My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 300


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“Is it just me… or they’re in a bit of a hurry?”

“What? You think so too? Could it be that there is another conflict somewhere? Maybe they had already fought.”

“No, that can’t be it. Who would dare to break a fight in the shelter? But I heard that someone destroyed a few street lights and was fined a hundred spirit stones. Seriously, they will also be caught in the mines to serve hard laborers… not a lot of people would dare to make trouble. Not to the point that makes the patrol members rush.”

Another five patrol members ran past them.

As a senior member of the shelter, He Yuanhang recognized one of the acquaintances, and he shouted out, “Mr. Xing, where are you guys going?”

Xing looked back, stopped in his tracks. He thought for a while, with his eyes gazing at the five people in the small team.

In the end, he walked to He Yuanhang’s team and said, “This is not something that needs to be kept secret. There’s no time, so I’ll make it short. There is a demonic wave coming, the scale should not be small, you better not leave the shelter.”

He finished his words and rushed to leave, followed by several other people. They rushed to the small team stationed in the location.

He Yuanhang’s squad glanced at each other.

“Didn’t we say that the Crack of the Abyss in this area is scarce and the density of demonic beasts is low? How come a demonic wave suddenly broke out?”

“With the strength of the Tree Shade Shelter, an ordinary demon wave shouldn’t pose a threat, right? That towering tower outside is said to be a powerful weapon against demonic beasts.”

Puzzled, they quickly walked out of the business district and came to the entrance of the shelter.

At this moment, there were many hunters gathered there, all hearing the news of the incoming demon wave.

Some people were panicking and had already led their squads, trying to leave the shelter to avoid this disaster before the demon wave hit.

Some people were indifferent, “Tree shade shelter encountered the demonic wave not once but twice. Each time, it was easy to destroy the incoming demonic wave. This time is certainly no exception. Since they could establish a commercial district, Tree Shade certainly has the strength to defend it.”

This statement made many people agree.        

Even the recently arrived hunters fully realize the strength of the Tree Shade shelter. Except for the lack of tall walls to guard the shelter and the population gap, there’s no difference with large shelters.        

He Yuanhang and several members of his team naturally had no intention of leaving.        

At this time, a team member pointed in a certain direction, “Those guys just left. How come they are back now?”      

A few hunters in the distance ran wildly, without any injuries on their bodies, yet they looked panicked and scared.       

“There are too many demons…demonic beasts, it’s overwhelming and has surrounded the shelter!”       

“It’s not a level one demon wave. It’s more than level two. They’re too many…too many to see.”        

The person who spoke had a pale face and a trembling tone, which didn’t seem to be lying.        

The hunters who stayed at the entrance were even more astonished.       

“That’s… one of the top teams, the Divine Wind Battle Team. The captain is a big brother level powerhouse. How come they… look so miserable!”

Captain Chen Feng had his hand over his shoulder, stained with blood. Several of his team members also had injuries of varying severity.      

Without waiting for the others to ask, Chen Feng spoke, “There is a demon wave coming. Looking in the direction, they aimed at the Tree Shade Shelter. I know there must be someone who plans to escape and avoid the demonic wave. But I still want to discourage you all, don’t take a chance.”      

“The demon wave is huge! Huge! I flew to the sky earlier to observe, it was really huge! This is not an adjective. I couldn’t even see the end when I flew several dozen meters high. All the way to escape from the shelter has been blocked by the demon wave. Even myself, who can fly, am not sure if I can escape. Instead of holding on to the idea of escaping by chance, I suggest you all maintain your state to resist the upcoming demon wave.”       

The words that Chen Feng uttered caused the surrounding hunters to turn pale one after another.        

It wasn’t that no one suspected, but Chen Feng had no reason to lie. And as a big brother level powerhouse, his words, too, carried enough weight.        

The wounds on his body also reflect the ferocity of the demon wave to a certain extent. They knew that Chen Feng is a wind ability user. He can fly with the wind and be known as one of the strongest survival ability big brothers.       

“Captain Chen, how big is the scale of the demonic wave? How many levels of demonic beast in the wave?”        

Chen Feng hesitated for a moment but finally decided to speak up, “By my visual estimation… it’s a level four magic wave.”

Level 1 demon wave, hundreds of demonic beasts.

Level 2 demon wave, thousands of demonic beasts.

Level 3, tens of thousands.

Level 4, hundreds of thousands.

Level 5, over a million.

And the shelter was going to face hundreds of demonic beasts? The entire shelter was full of a few thousand hunters in just two days of the commercial district opening and the tournament.

Thousands versus hundreds of thousands…

Some people were terrified; others were equally pale.       

They understood why Chen Feng advised them not to have the idea of escaping by chance. Facing hundreds of thousands of demonic beasts… even a big brother-level powerhouse would have difficulty breaking out, let alone a small shrimp like them.      

That was on the premise if they remained intact to resist the wave.    

The Tree Shade strength is strong; they themselves were not weak. If it was a Level 1 or 2 demonic waves, they might be able to resist. Maybe they can even put up a fight against Level 3 demonic waves.

But Level 4 was different.

When the Crack of the Abyss appeared near Lindong, the demon wave there was also Level 4. The tip of the spear to end these demonic beasts wasn’t hunters but the Lindong Military depending on missiles, artillery, and tanks to kill the large scale demonic wave.        

But now, there was no military.        

Their faces were gradually bitter.        

Chen Feng cheered, “What qualification do you have to call yourselves a hunter when you have lost the will to fight before the demon wave reaches your heels? Ah! Isn’t it a desperate situation? Can’t you kill a way out of a desperate situation? Although Tree Shade doesn’t have missiles or tanks, we also have a tower that can kill demonic beasts and its own secret weapons!”

“We are not without hope. But if we even give up on ourselves, then we really don’t have any chance!”        

“Everyone, think about yourselves, think about the dangers we have experienced since we walked from the beginning of the doomsday to now, is it still less?! We are hunters. In desperate times, we rely on ourselves and kill our way out!”        

Chen Feng’s words were deafening.        

Many hunters no longer lose their will to fight, even if they still feel that hope was slim. At least, they will die fighting!       


A torrent of metal came out from the depths of the shelter.

It wasn’t a tank, but combat puppets holding swords and carrying guns, formed a square formation with the same pace.        

The east wind blew, and the drums of war beat.        

Yes, they don’t have missiles, no tanks, but they have puppets and towers. What can Level 4 demonic beast do?!

200 patrols wearing combat uniforms also arrived at the entrance. Each full of battle spirit, gazing into the distance.


An invisible wave spread out from within the shelter. 

Some people turned their heads to look, but their eyes fell fiercely above the commercial district.

In mid-air, a figure rushed forward one step at a time as if stepping on an invisible ladder.

He looked moving quite slow, but each movement was at least tens of meters forward.

The hunters opened their eyes wide.

It was Tree Shade’s Director Tang!!!

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