My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 305


The earth trembled as the giants ran. More and more hunters couldn’t withstand the pressure, and the city wall defense line almost collapsed.

“We can’t wait any longer.”

A brilliant light flashed in Tang Yu’s eyes, and his mind controlled the translucent system screen in front of him to scratch to a certain page with several bright icons on it.

There were lightning shapes, fireball shapes, and snowflake shapes.

Each of these bright icons represents a large spell that has been constructed. For level 5 territory, the spell factory rises to a maximum of Level 2 and can store six large spells.

Three Destructive Thunder that cost 10,000 spirit stones, two Mega Fireballs that cost 5,000 spirit stones, and an incomplete version of the Freeze spell… that cost 3,000 spirit stones was developed based on the Elaine spell.

The spell factory was actually not the only building. However, when he built two more spell factories, he found that the storage of large spells remained unchanged. At best, only the construction speed of large spells accelerated a lot.

The original destruction thunder needed a day of construction time; now it was only a third of the day… with a respawn.

In a fierce battle, not to mention a third of a day, even a third of an hour may become too late.

His eyes swept past the scaled giant on the edge of the wall.

No. 2 was blocking the gap, No. 1 was fully wrapped around the scaled giants… they can still support for a short while!

At this time, the other two giants were only two or three kilometers away from the city wall.


A thunder icon glowed.


The clear sky was abruptly covered with dark clouds, and a thunder arc jumped between the clouds.

His eyes were fixed on the blue giant. The light in his eyes almost condensed into substance!

Using his sight as an anchor point and his spiritual power as a guide, Tang Yu manipulated the Destruction Thunderbolt that had already coalesced and blasted straight down towards the blue giant!


A thick thunderbolt instantly descended from the sky, tearing through the sky…


A loud explosion.

The blue giant was hit by a purple pillar of light formed by thunder. A circle of thunder burst out from the center point like a small purple snake, wandering around.

The surrounding demonic beasts were destroyed by the thunder, not even left in pieces.

The blue giant did not even let out a scream. The upper half of his body turned into ash, leaving only two completely charred thick thighs, like two massive stone pillars standing in the middle of the wilderness.

Dark clouds hang overhead. The sky was dark. The thunder shone purple, illuminating the miserable pale faces of every hunter still staying on the city walls.

The eyes of every one of them reflected the purple pillar of light that fell from the sky, reflecting the terrifying giant whose head had disappeared, leaving only two charred thighs.



No one cheered. They still stared blankly into the distance, looking at the scene that was like a heavenly punishment descending.

Even the seemingly fearless demonic beasts deterred by the terrifying aura of destruction in the demonic wave that surged also had a momentary pause.


Tang Yu rubbed his temples, which were a bit swollen, and breathed a long sigh of relief. He dropped his gaze on the fifty-meter tall giant in the distance.

Preparing for another round of destructive thunder.

At this time, the scaled giant on the edge of the city wall turned his gaze on another section of the wall a few hundred meters apart after slapping No. 1 away once again. It rushed out with a trampling foot.

In a slight glance, his gaze met the scaled giant’s crimson eyes on the opposite side.

In his eyes, the huge red figures striding straight over. 

The speed was extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, it was already leaping half the distance.

Tang Yu instantly understood. The spiritual energy he had emitted when guiding the destructive thunder was captured by the scaled giant.

The demonic beasts at the transcendent level, even if their intelligence was not as good as that of a normal human, they weren’t much different.

As a person who can inspire the purple pillar of light in their eyes, he was the most threatening target and needed to be cleared first.

Tang Yu knew better; once approached by the scaled giant, his body can’t even resist a single slap.

It was too late to think about it.

The second icon representing thunder blossomed into the light.

Once again, thunder rolled in the sky.

Tang Yu gritted his teeth, his eyes fixed on the running red figure with a deadly gaze.

Elaine, Oguri, Protoss Star, and Moon, and other followers simultaneously attacked.

Frost spread along the scaled giant’s feet and quickly shattered. 

A huge starburst spell formation lit up at the bottom. An illusory chain cuffed the scaly giant’s hands and feet but was broken free in an instant. The spell formation shattered.

Bamboo Rat Oguri grunted with pain. Her eyes under the lush green hair became dull. Blood seeping out from the corner of her mouth. 

Another thick pillar of purple light fell in an instant.

A bit of fear appeared in the scarlet eyes of the scaly giant. It no longer rushed towards Tang Yu but rushed out to the side, but there was a momentary pause, and its movement was too slow.


Thunder ripped through the world, blazing light bloomed brightly.

The scaled giant, who had just lunged up, was hit by the purple pillar of light. Its entire body exploded. Several charred black ‘pieces of flesh’, shot in all directions. Landed in the wilderness, and some smashed down in the shelter…

From the center of the pillar of light, the surging and terrifying power erupted.

With fear, the hunters closest to that section of walls leaped down towards the shelter as soon as the scaled giants rushed over.

As they jumped to mid-air, thunder erupted behind them. Thunder snakes flew, and their pale faces were clearly visible under the bright purple light.


Until they fell to the ground on the inner side of the city wall, some of them fell into severe injuries from the wrong landing position. Still, everyone’s face was robbed of their original color.



Tang Yu gripped his hand on the wall and covered his head with one hand. The spiritual power consumed to guide the raging energy of Destructive Thunder twice in a row was even greater than he had imagined.

But it’s not bad for a large spell.

If he didn’t construct it beforehand, even if he called a group of mages to jointly cast it… it would drain everyone out of their energy.

Although he instinctively knows how to use and control this power, his head bursts dizziness after two consecutive attacks.

“Luckily… only one last giant left…”

Tang Yu didn’t dare to waste time. He regained his strength and looked at the 50 meters tall giant in the distance.

At this moment, after seeing two of its kind die under the purple pillar of light, the mega-giant turned around and ran wildly with its legs, faster than when it came.

With the size of a giant, one step is tens of meters. But without the effort of breathing, the huge figure almost flew to the end of the line of sight.

It wasn’t far from the edge of the territory!

What he feared had happened after all.

Tang Yu was a little anxious.

The final Destructive Thunder finally condensed into shape.

He endured the tingling pain in his brain and guided the Destructive Thunder to lock the mega-giant in place.

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  1. Easykiln says:

    Thanks for the translations!

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  2. najee1993 says:

    Thanks for the chapter, my only problem with this chapter was from the previous chapter he knows the arrow Towers wouldn’t be enough but he still used it and let his enemies destroy the wall. why in world didn’t he use the spell i first place sometimes the writers of novels right stupid stuff to make a chapter belonger

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