My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 30


Chapter 30 – System Reform

“Oh? Has anyone caused a trouble?”

“No, that’s not the case.”

Chen Haiping shook his head, “It’s just that I think some people are lazy at work, mainly because we have too many survivors and we lack of managers. We can’t understand the specific situation clearly. Although there’s no major problem now, but in a long-term, it could delay the shelter’s development progress.”

“Not only that, I also suspected someone is secretly hiding food in every meal time, it’s resulting in higher daily food consumption than what we originally expected. I also discovered this when I counted the food stock this morning, it’s definitely not something that happened in just one or two days.”

The shelter system was already quite loose. Or it could even be said that there’s no system at all.

In fact, arranging the survivors’ works every day was actually just giving a general direction of the works. The Specific workload, job review, etc were not available yet. 

It’s also the same for the kitchen. Because of the population growth, the current practice of eating was to eat from a large pot until all the survivors were well fed. It’s a far better treatment than they would receive at other shelter. But obviously, there were also some survivors who were greedy and eat more.

For this, Chen Haiping had no choice.

He was a soldier, even if he had achieved the rank of petty officer, these problems left him desperate enough to make him want to deal with these problems.

Tang Yu understood his concerns.

The shelter was still in a development process and a lot of problems already occurred. Chen Haiping obviously wanted to prioritize these problems.

But there were too few trustworthy personnel in the shelter.

Tang Yu, Elaine, and Roger belong to the core leadership of the territory.

Chen Haiping belonged to the second-rank tier.

Then there were a few trustworthy survivors. Most of these people already had occupied important position in managing the shelter, but obviously it’s not enough. As the number of the survivors of the territory increases, the number of trustworthy people would become lesser and lesser insufficient.

That was the flaw in their shelter. Other shelters, even if they weren’t official shelters could build shelter because they had a lot of personnel under their hands. These shelters had their own population and resources. They could be considered as relatively perfect established shelter system which can continuously absorb foreign survivors.

And Tang Yu’s territory was not yet a real shelter for now. It didn’t have a perfectly working system yet to absorb foreign survivors like other ordinary shelters.

Especially those unruly hunters.

Tang Yu looked at the dots on the map of the territory which represented each of the survivors.

In addition to the first two groups of survivors who came into the shelter, the rest were mostly yellow dots, some green dots and a few red dots.

It’s very dazzling to the eye.

These red dots were not the investigation team that Lin Wei had sent, but some of the unruly people among the survivors.

Perhaps these people hadn’t done anything bad to the shelter, but the red dots represented threat to the territory.

These kind of people were the most troublesome to deal with. Well, it’s not exactly troublesome. It’s more likely because he was too busy with the territory construction plan and he hadn’t got time to deal with the matter yet.

Now that he had enough spirit stones, the Town Portal Scrolls should be done quickly.

He had to solve all these trivial matters before he could go to Lindong shelter.

“Well, Brother Chen, first thing first, prepare an announcement and post it. Just write it casually and find another time to do a census of the survivors. You don’t have to rush it. Give some people some time to prepare. Then we can recover our consumption with interest. Well, that’s all.”

Chen Haiping couldn’t help but facepalmed.

He felt that the burden was bestowed upon him again.


Outside the resort, in a small forest.

Ding Qiang took a rocking chair and placed it beneath the tree shade. He was lying there comfortably, holding a bunch of sausages in his hand and ate it one by one.

“This feels great. Why haven’t you found these delicious sausages before?”

In the distance, there was a rumbling sound. It was the sound of puppet breaking down rocks.

Right now, it’s the time for daily porter job. Ding Qiang was still hanging out there as if he didn’t have any jobs to do.

Of course, he was resistant to the shelter’s arrangement. As a hunter, he wasn’t a guest or something. But they actually arranged him to do such a lowly job. Even in his view, this place couldn’t be considered as a real shelter at all.

There were two or three master, the city wall was unbelievable. If it weren’t for the rich food available in the shelter, he wouldn’t even stay here. Maybe there was a real shelter here before, but later it was destroyed by a demonic wave attack, which explained why they had so much food here.

Ding Qiang still felt suspicious about this place. Even if the puppet for rock mining looked very simple, it’s a product of a hunter’s ability. If that’s not the case, he would never follow the shelter’s rule.

Suddenly, a blonde young man with a small figure came running to him, “Boss… Boss, it’s not good.”

“Don’t fret! We just sneak foods from other survivors. It’s not a big deal. Your boss, me, is a hunter, the people in this so-called shelter wouldn’t dare to do anything.” Ding Qiang glared at Huang Mao with an arrogant look on his face.

Huang Mao took a deep breath and admired him.

He was worthy of being called the hunter boss. He spoke in a dominant voice. In contrast, Huang Mao was panicked when he heard small bad news. He was embarrassed. His boss already said that it’s not a real shelter. In that case, the bad news he heard just now must be not a big deal for the boss.

“Boss, it’s not about that. It’s the shelter. They just posted a notice saying that the system needs to be reformed. The survivors of the shelter will be divided into permanent resident and foreign survivors. A resident must obey the job assignment, food rations also depends on work performance. The higher the better. But if they found any work violation, there will be various penalties including compensation cancellation.”

“While for foreign survivor, the shelters do not force any regulation as long as they don’t violate the shelter system. It seems like the shelter will regularly issues some tasks. Foreign survivors can take the job in exchange for resources. It is said that the task will include scouting the surrounding area and gather specific items…”

Huang Mao didn’t notice. The more he said, the more Ding Qiang’s face went darken with anger.


The small square in front of the villa area had always been the liveliest place in the entire shelter. Most of the woods and stones were ported there by the survivors. After work, survivors would gather to chat. After the doomsday, this was considered as a relaxing activity.

The shelter allowed survivor to rest properly as ordinary survivor couldn’t work all day long. As long as they’re not being lazy, Tang Yu didn’t really care much.

In fact, the workload in this shelter was light enough for ordinary survivors to endure. Other shelter’s workloads were much more higher.

At this moment, survivor who was pushing a cart came to see the notice board on the side of the gate. It seemed that something important was written on it. Fortunately, many survivors had already seen the notice.

Zhao Xingping hurriedly pushed the materials to the drop off place and quickly returned to the square. Intended to see what’s the notice was about.

He came to the shelter two days ago. Unlike many foreign survivors who came here by their own struggle, he was just an ordinary person who had no luck encountering a hunter group. But Zhao Xingping considered himself lucky. He remembered the day when he was hiding in a dark corner, starving. A demonic beast was wandering not far from his place.

At that time, he was terrified. Until Captain Roger appeared and slashed the demonic beast into two parts. Then, he was taken to the shelter and became a survivor here.

He could get three meals a day, and even got a portion of dreamlike food like vegetables and meat.

He didn’t know how to repay the kindness of this shelter. He could only do his best at doing his job.

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