My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 315


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Chen Haiping didn’t say anything. He didn’t know that it was the Ancestral Dragon warrior stationed in the Tree Shade headquarters in Lindong who found him.

Tang Yu was a bit puzzled. He had met Lu Jianjun, but he had not met him many times. For transactions between the two parties, Chen Haiping has always been in charge of the territory. There are also officials in charge of this matter in Lindong.

In the eyes of outsiders, Tang Yu, the man in power in the Tree Shade, was almost at the same level as the No. 1 giant in the large shelter.

In Lu Jianjun’s eyes, it is more complicated. He was grateful but also fearful and worried.

Both sides maintain a certain tacit understanding with each other and will not easily cross the line.


After looking at the busy scientific staff, Tang Yu left the laboratory. He didn’t take the stairs; he headed directly at the window opposite the laboratory and leaped down.

It’s way more convenient.

The window was also designed to be spacious in the first place, so he didn’t feel restricted at all.

Out of the high-tech zone, Tang Yu was going to drive the floating chariot, but he thought about it and turned his feet and went in another direction.

“Tree-Lin railroad opened half a month ago. I heard that it’s now very convenient to travel to Lindong by train. Try the post-apocalyptic train seems to be a good idea. It won’t be much slower than driving my own floating chariot…”

Tang Yu looked at the time, “It’s now 3:52. At 4 PM, there happens to be a train to Lindong.”

He quickened his pace. 

The train station was located southwest of the shelter, built within the city walls. There was a gate on the side of the city walls exclusively for train travel. When Tang Yu arrived at the train station, he saw only a few scattered pedestrians, who were hurrying towards the platform.

It wasn’t that there weren’t many people taking the train, but most passengers had already been sitting on the train, waiting for the departure.

The first few trips were sold out in no time. A lot of people were caught in the embarrassing situation of not being able to get train tickets for the Spring Festival.

Now, everything was normal, the ticket sales weren’t always sold out, but the Tree-Lin train makes two trips each day. One in the morning and one in the afternoon near the evening. Each trip has more than half of the sales rate. 

The station wasn’t large. Tang Yu walked to the ticket selling booth.

The staff did not recognize him and asked as usual, “Would you like a special compartment, first-class, second class, or third class seat?”

“Special compartment cost 3 spirit stones, the first-class seat for 0.6 spirit stones, the second class seat for 0.2 spirit stones, and third-class seat for 0.05…”

Tang Yu stood still, thinking of something.

‘There’s even a special compartment… Who came up with the idea? It’s simply… splendid!’

Both meet the needs to rip off the rich ones, but the poor could also afford a ride. 

Tang Yu thought about it. Sitting in a compartment doesn’t meet his purpose to experience the train ride. Second or third class seat… there’s a high probability he will be seated next to survivors who have not bathed for several days. He can’t tolerate it, so there’s no need to torture himself.

“Let’s have a first-class ticket.”

“Yes, Sir. Do you use cards or spirit stones for the payment?”

“I’ll swipe the card.”

Tang Yu took out his barely used identity card and swiped. His hand was quick; there was no need to show off his black gold VIP card and exposed his identity.

The swiping device didn’t have advanced features to identify the owner of the card.

For the time being, it’s good enough for him.


“Car number 2, Seat 12-B.” 

Tang Yu walked towards the platform and saw the train docked there from afar.

The train was converted from an ordinary electric locomotive with multiple layers of steel plates welded outside. Even the glass windows were completely welded shut by the steel plates, making it impossible to see out the windows from inside the train. 

Only the first car where the special compartment was located and the second car where the first-class seat was located had the windows not completely blocked, leaving a small window that could see the outside scenery protected by horizontal and vertical staggered iron bars forming protective net, welded from the outside.

It wasn’t beautiful but secure enough.

Tang Yu walked into the car, looking for a seat to sit down.

There were four seats per row in the first-class car—two on the left side of the aisle, two on the window side.

12-B was at the aisle while 12-A by the window.

Tang Yu looked at the time and saw that there were only three minutes left before the train departed. He thought about it and moved to the window seat, and sat down.

The whistle began to sound, accompanied by a slight vibration. The train… was about to leave the platform.

“Excuse me…may I ask if you’re sitting in the wrong seat?”

Tang Yu turned around and found a girl with long brown hair standing at the aisle of the 12th row. The girl was pulling a large 28-inch suitcase, looking very smooth like she just bought it. She looks beautiful in a white shirt buttoned tightly. The curve of her chest bulge and her slender waist and legs wrapped in tight black pants, looking very attractive.

Tang Yu looked twice and noticed the girl’s top buttons were buttoned at the wrong place. Her white shirt looks a bit skewed. He immediately stood up and walked to the aisle.

The long-haired girl walked to the window seat and sat in a polite manner with her legs closed tightly. Her suitcase was placed vertically in front of her legs. The first-class seats were spaciously spaced, enough to stuff the suitcase between the two-seat rows.


The train pulled away from the platform and accelerated, then advanced at a steady speed.

The maximum speed of the Tree-Lin train was maintained at about 50 kilometers per hour which seems to be slower than the high-speed railway. But in fact, the Tree-Lin train took only a little over 1 hour and was already very fast.

Back then, hunters would spend an entire day rushing from two places, not to mention the time they spend when encountering danger.

The second car wasn’t as noisy as the next few cars.

There were a lot of people like him who were boarding the train for the first time and were looking out through the small windows with great curiosity.

Mountains stretched at the horizon. The lake was clear. If it weren’t for dilapidated houses that could be seen from time to time, the scene was just like before doomsday. 

Tang Yu didn’t have the gut to strike up a conversation and looking out of the window. He found the girl next to him stared by the windows with wide eyes, from time to time knocking on the glass window with a very curious look.

Ah… This train is amazing.”

The girl murmured in a small voice as if she was imprinting the scene inside the train and outside of the window in her mind.

The train traveled for ten minutes. Suddenly, the sound of demonic beasts roaring one after another came from the distance and quickly approached.

There was some commotion in the car. A lot of people stretched out their heads and looked out the window.

Behind the mountain in the front, a group of demonic beasts darted toward the train.

Tang Yu stared closely. Unlike the others in the car who were nervous, he was more curious.

The towering arrow towers on both sides of the railroad took the lead in the firing.

Two demonic beasts in the distance were pierced. Their bodies exploded while more demonic beasts with hideous faces were getting closer and closer.

The arrow towers were unable to wipe out the hordes of demonic beasts in a short time.



The train shook and swayed violently.

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