My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 296


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The fishy smell of demonic beasts was getting stronger and stronger.  

As far as the eye can see, in addition to the direction of the hills at their backs, the rest were all black and oppressive.  

Tang Yu took a deep breath. The first time he had ever dealt with a demonic wave was from atop of the walls. The visual impact was far less than now.

There is no fear, only excitement in his heart.

He wasn’t weak anymore.  

Some of the demonic beasts ran straight toward the hill. Tang Yu frowned, the space ring on his finger flashed, and two warriors wearing silver-white full-body armor appeared in front of him.  

“Stop them.” Tang Yu ordered.  

The two combat puppets took a step forward and charged. They were wearing heavy armor. In terms of defense, their defense was no less than the stone man Tyron. The two puppets charged faster and faster. 


The puppets and the demonic wave collided head-on, and the front-most few demonic beast carcasses were crushed and burst open. The puppet held its sword with both hands and swept out in a half-moon motion toward the front.  

They faced the bite and pouncing of the demonic beast without dodging. Most of the demonic beasts were unable to leave the slightest scratch to the armor.

Tang Yu also made his move, taking the initiative to meet the demonic beast herd. 

A special custom-made B3 level rune longsword appeared in his hand. The longsword rose up with a blazing flame.  

Battle Skill – Sword of Blazing Fire.  

Tang Yu flipped his wrist, the long sword slashed across the jaw of a huge demonic beast. The sword’s sharp edge easily broke through its defenses. The demonic beast roared in pain and wanted to fight back, but flames continued from the wound. It spread and wrapped this huge demonic beast in the blink of an eye, giving out a pungent burnt smell.

Tang Yu shuttled among the demonic beasts.  

He slid step and passed under an elephant-shaped demonic beast. His left hand supported the ground, he quickly jumped up, using the secret technique, Sky Breaking Slash.  

With a roar of pain, the huge body of the elephant-shaped demonic beast collapsed with a bang.  


Tang Yu fell to the ground and rolled quickly without turning his head. There were a few spikes in the place where he stood just now, and he was already halfway down the ground.

He swept around, locked into a long snake-like demonic beast. Its back was full of dense spikes. Its torso was visually estimated to be over ten meters long and half a meter wide. The black spikes grow on the back, varying in length, but it’s all over a meter long.

The giant spiky snake was now standing upright, but the head was reversed and lowered forward. Posed similar to the ‘r’ posture, the back muscles bulge slightly with spikes towards Tang Yu.  


Black shadows flashed in front of his eyes.  

Tang Yu didn’t have time to think carefully. His combat instincts drove him to roll continuously to dodge and then look at the original place where he was standing and saw a few thumb-thick black holes.

Those spikes have been completely submerged in the ground.  

The demonic beast pounced to bite, and the giant spiked snake also once again gathered its strength.  

The situation was critical, but Tang Yu did not panic at all. He focused on dealing with the surrounding demonic beasts.  


Before the giant snake had finished building up its strength, its entire body burst open and turned into a mess of rotten flesh.  

On the distant hill, Lorraine’s face was expressionless, her gun slightly adjusted and aimed at her next target.  

Next to her, the Ancestral Dragon warriors opened his mouth in surprise. Almost forgot to pull the trigger of the gun he was holding. 


Outside the Rinshan shelter, shouting and hissing sounds shook the sky.  

Inside the shelter, the survivors are also in a mess.  

“RUN, RUN AWAY!” Someone shouted. 

Some people cried, “It’s full of demonic beasts outside! Only the hunters had a hope to escape. We’re just ordinary people; we can’t escape.”  

A small group of hunters wearing beast skins hurriedly ran by.  

“Where’s Second, Third, and Fifth? They won’t escape from the battlefield!” 

“I don’t know where Third and Fifth is. But Second is not that kind of person. Something must have delayed him!”

The captain listened to the hissing sounds outside, and his face was gloomy.  

Sighing, he spoke, “Let’s go… The city mayor still has a backhand. We can hold it.”  


Somewhere inside a private house.  

A bald man was sitting in a chair.

A group of unconscious hunters was lying in front of him.  


The door of the room opened, and another man, also bald, walked in carrying two unconscious hunters.

With a closer look, the two men’s differences were seen. The bald man sitting in the chair had thick arms and thick fleece. And the one who just entered the room had horrible greenish-purple scars spreading from his neck up to his cheeks. 

“It’s a bit too crowded.”

The bald man sitting in the chair got up, frowned, “Yo go call 35, 40, and 48. Then, send this batch of subjects out… Oh, and then ask the doctor for manpower support…There are too many hunters in Rinshan. We can’t take away these hunters with our power alone.”

The bald man with the bruised neck nodded and turned to leave the room.  


Rinshan Shelter City Mayor’s House.  

The Mayor returned to the residence through a secret passage that connected the house to the wilderness with his trusted men. 

Inside the hall, the middle-aged butler looked anxious as he paced back and forth. He was finally relieved when he saw the Mayor’s appearance. “Mayor, you’ve finally returned.”

“How is the situation now?”  

“Our outermost defense lines are surrounded by a herd of demonic beasts. The defense line won’t be able to resist for long.”

“We still have the city walls and the elite army. Can’t we even stop the demonic wave?” Rinshan Mayor’s face looked gloomy.  

“That demonic wave…” The middle-aged butler hesitated but continued, “There are thousands of demonic beasts, including many high-ranked demonic beasts. If those intelligent demonic beasts had rushed towards the shelter, the shelter might have long been breached. So, now, Major. We should hurry to take the elite ones and our supplies away. As long as there are people and supplies, we will have the opportunity again.”

Rinshan City Mayor was torn. There were secret passages in this place to move valuable supplies away. But he had operated this shelter for so long. Once he leaves, it won’t be easy to build another one.

His city, his country, all will be reduced to nothing.  

He was reluctant. He couldn’t let it go. But there’s no reason to stay there.

He hesitated, but in the end, he ordered a few of his trusted men to start carrying supplies.

“Damn it! Damn it!!! If I have more time to operate it, it won’t be so easily overrun by a demonic wave!” 

He was so annoyed that he slapped the solid wood table beside him and broke it into pieces.  

“What’s inside? Excuse me, can you stop taking my things?”

A voice came abruptly from outside the door. 

The Rinshan City Mayor froze.  

It was the city mayor’s residence. There are not many people who were qualified to enter here. Even when the shelter was facing a survival crisis, there’re still two elite hunters standing guard outside the residence.

‘Who is this person?’

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