My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 293


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Demonic waves don’t appear for no reason.

After more than two months after the doomsday, humans had finally concluded the reason for the demonic beast waves’ appearance. 

Every day, countless demonic beasts emerge from the Crack of the Abyss spread all over the world. The demonic beast moved like a virus, spread outward in a disorderly manner. The density of demonic beasts was higher in the regions close to the Crack. As the demonic beasts roam, the demonic beast density will also get higher and higher in other areas.

Once the number of demonic beasts has reached a certain level, and a large number of human shelters are gathered nearby, their scent will attract the demonic beast’s herd.

And it will form a demonic wave.

For this reason, the hunters need to go out from time to time to hunt demonic beasts to reduce the density of demonic beasts in the area around the shelter; so that the chances of the outbreak of a demonic wave is greatly reduced.

The appearance of one demonic wave maybe just an accident, but the appearance of a demonic wave in several places in this area was a bit off.

“Well. Of course, besides the most common reason like the density of demonic beasts, there are many other reasons that could trigger a demonic wave such as that giant tree in the mine.”

Tang Yu secretly thought about it and asked, “Do you know the exact location of the demonic wave?”

“It’s probably in these locations, but with the speed of the demonic wave’s movement, the margin of error may be relatively large.” With a serious face, the adjutant took out the map that was previously used to plan the railway line and drew several red circles on it.

Tang Yu stared at it for a few moments and did not say anything.

There were several places on it, far away from the Tree Shade, and it didn’t look like the giant tree with glittering white branches and leaves had led to it.


After such an incident, the tournament suddenly became flat.

The adjutant and a few military warriors have left.

Tang Yu was still sitting in the audience seat. He seems to be in deep thought. In fact, he had contacted Sky through the contact to check it out.

The strange movement that occurred around the territory, the military in turn, was first to notice. This incident allowed Tang Yu to recognize their current shortcomings.

The territory was indeed operating like an iron barrel, but there are too few tentacles outside the territory.

At this time, Tang Yu returned from his contemplation and glanced at the side of the audience. A middle-aged man with a shadowy face and wearing at least D-rank rune armor, with a few of his men, left in a hurry.

Tang Yu’s gaze lingered on the middle-aged man for a few more seconds.

The director of Rinshan Shelter, who appointed himself as the Rinshan City Mayor.

They had repeatedly sent people to spy on the shelter’s information, including the group that previously infiltrated the castle. The remaining three people who were still alive all came from Rinshan.

It can be said that it was a crazy trial on the edge of death.

All kinds of information about the Rinshan shelter came to his mind.

Tang Yu wasn’t very concerned with these spies… he can’t deal with flies every single day. But if there’s a chance to slap them, he’ll be delighted.

However, he also needs to be careful.

Rinshan’s Mayor… had 20.000 survivors in his shelter. He even dares to call himself a mayor! Even Great Lord Tang has not announced his ‘Lord’ title yet!

‘The commercial district has been built, the scale of the shelter has gone up a level. Perhaps later we can also build a city in our style?’ 

Between his thoughts, the audience erupted with a burst of shouts.

Tang Yu took a look at the screen.

The final was already at the end.


At this time, only the last few people remained alive. All of them were big brothers with Sixth Awakening Stage or higher.

Just now, the battle between two big brothers broke out; it was a thrilling fight. Finally, the Fire regiment leader, Wang Wu, managed to kill his opponent at the cost of serious injury.

But before he could retreat from combat, a demonic beast attacked him. 

It was already a late-stage; the demonic beasts were getting stronger and stronger.

Thousands of demonic beasts emerged from the edge of the forest, forming a demonic wave, and squeezed the participant’s space. 

The final stage was the most exciting.

Shay’s speech speed was like a machine gun burst; he was bubbling non-stop, unable to keep up with the progress of the competition. 

The audience supported their favorite participants. Shouting and cheering.

Tang Yu also saw some of the audience who were in a state of shock…. they probably lost their bets. 

The final was about to end. The adjutant who just left returned again.

Tang Yu noticed that the other party’s clothes were somewhat messy, stained with blood, and his face was more serious than before.


Underground Research Institute.

Dr. Zheng stopped what he was doing.

In front of him stood a bald man with his head hung low, looking respectful. At a closer look, the bald man’s thick arms were covered with thick brown fluffy hair, not human hair, but more like the hair of a beast.

Unlike the shape-shifting ability user, it was the bald man’s normal appearance.

After listening to his men’s report, Dr. Zheng’s face changed, “How many times have I told you? I told you to pay more attention and be more careful, but you told me that you messed up?

The sturdy bald man took a half step back and waited for Dr. Zheng’s anger to calm down before he spoke carefully, “Doctor, it’s not messed up; it’s just that things are a bit unexpected.”

“We have no way to control the demonic beasts. We can only use the conventional method of attracting monsters. This time, the target is Rinshan Shelter. We intended to attract a few. Otherwise, the shelter will be destroyed. But too much at once is a bit… a bit of a mistake…”

The bald man felt very aggrieved. “We really didn’t expect the hunters to become more active these days. But fortunately, the largest demonic beast wave is not far from Rinshan.”

Originally, it was difficult to gather the beasts. This time, a large number of hunters went to the Tree Shade and traveled between shelters. The demonic waves he managed to pull up were led to scatter.

He was helpless too!

“Doctor, can’t the Rinshan Shelter be done?”

Dr. Zheng paced back and forth in the room, “How many of the smaller shelters still left out there?”

The bald man thought back a bit and said with some uncertainty, “Maybe five, six? Or eight? We found some small shelters in the past few days. The survivors and supplies were moved out.”

Dr. Zheng did not speak; he was hesitant. He was worried that it will cause Lindong to notice.

This gave him a sense of urgency.

The Beast warrior research needs a lot of material Dr. Zheng couldn’t imagine. The research progressed and reached the key point, but due to lack of experimental subject… It could be stopped…

He freaked out!

After a moment of silence, Dr. Zheng gave the order, “Rinshan Shelter must be taken down! They had more than 20,000 survivors, approximately one or two thousand hunters. These subjects are enough to use for two months.”

“It has to be done as soon as possible. In case the Rinshan Shelter is also being moved away, it will be a problem.”

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