My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 303


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The most eye-catching one was the naked 50-meter tall giant with a disheveled head.

In addition to that, there were two disaster-level demonic beasts, also in humanoid form.

One was about thirty meters tall, naked with light blue skin and very thick blue giant arms. While the other one was also thirty meters tall with red scales. Each scale was larger than a door panel.

The three giants were still far from the city walls. They could only be seen as a human silhouette with ordinary eyesight. However, even at a great distance, the monstrous aura emanating from these three giants was still like a heavy boulder and pressing down on the hearts of every hunter guarding the city, making them gasp for breath.

The tallest giant, spaced several kilometers away, using the mound as a throwing object and smashing it like a meteorite against the city walls.

Like it was playing a softball game… 

The 20 meters wall was thick enough to withstand the demonic wave. Yet, in front of the 50 meters tall giant, the wall can be crossed with a leisure step. 

With its destructive power, the terrifying demonic beast could easily destroy the wall when they’re close enough.

For a while, the people on the wall were tense.


“Disaster level? That’s a very appropriate description.”

Tang Yu walked up to the city wall with an indescribably gloomy face.

Confirming what the Number 8 beast warrior had said, the three giants were extremely terrifying demonic beasts.

Transcendent… demonic beasts.

This was the second time he met them.

The adjutant’s face was bitter, sweat slid down his forehead. Holding his longbow numbly, shooting at the demonic beasts below.

“Director Tang, we have already sent a message to Lindong through special means. But the energy-charged Polygon cannon was very difficult to transport. Even if they send support here, it will take two or three hours.”

“Now…” he hesitated for a moment, “The best option is to organize everyone to break out and retain some of the living forces.”

Breakout was very cruel indeed.

After losing the city walls, thousands of hunters facing the demonic wave won’t last long. The vast majority of people will die in the breakout. 

Once they chose to break out, it was the same as abandoning more than 10.000 ordinary survivors in the villa area. 

It was impossible to take ordinary people with them when breaking out. With hunter’s mobility, maybe one out of 10 people will survive. But taking ordinary people with them will only bring everyone to the abyss of destruction. 

It was cruel.

It was very unfair.

And it’s also cold-blooded.

The adjutant was aware of this, but this method was the most sensible option he could think of at the moment.

“The colossal beast at Maple Leaf Town was a disaster level, right?” Tang Yu asked.

“Yes, indeed. The term disaster means that every time these kinds of beast appear, a disaster would follow.”

“That’s not right.” Tang Yu thought about it. “Now, the Polygon Cannon’s technology should be advancing. With the cannon’s power, it’s enough to deal with the disaster level demonic beasts.”

Although he jokingly called the energy cannon a ‘spirit stones cannon’ because one shot costs at least thousands of spirit stones, excluding the cost of the energy cannon itself, the last time a disaster level beast appeared in Maple Leaf Town was taken down in a single shot with this cannon. Whereas missile bombardment was unable to stop it.

Although it was a single-use cannon, Tang Yu thought after more than a month, the Academy of Sciences should become a reusable product by now, right?

Thinking of Tree Shade’s rune technology, the adjutant said. “If Director Tang has a weapon similar to the Polygon Cannon, you can try to deal with it. But I still recommend preparing the way to break out.”

“The destructive power of the cannon was enough to penetrate the defense of the disaster level demonic beast. However, although the size of the disaster level demonic beasts was huge, they weren’t easy targets.”

“These demonic beasts possessed a certain degree of intelligence. They knew how to attack the most threatening people or things. Most of the time, the cannon will be destroyed when the charging is not yet finished.”

“The reason why that disaster level demonic beast in Maple Leaf was killed in a single shot was that aside from luck, the demonic beast’s bloated size and lack of flexibility hindered its movement.”

“But the ones in front of us… not only there are three of them, but they’re also humanoid. Humanoid beasts moved nimbly and are even more intelligent. Among the special demonic beasts species, the most difficult ones to deal with is the humanoid demonic beast.”

After a pause, feeling that dry words aren’t convincing enough, he continued. “Director Tang, you know that there are a total of 305 large shelters in our Great Xia country, right?” 

Tang Yu nodded his head. He learned this type of basic information when he first went to Lindong.

The adjutant’s words continued. “We usually classify the demonic wave in 5 levels. However, this only represents the number of demonic beasts; once the disaster level demonic beasts appear, regardless of the size of the demonic wave, it’s generally believed that the level of danger will surpass the level five magic wave and can be seen as level six.”

“Since the doomsday, a total of 55 large shelters encountered disaster level demonic beasts. At the very beginning, there was no energy-charged cannon. Some relied on nuclear bombs to eliminate these disaster level demonic beasts. But when the situation doesn’t allow the use of nuclear bombs, once the beast approached, they had no choice but to form a suicide squad as a living bait and lured the demonic beast away. But… 20 shelters have failed of doing so and were wiped out by the disaster level demonic beasts.”

“More than 80% of the large shelters that were targeted by the disaster-level demonized beasts have been destroyed. Once the invention of energy charged cannons, the shelters finally had the confidence to fight against the disaster-level demonic beast after survivors had been evacuated in advance before the demonic beasts arrived.”

“However, there were large shelters overwhelmed by this. Some succeeded in killing disaster level demonic beasts, with the result of the shelter being partially damaged. There’re only a few lucky shelters like our Lindong who noticed the disaster level demonic beast early and was able to attack just in time.”

“And the most important thing is…” The adjutant’s face gradually turned bitter. “In most cases, only one disaster level demonic beast appeared. But now, there are three…”


Even Lindong won’t be able to deal with this situation smoothly.

A slight mistake could wipe them out.

He admitted that Tree Shade was extremely strong. Facing the Level 4 demonic wave, they were unwavering.


“In this situation, apart from the Northern Court Defense Circle, no large shelter would dare to say that it could steadily withstand it.”

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