My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 307


Tang Yu slept for a few hours.

When he woke up, the battle to defend the shelter was over.

Rubbing his head, which was still a bit swollen. Tang Yu walked to the sink, cupped his hands around the clear water, and splashed it on his face.

He felt more awake now. 

He didn’t stay any longer. Although the demonic wave was over, there’s a lot of things he had to deal with.

It’s not the right time to rest.


On the city walls, Roger and the others were still busy.

The corpses of the demonic beasts were piled up in mountains, emitting an unpleasant odor. Especially in the area near the city wall, there was not even an empty space.

The 30 meters wide city gate had been opened. Thousands of combat puppets walked outside and pushed some of the demonized beast corpses out of the way, giving priority to clearing out a few passable roads.

Occasionally, some alive demonic beasts were found in the pile of corpses. The puppets immediately killed it. 

At the end of the crisis, the ordinary survivors had also come out of the villa area. Under the Department of Municipal Affairs Minister, Chen Haiping and the others, the survivors lined up. Following the gladiator puppets that left the city. 

The pile of bloody corpses made a lot of people covered their mouths tightly with pale faces. But everyone was asked to help clean the city out of corpses except for elderly people and children under fourteen. They were protected while the hunters defended the city. Now, they should also contribute something. 

The combat puppet cut open the head of the demonic beast, and some survivors immediately went to search it. Sometimes, they found glowing spirit stones from the flowing cerebrospinal fluid. 

The spirit stones were collected uniformly. There were survivors carrying big bags in each team. In the aftermath of the battle, they will receive a generous amount of spirit stones in return for picking them up. 

Some of the hunters of the adventurer groups also braced themselves of sleepiness. They began to look for spirit stones and valuable materials on the pile of corpses. Roger didn’t stop them and assigned them to a certain area. The adventurers contributed a lot to this battle; it was only right to share some of the loot. 

What’s more, there were too many demonic beasts corpses left by the Level 4 wave. If one stood on top of the 20 meters city wall, all they could see was a sea of corpses.

There’s no end to it.

On the one hand, they had to break open the head to dig the spirit stones. On the other hand, they had to clean up the demonic beasts’ corpses and disinfect the area. Which won’t be finished in just a few days if they only work alone. 

As the main person responsible for the aftermath of the battle, Chen Haiping was the most worried one. 

Tang Yu didn’t pay too much attention to the aftermath. He went out of the city and collected the corpses of the three disaster-level demonic beasts.

Then, he came to a temporary prison and found beast warrior number 8.


The bald man No. 8 led the way in front. Except for the lack of weapons on his body, his hands and feet were not tied up. However, escape isn’t possible. It’s impossible to escape those monsters in this life.

No. 8 also wondered. He was the one with the demonic beast gene implant. He was strong. Those hunters he caught looked at him with fear in their eyes. 

At that time, he was the monster—the real deal. But now, three people who followed him. Any of them could easily defeat him…

They are the monsters! 

No. 8 glanced back and saw the man wearing a cone straw hat sheathed his longsword. He can’t mess with him.


At this time, Tang Yu, Elaine, and Sky followed behind No. 8 to a place 20 to 30 kilometers away from the territory.

They were walking on a broken path. Dense weed hid the small road. If they didn’t look closely, it was difficult to distinguish between the road and the wilderness.

From time to time, demonic beasts pounced from the forest. More and more beasts appeared as they stepped into the complex forest area. Fortunately, the four people, including No. 8, can deal with ordinary demonic beasts with a punch.

If it were any other team, it would be difficult to move in this kind of place.

Unsure if they were truly led to the Research Institute, Tang Yu frowned. “Are you sure this is the right way? You’re not leading us to a dangerous place, right?” 

Wha… No, of course, no! I’m a weakling that was bullied by the devil Zheng.” No. 8 cried.

“When I left two days ago, there were not so many demonic beasts here… Uh… it might be the smell. As you know, the smell from a beast warrior like me doesn’t attract demonic beasts… And, in terms of direction, they can verify the truth of what I said.”

Tang Yu can not deny it. He knew about Dr. Zheng’s underground Institute long ago from interrogating Lin Wei’s men. He learned about the entrance to the research institute. But unfortunately, the whole passage has been blown up and collapsed when Roger’s squad rushed over. They tried to dig it without avail.

Apparently, there were more than one passage to the underground research institute. 

Perhaps the fact that the entrance was interrogated earlier made Dr. Zheng wary. Generally, the beast warrior squad sent to capture hunters stayed in the closed compartment. Only the captain knew the exact location of the entrance. 

The bald men such as No. 33 captured earlier were just ordinary members. The one who knew the clear entrance was No. 8 as the captain.

“If the passage was blown up too, what should we do next?”

No. 8 suddenly felt a bone-chilling aura come over him.

He froze for a moment. 

‘What should I do in case the passage was blown up?’

‘They won’t sacrifice me on the spot, right?’

No. 8 felt that this possibility is not small. His brain running at high speed, and soon his eyes lit up, “The passage that was blown up at the beginning was built before the doomsday. And the new passage was built after the doomsday relying on human power to dig it out. At that time, I also participated in the excavation work. Even if it collapsed, I can still follow the traces and directly dig into the Institute.”

The team advanced forward. After walking for some time, No. 8 looked around. Having identified the direction and pointed to a huge rock crawling with green vines, “Here we are!”

He trotted up to the edge of the boulder, fumbled around, and quickly found the switch on top.

Along with the rumbling sound, a crack was exposed in the middle of the boulder. It quickly opened to the sides, showing an entrance large enough to accommodate cars.

Tang Yu took this scene into his eyes.

It wasn’t an electronic switch gate, but old-fashioned hand-crank mechanism doors disguised perfectly.

According to No.8, even traces of vehicle access were cleaned up regularly. Coupled with plant growth speed nowadays, it would be difficult to find the entrance without an insider.

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