Group.

The mechanism of the spiritual space looked so real. The young contestant who just died disappeared as a point of light. But through the screen, the spectators can still see the longsword where the blood keeps dripping from Black Panther’s hand.

Zhou Jianhong, who rushed out from the bushes, was also discovered by the audience at first.

Many people lamented Black Panther’s good luck while also being nervous for the players they support… Black Panther has taken two heads. Many well-known big men, such as the Silver Wolf Regiment vice leader, which many people are optimistic about, haven’t killed anyone yet. Even if the strength of the Silver Wolf vice leader is above the Black Panther, it was useless. The game score is based on the number of kills and survival time.

In the audience, the square-faced man and Zhou Jianhong’s team members couldn’t help but sigh when they saw this scene. His luck was really too bad, and the game had only opened for 10 minutes. 

The vast majority of participants have not yet met. Only the youth who met the Black Panther before was eliminated. Between the Fifth to Sixth Awakening, the speed gap is too big. He couldn’t escape even though he wanted to.

Brother Zhou Jianhong was also faced with the same situation.


The Black Panther smiled fiercely with a determined expression.

Zhou Jianhong gripped his weapon, his gaze tightened, and he did not choose to escape. Which was a sign of sanity.

By fleeing, it will leave his back vulnerable to the enemy, and that will only result in him dying faster.

“…Huh? Head on fighting? Ah, he’s dead now.”

Some viewers were staring at the screen, feeling sorry for him. But suddenly, they thought that the image of both sides was a bit wrong.

Both held long swords. However, Zhou Jianhong was wearing a set of silver armor, looking majestic. While the Black Panther wore tattered casual clothes as the result of chasing the young man through the dense bushes earlier.

Looking at the comparison, Black Panther looked like a beggar. 

But no matter how they look, the beggar was aggressive while the hero was cautious.

“Zhou Jianhong was lucky; not only did he get the rune longsword, but he also found a pair of rune armor. Unfortunately, the gap between him and the Black Panther can’t be finished by a pair of equipment.”

“Yeah, if it’s advanced rune equipment, he might still stand a chance. But it’s only ten minutes into the game. He can only find two E-class, it’s very good. But the Black Panther also had one. Oh right, I just noticed the naked guy earlier had good luck and found two light equipment balls at once. Unfortunately, he didn’t find any weapons.”

Although the naked Heavy Motorcycle guy was well known, there’s still a lot of stronger hunters than him in the finals.

Maybe he will soon have a widely recognized title, such as Fruit Warrior. What will the guy think when he hears this title once he comes out? 

Some idle spectators who had nothing to do are already thinking secretly in their hearts. The catchy title of Fruit Warrior must be promoted for him.

Well, don’t thank them, everyone else was happy to help others.


On the screen, the Black Panther approached step by step.

Zhou Jianhong did not stop in place but also rushed up, the right-hand part of the muscle bulge, slashing down the sword in his hands.

Black Panther’s feet slammed on the ground, and his body moved back half a meter. At the same time, the ground he stepped on looked like a cannonball hitting the ground, and the dust blew up, blocking Zhou Jianhong’s sight for a moment. Leaning forward, he stepped forward again, sweeping the wide-bladed longsword in his hand.

Even in facing the opponent whose strength was clearly inferior, Black Panther was not the least bit careless.

Tactics, timing, don’t keep your hands barred!

Zhou Jianhong obviously did not react and was slashed by Black Panther’s longsword on the waist.

However, unlike the audience’s expectation. The sword did not inflict damage on Zhou Jianhong’s waist. The collision between the sword and the armor sparked. Bright patterns on the armor lit up, and silver light flickered.

“It’s a silver scale chest armor, D3 level defense!”

Shay took the time to explain, the speed of speech is as fast as a series of bullets, “Silver scale breastplate comes with a passive skill. When subjected to a fatal threat, it will release stored energy in a short time to increase the armor defense and absorb a certain amount of impact.”

“As you can see, Black Panther’s sword is full of force. it is reasonable to say that even if it can not break the armor, but that terrifying impulse was enough to make Zhou Jianhong fly out.”

“In the end, the weapon held by the Black Panther was only an E2 level ordinary longsword. Even in the hand of Black Panther with Sixth Awakening stage strength, it still can not cut the silver scale chest armor. The importance of equipment is beyond doubt. Good equipment can completely save a life at a critical moment, or even reverse the battle.”

The impact made Zhou Jianhong’s whole body slide to the left, and his feet left deep scratches on the ground. His vision was obscured by the blasted dust. Yet, the force coming from the armor allowed Zhou Jianhong to clearly determine where Black Panther was at this moment.

Black Panther’s strength was undoubtedly above him. Even if he had multiple rune equipment and sword, he still can’t win. If Black Panther saw the situation and escaped, their large bottleneck would make him impossible to catch up.

He was waiting.

Waiting for this moment!

Zhou Jianhong’s eyes shone brightly, his body Qi surging. Raging flames whooshed out from the longsword, spreading, covering the one-meter longsword with flames. Turned into a flame sword with a length of more than two meters.

The fire dyed the surrounding area red.

He held the sword and slashed it down.

At the opposite side, failing to cut Zhou Jianhong’s waist, Black Panther also had a moment of consternation. He felt the danger, but it was too late to dodge. He quickly bounced back to defend, clenching his hand, and brought the longsword up to his chest to block the attack.

On the one hand, it was a charged blow with flames, and on the other hand, it hurriedly returned to defense. The Panther knew that he could not wholly take the opponent’s attack and would probably be injured as a result.

“But, after all, I am a Sixth Awakening, the one who can win in the end will still be me. If you’re fighting against someone else, maybe you’ll get-“

Black Panther’s thoughts drifted off for a moment. His longsword erected in front of his chest was cut into two pieces by the enemy’s flaming giant sword. And when he looked down, he saw that from his upper left shoulder to his waist, a line of fire diagonally split himself into two pieces.

…how is this possible…


The Black Panther disappeared as a point of light.

The audience was also dumbfounded, couldn’t react at all… no, even their eyes can’t keep up with the speed of both sides. They only saw the person disappearing as a point of light wasn’t Zhou Jianhong, but the big brother level powerhouse, Black Panther! 

The screen began to playback the highlights, the audience then suddenly realized.

Damn it … if we hadn’t watched a broadcast and watched the live fight. We can’t see much!

The speed of the battle between the two was slowed down more than ten times. After the failed Black Panther’s attack, the audience recalled the host’s commentary. At the end of the battle, Zhou Jianhong’s flame longsword cut off the Black Panther’s weapon and killed the Black Panther.

Shay began the timely commentary, “This highlights the importance of defensive gear and also the weapons.”

“Just like I said before, Black Panther’s weapon is an E2 level weapon. And the weapon is Zhou Jianhong’s hands…” He paused and waited until the audience’s curiosity was fully mobilized, “is a C1 level weapon. The Red Flame longsword’s sharpness. I believe that everyone has seen how it cut through the E class weapons effortlessly. Even the Black Panther’s body was also slain in two.”

Shay’s words turn, “Some people may have seen a similar weapon, D2 level weapons Blazing Combat Knife. Blazing Combat Knife uses the flame attachment rune. By slashing, it can make the flame fire attached to the blade, but……”

“The Red Flame Sword is even more unusual. What was inscribed on the blade was not only flame attachment but a flame ability that can be actively stimulated. In addition to being wrapped in the blade to increase the power, the flames can also be extended from the blade further. Like a sword qi or sword light.”

This time, Shay took the liberty to explain the power of C-class rune weapons. 

The ability to actively stimulate the flames was more desirable by those who had not awakened special abilities. 

The highlight replay ended, the camera jumped, and the battle images of the contestants appeared again.

It was still Zhou Jianhong!

This time, he was on the chasing side.

The one who escaped was a skinny young man who looked like an agility hunter. His body was extremely nimble, leaping between the trees.

Zhou Jianhong chased closely, but the distance was still a bit apart.

At this point, Zhou Jianhong suddenly stopped. The skinny hunter looked back. It seemed like he knows he can’t catch up and intends to give up to retain his strength…

Three meters, five meters…

The speed was so fast that it engulfed the frightened skinny hunter.

The audience at the scene was silent.

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