My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 314


“Cultivate, cultivate!”

“I love cultivation; cultivation makes me happy!”

“If I don’t breakthrough, I’ll, I’ll…”

However, breaking through isn’t something you can get in, even if you wanted to breakthrough. 

Tang Yu sat on his knees for a while… couldn’t find that mysterious feeling. He had no choice but to walk out of the cultivation room, wandering aimlessly in the territory.

After wandering, he came to the new equipment production area, which now has been renamed as ‘high-tech development area‘. In addition to the production of rune equipment, many scientific research equipments were placed here.

A few researchers in white coats ran past him nearby, “They said there’s a major thing at Lab 1! Go, go go!”

Tang Yu froze and followed behind the researchers.

Their destination was located on the high-tech side of the research center.

Inside, many staff in white coats come and go. The hunters were mostly survivors from the surrounding shelters he had ‘abducted‘ during the past two months. So far, the search and rescue missions of all kinds of professional jobs were still at the top of the Adventurer’s Guild mission list.

The number of researchers is quite a lot. Enough to form a scientific research team, but unfortunately, they lack scientific experts. Aside from the scientific experts, there were just a few real scientists from these people called ‘researchers’.

At the beginning of doomsday, the real scientists were hired by the militaries all around the world. These researchers were used to be assistants in various scientific research units. Now they have the power to lead the project, and the shelter also provides a lot of resources… They were all very excited.

Everyone was either in a hurry or excited and walked past him, ignoring the shelter’s director. Tang Yu couldn’t care less. He followed the few researchers to a big laboratory.

The laboratory was equipped with a lot of high-end scientific research equipment. Tang Yu stared for a while, not recognizing these devices… This equipment has been there for the past two months. The shelter had traded with the large shelters… and some of them were rune devices made by Kevin.

Most of them were traded with Lindong. After all, it’s close, so the transport was convenient.

Large shelters in other surrounding areas, including Hengcheng shelter, Huiyang shelter, Nanqing shelter, Shuohu shelter…have gradually opened up the ‘business road‘, and many forces like the Stormwind Merchants Group have emerged.

The Investigation Corps members were also scattered around several large nearby shelters and were gradually exploring outwards.

Tang Yu looked at the meeting and couldn’t comprehend why Elaine, Kevin, Star, and Moon were also at the laboratory.

He walked over, “This is…?”

Kevin waved his long beard and smiled, “Good news. The research on the remaining corpses of the disaster level demonized beasts have got preliminary results.”

“Can you have a preliminary understanding of the transcendent class? The remaining corpses still retain a certain degree of activity under the bombardment of Destruction Thunder, and I don’t know what kind of life the transcendent class is.”

Tang Yu sighed.

But now, Kevin’s face became a little more serious. He deliberated for a moment, “Speaking of transcendent, one of the latest research results indicates that the disaster level magical beast… may not be transcendent.”

“Impossible!” Tang Yu frowned, “We have met a lot of Thirteenth Awakening Stage demonic beasts. But there’s a huge gap between them and the three giants.”

There was one thing he didn’t say… In the system identification, No.1 and No.2 were half-step Transcendent… In fact, there was no such realm. It was only the special nature of the two puppet guards that made them fall between the Awakening rank and the Transcendent rank.

No.1 was obviously not the opponent of the scaled giant. No.1 had difficulties holding off the giant’s attack that day. This was what made Tang Yu sure that the disaster level demonic beasts were the transcendent. 

But now…

He turned his head at Elaine; she had clearly understood in advance but also understood what he meant.

“My strength is still very different from the giant that appeared two months ago… However, there’s a qualitative leap in the transcendent order life stages and has all kinds of subtle abilities. And the three giants that day showed their strength was incredibly strong… But the difference in life characteristics of the demonic beast in the awakening stages is not too big.”

Kevin took over, “This result is hard to believe. Do you still remember the arm bone you give to me?”

Tang Yu nodded, “You’re talking about that arm bone of the Skeleton clan, right?”

“That’s the one.” Kevin paused. “That cut-off hand bone should come from a real transcendent creature’s hand bone. Without any means of preservation, the arm bones still contain energy without the slightest escape in the past two months. And the giant’s residual body pieces’ energy was decreasing every day. We had used a lot of preservation methods to retain it until now.”

“…And the energy stage gap between the residual and the arm bone was also large. Of course, there might be another possibility. There might be a difference between strong and weak transcendent class. Maybe the three giants were the most ordinary transcendent whereas the owner of the arm bones was considered strong in the transcendent class.”

“These are just guesses.” Kevin was also quite helpless, “But we generally believe that transcendent may have strengths and weaknesses. But the certain qualities should be the same. And the giant’s residue obviously doesn’t have some of the qualities contained in the arm bone.” 

Tang Yu fell into contemplation. It seems to be getting more and more complicated.

“If it’s not transcendent, then what is it?”

“It should be an incomplete transcendent,” Moon spoke.

They were brought in by Kevin to do some auxiliary work. Whether it was ‘arm bones’ or ‘giant residue’, the energy contained within them was enough to greatly affect their astrology spells.

“In our previous world, a method to forcefully break through the transcendent stage exists. But they said this method had side effects. They will be incomplete after the breakthrough. It’s possible that the disaster-level demonic beast had a similar situation…”

“…But for the specific information… because my sister and I were far from the transcendent, we don’t know much about this…”

She racked her brain, thinking. “Right! We’ve seen the transcendent class fighting from afar before. They were all flying, but these giants can’t fly!”

“Yes, yes!” Kevin’s beard coiled to his neck, “I finally remembered. I’ve heard before the transcendent class with the ability to step in the air. How could they do it? I’m not sure. But in any case, with or without wings, the transcendent class can fly.”

“…As for the forced breakthrough the Protoss sister said, it seems… it seems to exist. It’s called pseudo transcendent! The strength degree reached the transcendent class, but the life level couldn’t reach it. They also don’t have all the qualities of the transcendent. But what are those qualities of the transcendent again? Obviously, I should have heard of it… but how can I forget it all? Oh, I’m old. Too old.”

Kevin shook his head.

The scientific researchers look excited. However, Tang Yu was gloomy.

Each disaster-level demonic beasts have the ability to threaten and even destroy large shelters. It even possesses a great threat to the territory.

Last time they were able to solve the three giants smoothly. But if it’s six of them… he was worried he couldn’t hold it.

And they weren’t even transcendent.

How terrifying a real transcendent would be?

He had never really seen once. Just that time at Luoxia through the space portal, he could felt that pressure. 

“We must let Elaine breakthroughs soon as possible. I don’t know if the territory’s large spells can pose a threat to real transcendent…”

Suddenly, Tang Yu’s pocked messenger vibrated.

Taking it out, it was a message from Chen Haiping saying that General Lu from Lindong was looking for him and seemed to have something very important.

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