My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 302


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Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh.

The arrow towers laid out on the wilderness were the first to come into contact with the wave of demons and began firing one after another.

A black shadow shot out from the shooting port at the top of the arrow tower.

Some of the demonic beasts in the front of the wave burst open under the tremendous force of the rune arrows, turning their entire bodies with bloody mist.

This was many of the hunters’ first time witnessing the arrow tower in action; they were amazed at the power. Only big brothers could see the black arrow that shot out from the tower.

The arrow tower was extremely strong, without a doubt. Each arrow could make a blood flower bloom in the demon wave.

However, the number of the beasts was hundreds of thousands. 

Each shot killed dozens of demonic beasts. But in the face of the surging wave, it wasn’t even a splash.

Soon, the demonic beasts approached the arrow tower.

Bite, pounce, blast.

The arrow tower’s material itself was also considered strong. Big brothers people need to spend some effort to destroy it… this was on the premise if they could dodge the shots.

However, the number of demonic beasts was too many. Hundreds of heads pounced on. The towering black tower forest in the wilderness didn’t last long before they collapsed.

The waves of demonic beasts were still black and overwhelming and didn’t seem to have decreased in the slightest.

The hunters on the walls were silent. 

The raging wave of demonic beasts gradually approached the city walls’ defensive buildings and began to pounce.

More dense arrows flew out.

A fiery red meteor spewed from the cannon, landing in the demon wave, exploding an empty gap, soon filled by the subsequent surge of demonic beasts.

At this time, in the distant demonic wave. Demonic beasts with long-range attack ability hissed. Greenish-purple venom, sharp spikes, and spurting flames came roaring in, landing on the city walls, and the hunters rushed to dodge.


Someone raised a sniper rifle, not even needing to aim, and fired one shot, followed by the next.

Heavy machine guns also opened fire; a demonic beast’s body was broken into pieces. Some thick-skinned ones rushed up against the barrage only to be pierced by the spikes that emerged from the ground in one fell swoop.

Carcasses, green blood, pieces of flesh were all over the ground, the rich fishy smell lingering over the city walls.


More and more demonic beasts crashed into the city walls, but the thick stone walls were still intact.

“Hahahaha, the city wall is great. These beasts can’t reach us. Kill them!!!”

The hunters on the wall relieved and yelled, shooting harder and faster.

Zhou Jianhong was assigned to one section of the wall, surrounded by several of his team members. At this time, instead of using a firearm, Zhou Jianhong took a longbow with the bowstring drawn out to a full moon.

With special wood as the bow and high-grade demonic beast tendons as the string, the longbow was strong enough to withstand the force of a big brother-level powerhouse, despite not being a rune weapon.

Zhou Jianhong chose the second-grade bow. He aimed at a strong demonic beast, loosened the bowstring, and the arrow flew out with a whoosh. Blowing a bloody hole in that demonic beast.

The majestic spirit power came out from the demonic beast and was absorbed by him.

Zhou Jianhong showed a satisfied look, looking for his next target.

Suddenly, his face changed slightly, and he rolled violently. Sparks splashed on the floor tiles, and a crimson mantis-like demonic beast appeared where he was originally standing.


Fearlessly, he let go of his battle bow and drew out the C-rank combat knife hanging at his waist—the third-place reward of the Martial Arts Tournament. 

The blade flashed with a blinding light and cut the crimson mantis in two.

Blood spilled all over the ground, staining him. But he couldn’t care less. Retrieving the combat knife and picking up the bow, he looked for the next target. 

This was just a small scene.

Every section of the walls was bursting with fierce battles.

The level 2 walls were so high that most of the demonic beasts couldn’t leap up. But the carcasses under the walls were also getting higher and higher, and some agile and athletic demonic beasts or flying demonic beasts could easily swoop down on the walls… Fortunately, each of the hunter defenders wasn’t a weak person.

With the beating of the war drums, their courage, strength, and speed increase. Each of the hunters exploded with 200% of their battle power.

Although there are hunters’ casualties, all of this was still expected.

The number of demonic beasts, too, was rapidly decreasing.

Tang Yu breathed a sigh of relief and walked down the city wall.

‘There should be nothing else to do.’

Then he thought of something, he gazed sharply and walked into the middle of the commercial district.


In an open space, a dozen hunters were squatting on the ground with their hands tied. Next to them, three squads of patrol members are guarding them. 

Elaine was also present, “These are the people who took advantage of the chaos. There are theft and robbery, but they also spread rumors and so on…”

One hundred patrol members were left to deal with some troublemakers hunters. Which forces sent these people wasn’t important for now.

Tang Yu looked at a bald hunter who was separated out, and the reason he came over this time.

Elaine nodded at him, “The same breath as those people, but a little stronger.”

Tang Yu walked up to the bald man. His eyes lingered for a moment on the arms with fluffy brown hair.

Judging from the aura, the bald man’s strength was at the Triple Awakening Stage.

Listening to Elaine’s words, this person’s strength was stronger compared to the ordinary bald men.

“You guys attracted the demonic wave, right?”

The pupils of the bald man suddenly shrank as he shook his head repeatedly. “No, I’m not! That’s impossible!”

Tang Yu took out a memory crystal and turned it. On it floated a three-dimensional scene of the laboratory, including the skinny bald man, 360 degrees without a dead angle in front of the bald man.

“I’ll give you one last chance, or you’ll be him.”

The beast warrior 8 shivered violently in fear. The man knew 35. God knows what he had been through to become like this.

It was terrible, really terrible.

Even scarier than the Doctor.


“It wasn’t me.” 8 cried.

“Wait… wait for me to finish… we were planning to lure a demonic wave to attack the shelter. But… but an accident happened. And I didn’t expect endless demonic beasts would suddenly appear. I guess …I guess there was some sort of crack of the abyss that suddenly appeared.”

8 shivered while saying. “I’m not lying. For real! With our strength, there’s no way we could have lured so many demonic beasts. And… normally demonic beasts won’t attack us. But this time, we met an extremely terrifying demonic beast. It ate my companions in one bite!”

“I also had no choice but to escape the demon wave, so I hid in here.”

Number eight was really close to tears.

If it weren’t for another double accident this time, he would already be in the underground research institute and reported to the Doctor.


On the city walls.

The sound of shouting and killing shook the sky.

“Hahahaha, mine, the spirit power is all mine!”

“Kill! Fight for breaking through to the big brother stage!”



A boulder fell from the sky, and hunters who couldn’t dodge were smashed into fleshy bits.

Someone trembled, pointing to the distance, “That… what is that!”

There, a naked and muscular humanoid giant with over fifty meters of height appeared. It stood in the demonic waves. Against the huge giant, the demonic beasts at its feet were incomparably small.

The giant seemed like a demonic beast God.

Its thick hands plunged under the mound. With a fearsome power, the whole mound was pulled up. Held high its arm, the mound was violently thrown.

Like a meteorite falling to the ground.

The whole black city wall shook.

The intricate runic patterns on the wall were constantly flickering.

The adjutant stood on the city wall. His hands were limp, unconsciously hanging down.

His mouth slightly open, his face bitter, “That’s… a disaster level demonic beast, and… there are more than one!”

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