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My Doomsday Territory Chapter 306



On the dark clouds, the sound of thunder rumbled. Through Lord’s perspective, Tang Yu spread his spiritual power to guide where the Destructive Thunder fell. The farther away it was, the greater the consumption of spiritual power would be.

Large-scale spells that contain violent energy are harder to control.

The fifty-meter-tall giant ran wildly not in a straight line but in a zig-zag curve, avoiding the deadly crisis from the sky.

There was not much time left.

Tang Yu’s eyes opened wide. Once again, The purple thunder tore the darkness apart. As it flew, the mega-giant sensed the danger. Its gnarled muscles bulged and stomped on the ground, creating a deep crater.


Tang Yu could see clearly by the light reflected by the thunder. The giant’s entire right arm and part of its body had vaporized entirely and disappeared. The rest were scorched black from the neck all the way down to its feet. However, unlike the previous two giants, this one was still alive!

Tang Yu could still feel its surging breath like a sea.


The giant dashed with his left hand as support. 

If it were a human with the big brother power who already began to shape their body, it would be hard to suffer such injury… Not to mention staying in action, maintaining their consciousness was already difficult.

But the giant was different. Even if it’s humanoid, it was still essentially a demonic beast with its powerful life force.

The giant who has been badly injured wasn’t slowing down and was about to disappear from sight.

Three of the destruction thunderbolts had been released.

Tang Yu dropped his gaze on the oversized fireball and was about to invoke the release of the fireball spell when suddenly…

A tearing pain came from his brain.

The scenes in front of his eyes appeared blurry, and a burst of exhaustion came like a tidal wave.

“It’s too, too far.”

The location where the supergiant was at the moment was still within the release range of the large spell. Yet, it was already several kilometers away from him personally… his mental energy was again substantially depleted. In its current state, it was too difficult to mobilize the oversized fireball to hit the opponent.

Tang Yu wasn’t willing to gamble on such a small chance.

What’s more, he was unwilling to let the oversized giant escape. A sentient transcendent stage demonic beast off the territory was too risky.


Tang Yu shouted in a low voice, and a floating chariot suddenly appeared at his side. Elaine, who was standing nearby, immediately understood and rushed to the main driver’s seat, skillfully steering the chariot to start. Tang Yu also opened the rear seat door and quickly got in.

The chariot floated up and flew out with a whoosh.

Many flying demonic beasts found this peculiar target and stirred their wings and flew but were instantly left behind by the full-powered floating chariot.


In mid-air, the floating chariots do complicated tactical maneuvers to avoid the flying demonic beasts in the way. 

Tang Yu was bound by the seat belt in the back seat. Looking at the driver on the front seat, her delicate figure strangled by the same seat belt. She drove the chariot effortlessly.

Women drivers are terrifying.

The female driver who sped up the car was even more terrifying.


The floating chariot soon caught up with the injured giant. Elaine didn’t get too close, about several hundred meters behind it.

The giant also found the small dot in the air and let out an ear-splitting hiss. In an instant, the flying demonic beasts around it came towards the floating chariot.

Elaine controlled the floating chariot while dodging and firing.

The other followers also drove the floating chariot to catch up. The chariot’s external machine gun spewed out a metal storm. The front part of the miniature energy-charged cannon also fired from time to time. Targeting the flying demonic in the sky.

Tang Yu concentrated his attention on the fleeing giant.

In fact, the floating chariot’s mini poly cannon on its maximum power output was sufficient enough to inflict damage on the mega demonic beast. It’s just a pity that the cannon’s limited range prevents them from doing so while getting close enough to shoot, also endangers the floating chariot.

In contrast, Tang Yu would also prefer to choose a safer way.

That is to release large spells… after he overcomes his headache.

He was about to mobilize the huge fireball when he saw the giant, who was still moving fast. After thinking about it, Tang Yu chose another icon.

The snowflake represents the ice spell.


In an instant, the surrounding temperature plummeted, and the surging power of ice and snow erupted. Layers of frost formed on the ground, the surrounding demonic beasts were frozen into ice sculptures. And this was just the beginning…

Blue-colored ice crystals spread from the ground and kept spreading up and climbed like the blue ice crystal dragons. Instantly wrapped the fleeing 50 meters tall giant.

Like a pillar of ice and snow extending from earth to sky, the 50 meters tall giant was nailed to the ground. The endless coldness burst out as if staining the entire world with a layer of frosty white.


The giant struggled frantically, and cracks appeared on the frozen pillar.

Tang Yu was clear that the extreme cold ice seal could not freeze the giant for too long. After releasing the ice spell, he took a deep breath and immediately released the next spell.


The surrounding coldness was dispelled in a moment, and the heatwave rolled in, drying up all the moisture in the air.

A fire-red point of light appeared in the air. It instantly rose to the wind, turning into a huge, super huge fireball with a diameter of more than ten meters.

At this point, the cracking sounds become more and more frequent, accompanied by a crunching sound. The frosted pillar that was freezing the giant finally shattered apart by the giant’s surging force.

However, the fireball dyed the surrounding area and had already appeared in front of the giant’s eyes. It grew larger and larger until it completely enveloped it.


The ground shook!

The violent firelight shot up into the sky. The ice pillar turned into a column of inflammation. The surrounding demonic beasts that were frozen, dead or not, were turned into ashes in a flash.

A few moments later, the flames gradually subsided. Leaving only a few traces of remnants after the mega-giant was blown up.


In mid-air, Tang Yu was dizzy but still looked down through the window.

There was a 30 meters diameter deep crater on the ground.

Three disaster-level demonized beasts were killed, and the squad returned to the city wall.

Tang Yu endured a splitting headache and rebuilt the city wall section that was destroyed by the scaled giant. And then crushed the Town Portal Scroll and returned to the castle to rest as fast as possible.

If he doesn’t get some sleep, he’s afraid his brain is going to explode.

With Roger and others present to command, the rest of the demon wave wasn’t a big problem. With him around or not, there’s not much difference. 


The raging wave of demonic beasts still pounded the city walls, but without the threat of the disaster-level demonic beasts, especially after witnessing Director Tang’ killing’ the giant. Their already low morale was instantly reversed.

“Kill them all! We have heavenly thunder! We have heavenly fire! What are we afraid of, ordinary demonic beasts?!”

“That’s right! The most powerful demonic beast has been defeated by Director Tang! What’s left are these ordinary ones. We’re not weak!!”

“Slaughter all the demonic beasts! For humanity!”

“For humanity!!”

“For humanity!!”


Even the hunters who originally jumped off the wall intended to flee rushed back after hearing shouts from the city wall. They picked up their weapons to fight again.

Humans are emotional beings. Panic was contagious, so was high morale. 

Not everyone is selfless. But deep inside, there’s a passionate surge buried deep inside everyone present. At this time, it was unreservedly released!

The spirit power escaping from a dead demonic beast was a feast for every hunter!

Not to mention that Director Tang could kill disaster-level demonic beasts. If they don’t perform well at this time, then what’s the most appropriate moment for releasing their fighting spirit?!

The hunters roared, swords were flashing, and guns were blasting.

The fight lasted for several hours.

There were corpses all over the city wall, and the sticky blood gathered into a river.

In the end, every hunter was exhausted. If it weren’t for their defensive position and the availability of firearms, the hunters would already collapse long ago, even if they were physically strong.

The hissing of the demonic beasts gradually disappeared.

The last scattered demonic beasts either continued to pound on the walls and were shot by the arrow towers above or scattered and fled.

“It’s finally over…”

A hunter murmured. The tight strings were loosened. The sniper rifle fell to the ground, and his body fell backward with a loud grunt.

Just like dominoes, the hunters on the wall fell one after another. Even if their bodies were sticky and warm from the blood and corpses of the demonic beast.

The hunters slept comfortably…

We… have won…

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