My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 292


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In order to exchange for C-grade equipment at the Adventurer’s Guild, it doesn’t only require a three-star mercenary corps but also a c-grade equipment exchange scroll.

The cost is very high.

Perhaps, a very small number of giants already have them. However, the vast majority of the audience at the scene had never seen it before. Hell! They never even heard of it~

They learned about it from the host’s commentary.

Strong, invincible!

Many viewers spit out this is open hanging. However, who does not want to open a hanging life?

The wilderness is harsh and dangerous. If you can kill demonic beasts with this sword…

Many strong and wealthy hunters had their eyes burning and secretly thought to pay to get a C-class weapon no matter what the cost.

The weaker hunters knew C-class weapons were out of their league, but D-level isn’t that bad either.

As the host said, the silver scale chest armor can save their lives in critical moments.

Compared to life, the high price is nothing.


Inside the spiritual space.

Zhou Jianhong moved fast, after killing his opponent without stopping, and without hiding himself in the slightest, he just rampages straight through.

In the Forest of Death, there were many rune equipment. But the forest was too big, and the environment was complicated.

The behavior pattern of most of the participants was to first hide themselves to ensure safety and then search for their targets. Their wilderness survival experience was already deeply engraved in every cell.

However, it was only a matter of time before the others would eventually realize that the strength of the demonic beasts in the forest was weak in the early stages of the game. The rune equipment spread all over the forest could give a significant boost to their battle power.

Zhou Jianhong knew in his heart that when it came to the middle and late stages. The other participants would have gotten a full set of rune equipment; anyone stronger than he could easily eliminate him.

He won’t survive for long, so he had to take advantage to arm himself early and quickly kill others. As long as his kill count is high enough, just like Tang Yu said, reaching the top three was not impossible.

Zhou Jianhong, as a dark horse that came out of nowhere, came and wreaked havoc in the forest. His aura wasn’t strong, and The Fifth Awakening hunter he encountered won’t run away. He was lucky enough to defeat the previous Sixth Awakening Hunter just now.

Some viewers were disappointed. Some of them placed heavy bets on the popular player only to be eliminated by Zhou Jianhong.

The big man who has returned to reality from the spiritual space is also sitting in the small room, doubting his life.


As the final match continues, more and more battles exploded. The viewers screamed in awe.

Zhou Jianhong had been too reckless. Finally, in the middle of the race, he met a big man who also had good rune equipment and was subsequently eliminated from the game.

The high-level matchups were equally interesting for Tang Yu to watch. Even in terms of level, he was now a little higher than these contestants, but he still learned a lot.

In combat, the competition wasn’t only about physical quality, equipment, and experience… layout, timing, and choice to engage in combat also matter. Tang Yu learned a lot.

“Director Tang manufactured a lot of rune equipment, which was a great help to our combatant. It contributes a lot to the Lincheng area hunters’ strength, and also the mortality rate decreased a lot.”

The one who spoke was a hunter sitting on Tang Yu’s left side. He was wearing glasses and sitting with an upright posture.

He was Lu Jianjun’s adjutant who came to the Tree Shade. Of course, his purpose wasn’t just watching the game but also discussing important matters.

Tang Yu smiled, “The military deserves more credit, if not for the proper response at the beginning of the doomsday in the establishment of the shelters around Lindong, we won’t be here today.”

The two sides expressed their gratitude. Although it looked shallow, what they said was the truth.

While watching the game and talking about the contestants, the adjutant also said the purpose of coming here. They hoped to build a railroad connecting the two places, Lindong and Tree shade.

Tang Yu pondered for a moment, thoughts flying through his mind.

Regarding the resumption of small shelters around Lindong, he had already heard and learned about those small shelters’ directors. With the help of the military, the survivors and supplies were moved to Lindong.

He didn’t receive Lindong’s notice, and Tang Yu knew the reason.

It was because of the construction of the business district and the tournament being held today. On the other hand, due to all the strength shown previously, the military did not take any strong measures.

However, the construction of the railroad would benefit the territory.

Most of the hunters were still active around Lindong. Some of them were too weak to come to Tree Shade, and they returned to Lindong for various reasons even though they had registered an adventure group in Tree Shade.

With the railroad, more hunters will be attracted in coming to the territory.

Maybe he can even post recruitment there. There’s a lot of manpower in Lindong where Tree Shade lacks manpower. 

This is something that will benefit both sides.

And the territory would benefit more.

As for infiltration, it’s not really possible to say who was infiltrating whom.

Tang Yu nodded after a moment of contemplation, “There should be no problem with talents in railroad construction, right?”

 “Of course.”

The adjutant was confident in this regard and took out a long-prepared plan, “We intend to use the original railway line and make changes on top of it. The cost and time expected to be spent won’t be a lot.”

Tang Yu looked over.

Originally, Lindong had a railroad passenger station as a public transportation site with several routes to the surrounding city. Maybe this was the reason why they decided to build a large shelter in Lindong.

One of the railway lines passed through a town near the Tree Shade location.

Lindong doesn’t lack a professional to repair and construct railways, so there shouldn’t be a problem. But the key lies in the subsequent opening of safety and security.

 In this regard, Tang Yu also has some ideas in mind.

Since the construction of the railroad was two-party cooperation, if he didn’t contribute anything, he won’t be entitled in the future.

He lacked the manpower in the territory for the construction talent. But for safety and security, he was a connoisseur.

Tang Yu called Chen Haiping and asked him to follow up on this matter.

When things came together, the adjutant’s serious face had a slight smile on it.

At this time, a young soldier trotting up to the audience came to the adjutant’s side and whispered against his ear.

The smile on the adjutant’s face disappeared and became a little cloudy. He turned to look at Tang Yu and paused, “Director Tang, I just received the news. Tree Shade, including many places around it, there’s been a demonic beast rebellion. Their number had increased greatly. Some small-scale demonic waves even appeared in some places. The situation is weird.”

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