My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 294


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“Rinshan is attacked by a demonic wave?”

“Yes, unfortunately, it’s true. I hope that Director Tang can help to defeat this demonic wave. Our warriors over here have already rushed to Rinshan.” The adjutant hesitated, but still spoke out his request.

Both as an official organization and himself personally, he couldn’t sit back and watch the Rinshan shelter being overrun by the demonic wave.

That shelter had more than 20,000 human lives.

If it weren’t for the opening of the Tree Shade commercial district and the tournament which mage the military sent many troop carriers and Ancestral Dragon Warriors to escort the evacuation of several small shelters, they won’t be able to gather the number of people that could fight.

But even so…

“Level 2 demonic waves surrounded Rinshan shelter. Approximately 2.000 demonic beasts are in the wave. With the strength of the shelter, at most they can hold on for a couple of hours. They won’t last until the Lindong shelter sends help. And our warriors can’t afford to deal with this scale of demonic waves. We can only think of Director Tang at the moment.”

Tang Yu pondered for a moment, “I have a condition.”

 “Please say.” The adjutant said with a straight face.

“No need to be so serious. It’s not that I want you guys to come up with anything, just one request. After saving the Rinshan shelter, this shelter will belong to me, including the survivors inside.”

The adjutant frowned.

Rinshan Shelter was the key target that their officials were keeping a close eye on. Several small shelters with Rinshan as their target had a perfunctory attitude towards the repossession. They refuse to cooperate, making their work progress slowly.

Originally, if there was no demonic wave, they were going to kill one of the chickens to make an example. 

Rinshan is the strongest one among the chickens. 

In the eyes of Rinshan Mayor, Tree Shade was the head of the resistance and the military intended to make a move. However, Rinshan Mayor didn’t know that the Lindong military doesn’t consider them a chicken but an eagle soaring above the sky. 

The adjutant did not expect Tang Yu to make such a request.

But the thought only lasted for a short moment; without the help of Tree Shade Shelter, there would be no survivors left in Rinshan after being breached.

“Alright.” The adjutant agreed in a deep voice, afraid that Tang Yu did not believe him, and added, “I can make this kind of decision in this condition with my rank. But if we didn’t act as soon as possible, I’m afraid the Rinshan shelter won’t last long.”

Tang Yu showed a satisfied smile and got up to leave the audience.

As for the Rinshan Mayor’s opinion?

Uh…Tang Yu and the adjutant both very tacitly agreed to ignore it.


The wilderness. 

The floating chariot flew across the complex environment. The uneven ground feels like flat ground.

Tang Yu drove the chariot, and in the back seat sat Elaine and Lorraine.

The tournament is not yet over. After the final curtain, there is still a need to carry out the appropriate award ceremony.

As the host, Shay, can’t leave. The real commentator, Roger, also can’t leave. The other free people were Sky, Elaine, Lorraine, and Tyron. However… Tyron’s three meters tall body was too eye-catching and he couldn’t be stuffed into the floating chariot, so he didn’t tag him along.

While Sky already rushed ahead to the rendezvous point with the military. 

Three…plus him, four top warriors will be enough.

There’s no need to transfer the Carmen brothers or Protoss sisters. 

…teleportation costs are not cheap.

The follow-up work of gathering and comforting the survivors is also part of the condition. Tang Yu believes that the military will not break its promise.

A survivor of the Rinshan shelter is significant to the Tree Shade, but it’s nothing for the military.

The straight-line distance from the Rinshan shelter to TreeShade is more than thirty kilometers. With the floating chariot rushing madly, it took less than half an hour to reach the vicinity of Rinshan.

Tang Yu got off and looked back.

The armored car driven by the adjutant was still missing, and must have been left far behind by his excellent driving skills. Tang Yu did not intend to wait for the adjutant. He looked around and quickly found the rendezvous point.

A hill.

Putting the floating chariot into the space ring, Tang Yu and Elaine Lorraine darted up the hill. They did not hide their forms, and were already seen by the Ancestral Dragon warriors on the hill from afar.

Sky arrived here earlier than them, clutching his sword, leaning on the side of a large tree, waiting silently.

Two dozen Ancestral Dragon warriors, who were setting up a defensive position on the hill, thought they were planning to fight a wave with the advantage of location.

 “This is?”

Tang Yu’s eyes fell to the object in front of him. Around the pre-arranged machine gun position, several purple and black vines pounded to smithereens. The sap flowing, spread around the defensive line.

The surrounding Ancestral Dragon warriors were clear that Tang Yu’s party, which consisted of only four people, was the main force this time.

A captain warrior opened his mouth to explain, “This is the Devil Vine. Its sap can give off a special smell, not too pungent for us humans. But for the demonic beasts, the smell is heavy enough to effectively mask the smell on us.”

 “We are very close to the demonic wave below. Without the devil vine to cover the smell, there may be quite a few devilized beasts that will be attracted to us which is bad for the arrangement of the defense position. And when our position is set up, we can shoot the demonic beasts without attracting too many at once.”

So that’s how it is.

Tang Yu stood on the hill and looked down.

The location of the Rinshan shelter was close to the edge of the Lincheng area, adjacent to the provincial road. Along the road straight ahead would lead to the two adjacent cities, which was considered a major traffic route.

At this time, in front of the earthen wall surrounding the town of Rinshan was a black wave of demonic beast, and the hissing sound still resonated as far as they were concerned. Some of the demonic beasts were stuck in traps, some crashed into the wall, and some were so strong that they jumped onto the wall and fought with the hunters.

Light and heavy machine guns, shotguns, assault rifles… Various types of firearms spewed out tongues of fire to stop the incoming demonic beasts. But the gunmen’s bullets were empty in no time and they could only take out their homemade spears or ordinary swords to stand on the earthen walls and kill the demonic beasts.

Only a few elite hunters were armed with Tree Shade’s Demon Slayer. They were the main force in the fight against the tide of demons, but their power was still not enough. The earthen wall was in danger.

From time to time, hunters were injured and died. 

It didn’t take long for the adjutant to finally catch up.

Seeing Tang Yu’s party already waiting here, the adjutant was relieved, and the people became a lot more refreshed.

He swiftly swept his eyes across the front of Rinshan shelter and quickly made a simple judgment of the situation, “It looks like the Rinshan shelter won’t be able to hold up for much longer, we need to …”

He turned his head to look at Tang Yu, “Director Tang, the fight against demonic beast waves this time, we will fully cooperate with you. I wonder if you have any tactical arrangement?”


Tang Yu stroked his chin and swept his gaze across the black wave of demonic beast, “Don’t be a coward, just do it!”

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