My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 298


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The main door was violently pushed open.

The bald man with fluffy hair on both arms returned to the underground research institute with a palpitating heart.

“Eight, you messed up again?” Dr. Zheng’s tone was cold.

“Yes… No, no… Doctor… It was purely an accident.” The stout bald strong man shivered in front of Dr. Zheng.

 He wasn’t afraid; rather, it was an instinctive reaction from the genetic sequence.

Although Dr. Zheng spent most of his time pouncing on research and ignored everything else except for matters concerning beast warriors, he had left a backhand when transforming each and every beast warrior.

“Say it. If the reason is not good enough, you shall return to the lab. Recently, there’s been progress in the secondary transformation in my research.”

The bald man trembled harder.

“It’s about the hunters we moved… Originally, we were planning to transport the first batch of subjects. But… we were stopped by two people, a man and a woman. They’re terribly strong. They took down 33, 35, 40, and 40 without much resistance.” 

If he hadn’t stayed in the room to realize that the situation was not right and quickly sneaked away, he would not have escaped from the hands of the two people.

The strong bald man couldn’t figure it out.

After the doctor’s transformation, each of them has unimaginable power. They can beat an ordinary hunter into a bloody pulp. But he had never thought that even after gaining power, someone still could beat them. 

Those two people were too scary!

The bald man shivered again.

This time of fear.

Dr. Zheng frowned, ‘A man… and a woman.’

“It’s Tree Shade Shelter again!” He muttered, pacing back and forth.

“I can’t get my hands on Rinshan’s hunters. My subjects’ stock won’t last long, and there’s no other place, damn it!”

Dr. Zheng’s expression suddenly darkened, “Damn you, Tree Shade Shelter! You spoil my good deeds again and again. I must destroy you. I’ll destroy you!”

“No, no!” His face suddenly became calm again, “Even Lin Wei was defeated in Tree Shade. It’s very dangerous there. I can’t go there.”

“If we remove this thorn called the Tree Shade, no one will be able to stop the Great Beast-Warrior Project in the future!”

Once again, Dr. Zheng became crazy, his eyes filled with bloodlust.

A moment later, he calmed down again as some concerns and fears flashed through his pupils.

“The strength of the beast warriors is obviously not as strong as the hunters of the Tree Shade, so we have to work on it slowly.”

“I have hundreds of beast warriors with perfect bodies and the magic tide. Not to mention the Tree Shade. Even a large shelter won’t survive!”



Dr. Zheng’s expression kept changing between madness and calmness.

On his skin, dense tadpoles-like black lines wriggling non-stop.


After eliminating the demonic tide in the Rinshan shelter, Tang Yu let Sky and two gladiator puppets stayed over there as a force deterrent.

For the time being, the Rinshan shelter hunters won’t make a move.

On the way back, Tang Yu did not drive the floating warrior truck but took the Ancestral Dragon’s troop transport truck.

There’re a total of three troop transport trucks, two of which carry some professionals from the Rinshan Shelter… Tang Yu paid more attention to these professionals than the hunters.

To put it bluntly, hunters weren’t that rare.

Among a dozen people, there’s always a lucky one. However, these senior professionals were elite who have been working for decades before the doomsday. 

These kinds of people were very rare and also something he lacked in the shelter.

He can abduct ordinary survivors from Lindong. But it’s impossible to abduct the professionals in the industry. These people have long been screened out by the officials and have worked in various key positions. 

On one of the troops’ trucks, Tang Yu and the adjutant were stunned. They both looked at the several bodies with bald heads in front of them.

“It does seem weird. Even a hunter from the transformation department won’t look like this.”

In addition to the one whose face turned bluish-purple and whose cheeks bulged, the others also had different kinds of mutation. Some grew tails, some had scales all over their bodies, and some had dense fur on their bodies.

Only one thing was the same, their crimson eyes.

After they were maimed, these mutated appearances did not fade away and were still retained.

Together along with their odd aura.

“What is their strength?” The adjutant squeezed the arms and thighs from one of the bald bodies and asked.

“In terms of physical quality, it’s equal to Fourth or Fifth Awakening. But…” Tang Yu paused. “Just like the transformation department ability user, each of them had unique abilities. For example, this man with a mouth like a frog. This guy can spit out venom. If we’re not careful, it could injure someone with Seventh or Eighth Awakening stage strength.”

Ordinary shape-shifting ability users don’t stay in their transformed form permanently.

But these guys… it looks like their appearance was permanent.

“And they have an odd aura, kind of like…” Tang Yu stuck on the words.

“Like the aura of a demonic beast!” The adjutant spoke up quickly.

“Right! It’s the demonic beast!”

Tang Yu slapped his head, finally understood what this déjà vu feeling was.

These bald men were like a combination of humans and demonic beasts. To be more precise, it was a human as the main body and combined with some of the demonized beast’s abilities.

It wasn’t born naturally.

In his mind, a piece of information he retrieved from Lin Wei’s residence fiercely flashes.     

There were certain studies on the human body on it.


When he returned to the territory, the Martial Arts Tournament, including the final award ceremony, was over.

When both Shay and Roger were free, Tang Yu asked Roger to lead some of the patrol members to find some trucks in the territory to transport the survivors from Rinshan with the Ancestral Dragon warriors.

Tang Yu, however, did not intend to completely empty the Rinshan shelter.

There will be some survivors left there.

The Rinshan shelter location was very favorable; occupying this shelter would allow the territory’s sphere of influence to expand a lot.

However, since Rinshan and the territory were not that far apart, Tang Yu couldn’t afford to spend a sub territory construction permission to turn Rinshan into a sub territory.

But it’s not a big deal because he can see that it was possible to build a railroad to connect the territory and Rinshan.

“Before making a decision, we have to wait for the Tree Shade-Lindong railway first.”


Times went by, two days had passed in a flash.

With the end of the martial arts tournament, the hunters who still stayed in Green Shade didn’t decrease too much.

The sale of rune equipment also exploded in a small peak.

Tang Yu wasn’t idle for the last two days. He spent his time in the Research Institute, studying the bald captives.


The door of laboratory number one opened.

Tang Yu walked into it and saw the bald man whose hands and feet were bound had become visibly thinner.

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