My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 310


Doomsday Calendar, 3rd Month, 5th Day.

Unknowingly, more than four months have passed since the day the disaster broke out. But for the survivors, it was like a lifetime ago.

More than four months have passed, from summer to autumn and winter.

Half a month ago, the summer heat began to fade away. But before the survivors could cheer, a cold wind blew in from the north.

The cold wind whistling, the temperature dropped.

The 40 degrees Celsius temperature had dropped to single digits. Perhaps it wasn’t quite cold. However, this was only a short change of half a month. The survivors didn’t dare to forget the summer heat this year was far hotter than the highest summer heat last year. That would mean… will the winter become a hot winter, or will it be a cold winter? 

Ordinary survivors were not clear about that yet. But some people with foresight had begun to prepare winter clothes. 

“These two carts of white velvet beast fur should be able to make a lot of warm clothing and also high-end goods. If we inscribe it with runes, maybe it will be an E2 or even E3 class rune equipment. Half a month before the climate changed, Yunshang’s leader already ordered a large number of first. He’s a really far-sighted man, huh?” 

A caravan slowly approached from a distance.

Except for a few people driving large trucks full of goods, the rest of the team were all armed with firearms or sharp weapons. Followed closely around the slowly moving trucks, keeping a vigilant eye on the surroundings.

In the forefront is a middle-aged man with a mustache on his lips, wearing a D3 cheetah combat suit stained with a lot of dried blood.

The cold wind blew past him; he glanced at the two trucks filled with furs.

White velvet beast is a kind of demonic beast. Its appearance was hideous but had a high value for its white velvet fur. Not only the fur has a high protection ability, but it also keeps the user warm. 

It was recorded in the demonic beast illustration book with the number 029.

In the Hengcheng area, the beast can be seen from time to time. This time, they were commissioned by the Yunsheng Merchant Guild to purchase a batch of white velvet beast fur and deliver it to Tree Shade. 

The delivery to Tree Shade wasn’t difficult for the Moustache man who had already made several trips back and forth between the Hengcheng and Lincheng areas.

Since the first time they followed the Hencheng Military through difficulties to Lindong and managed to buy a number of E-class rune equipment in Tree Shade, his business bloomed after selling them in Hengcheng. 

The Stormwind mercenary regiment changed to the Stormwind Merchant Group. They no longer take missions from the task center, except for business.

Later, they traversed the wilderness for a long distance. Although they did not have the backup from the Hengcheng military, they had mastered the safer “business road”. They knew which areas they should not go to and which areas were safer.

They encountered a lot of danger during the few trips back and forth but also earned a lot of money. Dozens of their members have put on a full set of rune equipment with D-class rune weapons in hands. Most of them also had reached the Fifth Awakening Stage.

A well-deserved elite.

Including the Moustache man himself, there were three big brother-level powerhouses in their group.

Although the numbers of big brothers nowadays had grown, it was still scarce. Most of the early awakened hunters who survived the fight had the power of the Fifth Awakening Stage. However, more than 90% of people were still stuck at the Fifth Awakening bottleneck. Unable to break through the Sixth Awakening.

Those who were gifted and lucky enough to breakthrough the Sixth Awakening stage also felt their progress become slower. 

For Sixth, Seventh, and higher, more spirit power was needed to breakthrough the next stage. They also needed to refine it. While advanced demonic beasts aren’t common so most of them couldn’t meet their spirit power needs.

Relying only on refining spirit power to improve will be difficult.

“Fortunately, I can make a deal with the high level of Tree Shade to buy the knight cultivation method.” 

While cultivating and refining spirit power, Moustache man was now at the peak of the Seventh Stage. The hunters who broke through the big brother level at about the same time as he now had just breakthroughs the Seventh Awakening. The gap in combat power was huge.

It made him delighted. 

He looked at the five trucks behind him. Two were ordered by the Yunshang Chamber of Commerce, and the other three contained special minerals long-term purchased by the Tree Shades.

From a profit point of view, they were not as good as the two trucks of white velvet beast fur. But for Mustache, these three trucks were more important.

Ahead, two hunters in charge of scouting ran up to the caravan with a smile on their faces, “Chairman, we’re almost there!”

Mustache man looked around, “The wildness now is really hard to distinguish. Since we’re almost here, let’s speed up.” 

The truck increased the throttle of the caravan’s escort, and the followers quickened their pace.

Soon, a ten-meter-high black city wall appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. Two tall black towers stood by the city gates, a machine gun was set up on the wall, and several hunters in combat uniforms were patrolling back and forth.

“Uncle, is this the Tree Shade?”

In the group, a teenage boy asked in a cheerful voice.

The mustache man shook his head and laughed. “Tree Shade is much more spectacular than here. It’s just an outpost. Creek Forest Outpost. But we’re not far now from the shelter. The road ahead will be relatively safe.”

The caravan came to a halt in front of the city walls. The team responsible for negotiating the hunters came forward and took out a certificate of the Chamber of Commerce certified by Tree Shade.

Not long after, the city gates large enough to accommodate four trucks drove in parallel slowly opened. The member of Stormwind Merchant Group stepped in. 

The entire outpost was converted from the original Creek Forest Shelter. As far as the eyes can see, low rises houses were built. From time to time, strong hunters walked past them, and there were a lot of vendors shouting their merchandise. 

“We’ll be here to repair the trucks for half an hour. If you have something you need to do, do it as soon as possible.”

The teenage boy pointed to the survivors nearby carrying large bags. There were a lot of these people in the outpost. When they saw passing hunters, they shouted. 

“Them? They’re also traders.” Moustache man paused. “But they’re different from us. We run back and forth between two shelters to make big profits. While these people are just ordinary people who carry water and food from Tree Shade and sell it to passing hunters to earn some coins.”

A lot of hunters choose to rest at outposts in order to facilitate demonic beasts hunting or to save time in their missions. And these survivors saw the opportunity to sell supplies.

However, Tree Shade and Creek Forest Outpost weren’t far. The profit they earned is very low.

The Mustache sighed, “Little Hu, you have to remember the truth. If you want to make a lot of money, you must first have strength. This time, I promised to take you out so you can see the world. But I also want to send you to study at the Extreme Martial Arts School. I hope you can be a strong person. Way far beyond your uncle in the future.”

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