My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 309


For several days in a row, the shelter survivors partly cleared the mountain of corpses outside the city walls. They partly followed the patrols out to porter materials.

Stone, iron, and other basic materials including Blackstone ore, tungsten ora, cloud ore, and other commonly used special minerals.

Batch by batch, they were all transported to the shelter’s central warehouse.

The crack of the abyss was named Resource Point No. 1 by Tang Yu.

Around the crack, he built level 1 wall, level 2 wall, and level 3 wall arranged respectively with the defensive structures. 

The outermost level 3 walls were mainly artillery. One-third of the artillery was level 2. In addition, every 30 meters, he stationed level 2 mage towers. The defense strength was much more powerful than the shelter. 

On the level 2 walls, every 3 meters, a level 3 arrow tower was built with a total of more than 200 arrow towers. He had put a lot of money into building the defensive structure.

The closest to the abyss was the level 1 walls. There, Tang Yu built two new defensive buildings. 

The first one was a black quadrangular prism with a wide bottom and a narrow top which was more than 15 meters in height. From time to time, the prism flashes with a stream of inscriptions.

The other type of defensive building was a column-shaped tower with black and white stripes spaced apart. It was about 8 or 9meters high. The top of the tower was forked and eye-catching. Above the fork of the top, a six-sided crystal is suspended. The crystal slowly rotates, and the crystal mirror reflects dazzling brilliance.

[Energy Pressure Obelisk: Constructs a domain force field that envelops a certain area, effectively suppressing the enemy] [Construction requirements: Level 4 territory, 20.000 units of spirit stone, 5.000 stone, 3000 iron, 300 tungsten iron ore, 100 black stone ore]

When the territory rose to level 4, Tang Yu built an obelisk in the villa area and tried it personally. 

Walking into the field enveloped by the obelisk was equivalent to being affected by multiple negative effects such as damage reduction, slowness. Affecting at least half of his strength.

Elaine, Tyrone, and other powerful followers also said they could only exert 70-80% of their battle strength. 

The power of the obelisk is worthy of its high price.

Tang Yu can also mark the foe in the suppressing force to avoid indiscriminate suppression. However…the obelisk’s ability to oppress has a fatal flaw.

Its coverage wasn’t wide enoughꟷCovering a radius of two or three hundred meters, it does not play much of a role for the long city wall defense unless he can build one every five hundred meters.

But if it was placed around the ‘Resource Point No. 1’ abyssal rift, it will be perfect.


In the past few days, Tang Yu ordered a detailed survey of the crack of the abyss and came up with the size data.

The length was 305 meters, and the width was 898 meters, nearly twice the length of the crack in Lin Dong.

Tang Yu built a total of 3 energy pressure obelisks around the crack on the frontmost step, arranged in an overlapping back-and-forth placement. The suppression range of the obelisks overlap, but the exposed area has a stronger suppression capacity.

In addition to that…

[Super magic prism tower: send a condensed energy attack to the enemy in front] [Building requirements: level 5 territory, 8.000 units of spirit stones, 1.000 units of stone, 1.000 units of iron, 300 units of tungsten iron ore, 100 units of prismatic stone.]

When he got the territory to level 5, he naturally built the prismatic tower to try it out.

The result was poor.

The Super Magic Prism Tower was a single-point attack. It was powerful enough to rank first among all current defensive buildings. However, the Super Magic Prism Tower has many shortcomings. Its range was very narrow with only 200 meters, which is even worse than the Arrow Tower.

The most baffling thing about the tower was that each time a condensed energy attack was shot, the prism tower had a 5-second delay in replenishing stored energy for the next attack.

The recharge time was too long, and the range was small. In five seconds, anyone could have easily run for more than 200 meters.

And even if it hits the enemy, the power of the Super Magic Prism Tower is at best higher than the main gun of the floating chariot in full power. It was far from reaching the point of inflicting fatal damage to the extraordinary beasts.

Tang Yu had practically abandoned the Prism Tower. But now, due to the crack’s special terrain, he remembered the Super Magic Prism Tower again.

A row of 10 prism towers was arranged on the wall closest to the crack.

In an attempt to attack the demonic beasts emerging from the crack, Tang Yu discovered that the super magic prism tower was slightly different.

The six-sided crystals spinning at the top of the ten prism towers bloomed with blue-purple light at the same time. It originally needed five seconds of energy recharge time. In the blink of an eye, he controlled it toward the strongest demonic beast. The prism tower completed its energy recharge in an instant and attacked the beast. 

 The prism tower where the demonized beast attacked completed its energy storage in an instant.

On the other nine auxiliary towers, the six prismatic crystals shot out blueish purple beams not towards the enemy but on one of the six prismatic crystals on the main tower, connected together.

In this mode, the main tower attacked nearly without the need to restore energy.

Tang Yu was confused. As the system owner, the territory’s Lord, the person who can open Lord’s perspective to control the defense building… How could he not know about this mode of operation?

Can’t the system give him a manual or something?!

Tang Yu named this mode ‘linked mode’ and did some experiments.

In linked mode, he can reduce the energy recharge time by increasing the number of auxiliary towers. He can also hold the tower for a full 5 seconds to fire a powerful attack. When full of energy, its short-range can be improved to a certain extent.

The ten super magic prism towers are connected. Although there were no targets that can be used for actual measurement…Tang Yu estimated that its power was enough to cause fatal damage to the extraordinary demonic beast.

Resource Power No. 1, stabilized!


These days, Tang Yu was busy.

Very very busy.

The defensive line arrangement of the Resource Point No.1 consumed a lot of his time and energy. He was dizzy from having built so many defensive buildings. In addition to this, the Tree Shade-Lindong railroad construction was also on the agenda.

Professionals from Lindong have already planned the specific line and started exploring along the way under the escort of a team of Ancestral Dragon warriors.

Tree Shade was responsible for the defense of the railway line. In short, along the railroad line, the construction of arrow towers was established to defend against demonic beast attacks. 

There was no need to set up sub-territories as the construction of defensive buildings can rely on personal domain.

The most troublesome thing was the farther it is from the territory. The more costly the material and spirit stones consumed in constructing the defensive buildings would be…

Luckily, the Lindong military fully cooperated in this operation. They were rich and had no shortage of manpower. Tang Yu proposed to request the other side collect wood, iron, and stone from transporting them to the railroad line.

He can avoid a waste of basic materials consumption by using the local construction method. He can also carry some materials away. For sure, the Lindong military won’t mind such trivial matters. 

On the other hand, something unexpected happened…

One of the top brass of Lindong, Gu Dong, unexpectedly made a personal appearance. As a competitor, or more appropriately, as someone being abused, Gu Dong made his first visit. He appeared calm with a warm smile on his face. After some discussions, both of them walked out of the castle very satisfied. 

Gu Dong hoped to become a distributor for Tree Shade rune equipment and sell it to other large shelters to earn a profit. Tang Yu was happy to have an additional channel of equipment sales. By cutting off some profit, he could quickly expand the sales range and raise the Tree Shade’s brand.

This is a win-win solution!

After the demonic wave crisis showing the strength of the Tree Shade, no one dared to provoke them in the Lindong area. The spies in the shelter also became much fewer.

The territory ushered in a period of rapid development.

In the blink of an eye, two months have passed.

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