My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 312


“That’s a mutated red deer; it won’t bite.”

Aside from the grayish-brown red deer’s large size, the appearance wasn’t intimidating. Its aura was also Double Awakening Stage. He can fight hundreds of mutated beasts with this degree of strength. However… he naturally didn’t dare to slaughter the Tree Shade’s red deer. He was sure their Merchant Group couldn’t afford to pay the penalty.

“This type of mutated beast was milder in character and strength. They were specially domesticated by the shelter for pulling carts. If they were for public sale, I’d be buying a few of them already.”

Their Group crossed the region for transporting goods several times. For the Moustache man, the danger was second, but the transport costs were ridiculously high.

The reason was that diesel fuel was expensive and becoming even more expensive.

Now, Hencheng officials sell gasoline and diesel fuel in a very strict manner. If he wasn’t a big shot at the shelter, he would have difficulties purchasing them.

Come to think of it, Tree Shade was also taking precautions before starting to use red deer, a more common mutated beast, to carry goods.


Although the red deer were more gentle, not everyone can tame them. Moustache man had tried it before. Just from a slight movement, the red deer panicked and fled.

Without domesticating the red deer, he didn’t dare to use it for pulling carts.

In other places, he had not seen the use of mutated beasts to work. He had seen mutated beasts fighting along with humans, but most of them were domesticated before doomsday. Their bond was strong. Even after mutating, they still acknowledged the caretaker and didn’t attack them.

It’s probably a very small chance.

The mutated red deer was wrapped with reins and connected to a four-wheeled carriage at the back. The driver at the front seat wore a thick sweater, leaning on the back of the seat, gaze in the direction of the parking lot.

The mustache man waved at the driver.

The driver lightly tapped the red deer’s tail, and the majestic mutated red deer trotted away, pulling the cart in front of them.

Little Hu saw that there’s no danger and curiously circled the deer horse. The domesticated red deer were extraordinarily tame and unafraid of humans. It nibbled on the concentrate fed to them by the driver during the stop.

Several large boxes were carried on the Red Deer cart. The Mustache man and others did not sit in the truck but walked ahead to lead the way.

The speed of the red deer cart wasn’t slow, about 20 kilometers per hour… But no matter how fast it was, there were a lot of pedestrians in the shelter. Even if they walked aside the deer cart lane, they’re prone to accidents if it runs too fast.

“Little Hu, this is our Merchant Group office in this shelter. If you study at the Extreme Martial Arts School and need something, you can come here to find Uncle Qin.”

The mustache man walked to a landline inside the office and dialed the Yunsheng Merchant Group’s landline.

“Well then, let’s meet and talk with happy cooperation.”


In a high-end coffee shop in the commercial district.

The Moustache man didn’t bring the others. He came inside the private room with his nephew, Lin Hu.

At this time, there were already two people waiting inside. A young girl dressed in fashionable clothing and the other one was a little older, dressed in a suit with a more formal and serious expression.

The young girl, He Qingqing, stood up and extended her hand, “Chairman Jiang, welcome, welcome! I’m looking forward to your arrival.”

“Pleasure to meet you. Chairman He is so young and talented…”

“Division Head Xu is also here. I brought her along this time.”

The business men and women complement each other.

In the end, the busy people quickly get to the point.

The five trucks of goods brought by Moustache man, including the two trucks of white velvet beasts fur, were sold to the Yunsheng Merchant Group at the previously agreed price.

He didn’t take advantage to raise the prices. As the Tree Shade registered businessman, his reputation was more important than instant profit.

Besides, he had gained a lot of profit from the previously agreed price.

The other three trucks of goods were mostly special minerals. He was planning to sell it to the Tree Shade officials.

It just so happens that the formally dressed young woman, the Logistics Department officer, also present.

The first time they came to the Tree Shade, it was this Logistics Department officer who talked business with them. They were competing with the Soulfire Mercenaries.

Moustache remembered at that time, she was just an ordinary person. But now, he sensed her aura at the Triple Awakening Stage. The Triple Awakening Stage isn’t that powerful. However, that depends on the person. With the young girl’s qualification, each time she ascends a stage would require more resources than ordinary hunters. And the cost of reaching the Triple Awakening Stage isn’t small.

The Logistics Department officer’s salary was also far from enough to afford it.

This must be the welfare guarantees provided by the shelter. Just like the ones before the doomsday!

However… she was just a civilian employee!

How rich was the shelter to be able to accommodate an ordinary employee?!

The mustache man was even more determined to send his nephew to study in the Extreme Martial Arts School.

The three of them were already familiar with each other. The transaction was smooth, and the atmosphere was not too awkward.

“Division Head Xu, this is my nephew, Lin Hu. I intend to let him stay in the Martial Arts School to study. I wonder if…”

The young woman frowned. “You only need money to enroll in the Martial Arts School. But for becoming a core apprentice…”

She shook her head. “Everything naturally must follow the rules of the Martial Arts School.”

The mustache nodded and responded, “Then, of course, we will certainly not break the rules of the martial arts school. It’s just… My nephew is young, and I may need to trouble Miss Xu to look after him.”

“There’s no problem with looking after him as long as it’s within the rules. But whether he could succeed in the examination and become a core apprentice or not, that entirely depends on your nephew.”

She looked at the little boy and showed some surprise, “How old is he? When did he become a hunter?”

“A little over 12, I guess. He was awakened last month. The boy is very talented. I believe he can pass the apprentice’s test.”

The mustache man was quite proud when he spoke of his nephew.

According to scientific research, ordinary people have the highest probability of awakening between the ages of 18 and 30. Those over 30 years old are more difficult to awaken. Similarly, before they reach adulthood, they may be due to incomplete physical development. Because of this, the younger they are, the harder they will be to awaken.

Lin Hu was awakened at the age of 12. It’s an extraordinary talent.

Aside from his timidness, his nephew was smart. The Mustache man was confident Little Hu could pass the test. Even if he can’t, well… he had a lot of spirit stones. He can apply for a premium membership and buy all the courses. He believed his nephew could learn a lot.

“I remember the school has a total of four masters. If Little Hu can pass the test, which master will be his tutor? Do we choose the master, or will the school assign the master for him?”

“Female apprentices are usually assigned with Master Elaine. Those who are good at firearms will be assigned with Master Shay. But with Little Hu’s current situation, most likely he will be assigned with Master Roger or Master Sky.”

“In fact, all the four masters are exceptionally strong. As long as they pass the apprentice test, it’s equivalent to half a foot to cross the threshold power.”

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