My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 31


Chapter 31 – Benefits?

Pushing through the crowds, Zhao Xingping finally saw the content of the notice board.

[Notice about the latest shelter arrangement for survivors.]

“Given the increasing number of survivors in the shelter, a certain arrangement has been made.”

“The shelter will divide survivors into permanent residents and foreign survivors. Residents including municipal staff, patrol staff, general laborers. Permanent residents have to obey the shelter’s work arrangement and will be rewarded with exclusive benefits such as housing, medicine, security, etc.”

“Among all of you who are a hunter and have the ability to fight or have experience in using firearms can apply to join the patrol team. The patrol team’s welfare benefits are higher, but the job obligation is also higher.”

“People with management experience who passed the interview after applying can become municipal staff, and the benefit is…”

“The shelter does not restrict foreign survivors, but in return, foreign survivor does not enjoy any benefits. If foreign survivors want to get materials, they can spend spirit stones in return for supplies, or they can redeem the corresponding supplies by completing the tasks regularly issued by the shelter.”

After reading the notice, Zhao Xingping slowly walked out of the crowd.

Many people was still discussing about the notice.

Some survivors were worried, “Now that the shelter lacks of food, are we going to starve again in the future?”

“I don’t think that’s the case.” Another survivor who answered the question hesitated, “That’s not what it means. After becoming a permanent resident, we can get higher quality welfare treatment. So we must apply to be a resident.”

“Even if that’s true, how much benefit do we get? With the cancelation of the rice big pot, no matter how full I am, I still doubt the shelter’s new regulation.”

Zhao Xingping stepped forward to greet the two.

People who worked in the shelter knew each other, even if they weren’t particularly close.

Zhao Xingping disagreed with the two’s point of view, “The shelter said food will be rewarded according to our performance. In fact, just by calculating the previous workload, we can get more food than before.”

“Not only that, as mentioned before, as long as we work hard in the future, we didn’t just get enough food. We can also get a better quality food. There will be more food types, even tobacco and alcohol will be provided to us. It’s something we didn’t have before. I’m getting excited just from thinking it.”

The two nodded in agreement after thinking thoroughly.

From this perspective, the shelter’s system reform will benefit them even more.

“Furthermore, as it mentioned before, as long as we obey all regulation, the shelter will not use us as a cannon fodder or as a bait to attract demonic beast or something like that.”

Speaking of the topic, the survivors seemed to remember something terrifying and couldn’t help but shivering.

Zhao Xingping smiled, “Look at it this way, if the shelter was gonna use us as a bait, they could done this long ago. We can’t even resist and fight back anyway. Do we have to go through these tedious steps? I think that the shelter had to do some system reforms because the shelter’s population is growing. With so many people to take care of, it can’t be as casual as before.

They hadn’t been in the shelter for a long time, but it’s obvious how the shelter treated the survivors.

Zhao Xingping continued, “And have you read the notice? After becoming a resident, we can get a medical treatment, medicine! When we get sick, the shelter is willing to provide us with medical care!”

His words were trembling.

In the last days, many survivors were not killed by a demonic beast or starvation. But in harsh environment, minor sickness that could not be treated effectively in time could gradually develop into a serious illness, resulting in death.

People understood the value of medicine!

It’s even more precious than food!

It’s not uncommon for people killing other people in the wilds over a small portion of medicine.

The shelter provided medical treatment for sick survivors. He had never heard such a shelter exist. Zhao Xingping felt grateful and lucky to be here.


Villa area, in front of the Lord’s castle garden.

“Leader, the other jobs are okay. But will anyone apply for the patrol team?”

The patrol staff has the highest welfare, but it’s also the most demanding.

Most shelters also had a defense forces similar to this, but they were nowhere near this strict. They would generally patrol inside the shelter and help defend when demonic beasts’ attack occurred.

 However, on the notice board.

A certain requirement had been added on behalf of Leader Tang’s request. For example, patrol staffs would regularly participate in outings to hunt down demonic beasts, complete a certain amount of training every week, and would be evaluated from time to time. Those who’d fail to meet the requirements would be dismissed.

Chen Haiping felt this was a joke.

Fighting a demonic beast on their own? It’s extremely dangerous. If they had no other choice, some survivors would choose to join. But now with the new system’s regulation, as long as they were not lazy, they could eat and be full. In that case, there wouldn’t be a lot of people who would join the patrol team. Chen Haiping was skeptical.

Currently, there were only four people in the patrol team.

Captain Roger, himself and two ordinary survivors who could barely hold a gun. That’s all. The person who went out to gather materials and hunt down demonic beast was only captain Roger. Occasionally, Chen Haiping also went out hunting demonic beast with him.

Chen Haiping felt the most suitable person to join the patrol team was the hunters. Such people had the power to fight a demonic beast. Unfortunately, once the hunters regained power, they became arrogant and no longer need the shelter’s protection. Why would you sell your life for it?

In the previous shelter, Under Wang Tai’s reign, the peak power of hunters was seventy of eighty hunters. But he could barely order them.

Chen Haiping had been observing for a few days now. The hunters in this shelter, except for a few people with good personalities or those who succeeded in awakening with the shelter’s help, were mostly assholes who could hinder the shelter’s development.

In this case, Leader Tang also requested them to complete a certain amount of trainings and regular assessments. Those who were unqualified would be dismissed.

Chen Haiping thought it was crazy.

“Don’t worry too much, Old Chen. Don’t think too much. After a while, a first person will join, followed by the second, the third, soon it will be enough to build a proper patrol team.”

“But even if they were hunters, they could just do the porter job. With a hunter’s strength, they can easily get enough benefits. For most people who felt it’s not beneficial to join, why should they join the patrol team later?”

Roger who was standing next to him was furious, “Those people are cowards! What’s the use of keeping useless cowards like them?”

“Are they useful?”

Tang Yu would answer, “of course they have their own use.” These people had been provided with food and protection for so long. Isn’t it the perfect example?

The pig’s fat and ready to be slaughtered.

Without any comparison, how else could others reflect on the shelter’s power?

Tang Yu stopped Roger and looked at Chen Haiping again, “The patrol team is still easy to join in the beginning because we have fewer people now. But it would become more difficult in the future. You know, these regular outings and sufficient trainings are the benefits of the patrol team.”


Chen Haiping suddenly became confused.

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