My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 301


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Tang Yu’s feet stepped on the void, and with each step, he walked like he was on the ground.

Donned in silver battle armor, a B3 Level Rune Longsword in a scabbard on his back, and two Level 3 Enhanced Swift Revolvers hanging from his waist. 

Wearing pure white combat boots decorated with grainy streams of light, this was the equipment made from Item 017 as the main material.

It comes with the ability to step in the air!

He took a few steps out, climbing higher and higher, gazing far into the distance.

At the end of the horizon, smoke and dust rolled. A black line was stretching out of sight.

Tang Yu’s face was gloomy.

Compared to the Level 4 Demon Wave, the small Tree Shade shelter was incomparably small, like a reef against the raging waves.

But, this reef was strong enough to withstand the wind and waves without being damaged!


The list of buildings unfolded in front of his eyes, and Tang Yu found the Special Buildings section.

[Choose to build: War Altar!] [Ding! consume 15.000 units of spirit stone, 3.000 units of stone, and 100 units of resounding cloud stone.]


The ground bulged, forming a small mound, and those hunters who were close hurriedly dodged out of the way as they looked warily at the sudden change.

The mound rose to four or five meters in height, and at the next moment, the mound continued to change shape as if an invisible carving knife shaped the mound.

Cut out the angles, the regular shape, stone steps…

In front of the crowds, the small mound turned into a circular stone altar with a diameter of more than ten meters and a height of more than four meters in just a few seconds.

“Go up to the altar and beat the drum.”

A faint voice came from the sky—several members of the patrols, who had been preparing, stepped on the stairs to ascend the altar.

They picked up the drumsticks with solemn faces and waved their hands toward the war altar on a large drum carved entirely out of a rock and struck it.


The sound, containing a special wave, spread out in all directions.


At this moment, the people inside the shelter had already learned of the incoming demon wave.

Organized by the patrol members, the ordinary survivors ascended to the inner city located halfway up the mountain and prepared to take refuge.

At the entrance, however, there were more and more hunters.

After learning the scale of the wave, each one of them was pale. Even under the Chen Feng and other people’s motivation and glowing battle spirit, they still had fear in their eyes.

Nobody isn’t afraid of death.

At least this way, they will die with honor, fighting to their last moment. 


The sound of drums kept coming.

Some people were still curiously looking at the altar but suddenly found that their blood began to boil.

“Why do I feel… all over my body is… full of power!”

“My blood is burning up. It feels like I can fight ten!”

Fuck! Let’s do it! A mere wave of demonic beasts is just an additional experience point!”

The shouts resounded through the shelter.

Tang Yu drifted down from mid-air, even he could not help but feel a fire in his chest, the flame burning!

The adjutant also came over. His blood was also boiling, and he wanted to rush up and kill the demonic beasts.

Still, he held back and came to Tang Yu’s side and spoke, “Director Tang, the Level 4 Demonic wave cannot be underestimated. The best way to defend it now is to use the walls of the villa area.”

“Retreating to the villa area means giving up the commercial area, giving up the factory area, giving up the shelter that we build with hardship….”

“But if there are no city walls-“

Tang Yu pressed his hand on the man’s shoulder. “I know even if thousands of hunters fight in an open area, no matter how much they inspired their fighting spirit, they won’t be able to stop the demonic wave.”

“But…” He paused and looked at the distance. The corners of his mouth rose slightly, containing a power called self-confidence, “If we don’t have a city wall, we can build one.”

‘Could it be that…’

In the adjutant’s mind, the study black city wall that was built around the villa area came to mind violently.

They said that it was the man in front of him who built it with his own strength.

They said that the man who had mastered the miracle power… was an architect!


The adjutant’s throat wriggled, and the countless thoughts that crossed his mind, but he didn’t know how to express them.

Building a wall around the villa area was unbelievable in his view. Even the most powerful earth ability user from Lindong couldn’t do it!

The villa area, however, was still a small part of the entire shelter. 

The length needed to build a wall large enough to cover the entire shelter was a hundred times larger than the villa area walls. Or maybe even more!

The adjutant’s expression was complicated.


At this time, Tang Yu took a deep breath and stepped mid-air.

The wave of demonic beasts was getting closer and closer. With his eyesight, it was enough to see those demonic beasts at the forefront with their hideous appearance.

He closed his eyes.

In his mind, a three-dimensional topographic map of the territory’s boundaries appeared.

Including the original site of the resort villa, the equipment factory area, and the tower of arrows towers in the wilderness.

In the simulation, a walled defensive line was drawn, stretching from the shelter’s entrance forward. 

His eyes reopened, looking down. He lightly shook his head. “It wasn’t my intention to build a city wall so fast. But… there’s no way out.”

As the adjutant said, without a city wall, it was impossible to stop the demonic beasts.

The other option was to crush hundreds of thousands of demonic beasts in one fell swoop. However, it was even more impossible.

Great Lord Tang was still having doubts in his heart.

[Select Build: Level 1 City Wall.]


The ground shook even more violently.

The hunters didn’t panic with the previous altar’s construction. They saw the black wall gradually emerge from the ground nearby.

Inch by inch, it slowly drew higher.

Some hunters who were standing in the wall’s rising area hurriedly jumped down from above. Tilted their heads and looked at the slowly rising wall.

Ten meters high, four meters wide.

Thick and tall, like a black winding dragon, majestically stretching endlessly.

Once again, God’s miracle!

The hunters who were lucky enough to witness it again for the second time had wild eyes.

However, the trembling did not end there.

The black wall, already ten meters high, rose again with a rumbling sound.

A Level 2 city wall!

Standing in front of the 20 meters wall with a width of 8 meters, the hunters could only sigh at their own insignificance upon such a great force.

Behind the wall, a stone ladder leads the way up every few dozen meters.

Roger commanded the crowd to ascend the wall. By the war drum’s effects, even the adventurer group hunters with little discipline didn’t resist a bit after seeing the miracle.

[Select to build: Tier 1 Arrow Tower] [Select to build: Tier 1 Artillery] [Select to upgrade: Tier 2 Arrow Tower] [Select to upgrade: Tier 2 Artillery]

On the thick black walls, a black tower rose up.

Every fifteen meters distance, an arrow tower was erected. Every three towers apart, there was artillery.

In addition, mage towers, spike traps, and other defensive buildings were also laid out by Tang Yu in a fell swoop.

After doing it, Tang Yu floated and landed on the city wall. His legs felt weak. Building so many defensive structures at once, especially the level 2 city walls, consumed immense spirit energy.

Fortunately, he was stronger than in the past and still managed to maintain his last strength. 

Sky rushed over behind Tang Yu.

Roger commanded the patrol members to fetch boxes of long-ranged weapons and distributed them to each hunter participating in the city defense.

Light machine guns, heavy machine guns, sniper rifles, and longbows.

Adventure group hunters rarely buy a large number of firearms. Some even rely on sharp weapons. However, in defending the city, only long-ranged weapons were effective to achieve maximum kill efficiency.

At this moment, the rumbling sounds came from the distance. An endless wave of demonic beasts appeared at the end of the horizon.

The war was about to start.

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    The deterrent factor won’t help much against demonic beasts, but that just means the damage they can inflict will be that much greater since they don’t take any measures to mitigate damage.

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