My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 313


A strong person defined by the Extreme Martial Arts School wasn’t the same as ordinary hunters’ perception of a strong person.

For most people, the Fifth Awakening was already considered as a strong person who can kill a bunch of weaker demonic beasts easily, who could blow a tall building.

For a Fifth Awakening hunter, the big brothers like him were considered strong people.

However, there were two aspects to determine a strong person in the Extreme Martial Arts School. One is their Awakening Stage, and the other is the increase in combat power.

Stage… Moustache can barely reach it. However, combat power was based on demonic beasts.

The requirements for the apprentice were at least the ability to cross a stage to kill demonic beasts without being injured in the process.

Facing a Seventh Awakening demonic beast, Moustache would be lightly wounded. If with Eight Awakening demonic beast one on one combat, it would be a life and death fight. The best result was to die together.

This was because he has learned the cultivation method and has a D3 class armor and a C1 class weapon. He can do it…

But the combat power increase test of the Extreme Martial Arts School was said to be limited on weapons and wear the most common E-class armor.

Martial arts apprentices are likely to become strong in the future. It’s because the apprentices’ qualifications weren’t bad. On the other hand, it’s also because the resources of the martial arts school and the guidance from several teachers are the most important.

In order to send his nephew to the Extreme school, he had learned about the four masters. He can’t say which one was stronger or weaker. However, in terms of teaching, he considered Master Roger had the best way to teach.

The strong people in the original patrol team were the result of Chief Instructor Roger’s training.

Mustache sighed, “It would be great if Director Tang was also teaching in the martial arts school. With Director Tang’s strength and vision, it won’t take long for the apprentice to reach the threshold of strength, right?”


Tang Yu, who was unanimously considered the strongest person by the outside world, the Great Lord Tang, the Heavenly Punishment Controller, the legendary level expert… was currently staying in a cultivation chamber.

He was Looking up at the…monotonous ceiling.

He was stuck at the Ninth Awakening stage. At the peak of the Body Shaping realm for more than a month now.

At the stage from the Sixth to Ninth Awakening was the external refinement of tendons, bones, and skins. The internal refinement of the five organs will increase by a leap in each life stage advancement.

When he reaches the Eighth, and the Ninth, ordinary firearms will no longer be a threat. A bullet from a small pistol will be bounced directly without any trace.

With the Eighth or Ninth Awakening hunter’s reaction speed, there’s no possibility of being hit by a bullet. With a strong body, they can even reflect bullets from all directions.

However, Tang Yu was different from his peers with his Demon Swordsman cultivation method. He was supplemented by a body hardening potion and other herbs. He has tapped his own potential. He was so many times stronger than the people at the same stage.


“Even if I was stronger, it won’t mean anything if I can’t breakthrough!”

His followers also met the bottleneck. But it didn’t take them long for a breakthrough.

Roger was at the peak of the body shaping realm before he was injured. After recovering from his injuries and improving his qualification by another stage, he successfully broke through the bottleneck and has now reached the Eleventh Awakening Stage.

Sky, Shay, Protoss sisters Star and Moon, Carmen brothers, Lorraine, Oguri, and those B-ranked followers summoned later whose names he hadn’t remembered have now reached almost the same stage with Roger.

The three A-ranked followers Fanny, Gray Blade, and Gretel, had reached the Twelfth Awakening; just a stage higher, they would reach the Thirteenth Awakening completion.

The Thirteenth Stage has already touched transcendent qualifications.

Accumulating energy and adjusting the state would make them reach the bottleneck that obstructs the transition of life stages. Once they pass, they will jump over the dragon’s gate and become transcendent.

Red Moon Witch, Tyron, and Winnie were at this stage of the Thirteenth Awakening and now accumulating their energy.

Red Moon Witch and Tyron were both A-ranked qualifications. When they were summoned, their strength was already powerful.

Although Winnie was slightly less qualified, he happened to stumble upon a piece of legacy crystal of the Holy Light Sage at the daily market refresh. After receiving the job legacy, Winnie’s cultivation speed progressed faster. She passed the bottleneck of the body shaping realm without a pause.

Main healing, support, and light magic weren’t a weak advanced job, after all.

The same goes for Elaine. As the strongest person in the territory, she stepped into the Thirteenth Awakening more than a month ago.

“Obviously, I’m also someone who has inherited a job legacy, so why… won’t it be the same for me?!” Tang Yu shook his head slightly.

After Elaine entered the Thirteenth Awakening Stage, it took more than half a month to finally reach completion and start to impact the Transcendent bottleneck.

At that time, he thought the territory would have a Transcendent Mortal powerhouse if Elaine could breakthrough. And he would have nothing to fear if there’s a disaster-level demonic beast attacking in the future.

Unfortunately, it’s not that the impact on the transcendent failed… After Elaine’s impact, she found that the transcendent bottleneck was as simple as breaking through with full effort.

The actual breakthrough can be attempted only when the bottleneck has loosened to a certain degree.

According to Elaine’s expectation, it would take less than two or three months or half a year at most to grind the bottleneck to loosen. At that time, she can really break through the Transcendent stage.

This was unpredictable.

“Now we don’t have enough information about Transcendent. Kevin, Gretel, and the other people who have come into contact with the Transcendent power only had slight contact or seen the battle between the Transcendent class from afar.”

In other words, none of them actually knew. The gap between them and the transcendent is too large.

Roger once said that even without counting the improvement brought about by refining spirit power. Just by relying on cultivation, the speed of cultivation in the Earth was ten times more than they did back in their original world.

The concentration of source energy on Earth continues to rise.

Even Kevin, the master equipment maker, was only qualified to talk to Transcendent powerhouses.

‘How to break through the Transcendent Order? What exactly is the mystery of the Transcendent Order?’

Tang Yu can only do a brief understanding from the dozen or so books of runes swiped from the market.

“Forget it, the Transcendent is too far away for me. Instead of thinking blindly about this, it would be better to break through to Tenth Awakening as soon as possible. Even if I can’t compare with Elaine and the others, I would be embarrassed if the Guard Corps or core apprentices surpass me.”

The original patrol had now officially changed to the Guard Corps responsible for guarding the territory. The Investigation Corps was responsible for scouting information from the outside world.

Both Corps each had around 300 people in their formation, with a total of 600 hunters.

Each member had the minimum strength of Fifth Awakening; there were 53 people at the big brother level.

Of course, these members of the two Corps had never dared to consider themselves as big brothers. But the strongest one in the Investigation Corps had broken through the Eighth Awakening.

Now, the two Corps have played a role. They’re strong enough to serve as the backbone.

Besides the Corps, there’re also The Extreme Martial Arts School’s apprentices.

Although the numbers were small, the Extreme Martial Arts School’s core apprentices in Tree Shade and Luoxia combined were less than 30 people. Half had broken through to the body shaping realm. The strongest were Seventh Awakening.

They’re a bit weaker than the Corps hunters because they were newly awakened hunters when they joined the school.

Anyone could apply for the core apprentice test. But most of them who could pass the test were mostly innocent and young. Such people were malleable, and their own talent wasn’t that bad.

Almost no one from the adventure group hunters could pass the test.

The apprentices in the martial arts school have improved their strength faster, and they respect Tang Yu as the ‘strongest person in the shelter‘.

Tang Yu was panicked if he was surpassed.

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