My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 316


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Tang Yu couldn’t see it, but he guessed the high-speed train knocked away some demonic beast that was blocking the railroad and smashed them to pieces.


A demonic wolf claw slapped on the outer steel plate of the second car with a loud noise and was thrown away by the high-speed train and fell behind.

However, the passengers inside were startled. Some were tense. Some bit their lips and turned pale, while others silently gripped the weapons in their hands and stared at the windows.

The ones that weren’t affected in the whole train were himself and some strong hunters.

Their aura was at the Fifth Awakening.

Something’s not right.

Tang Yu’s gaze stopped for a while on the person in front of him… He was only the Triple Awakening, but he was keenly aware that this was the result of a reduced aura. Tang Yu could only judge from the slight breath that the other party inadvertently leaked. These people had the power of the Sixth or Seventh Awakening stage.

These people were considered big brothers. But they only bought the first-class seat, not a compartment. They’re really stingy.

Tang Yu glanced at the seat beside him. The Double Awakening brown-haired girl didn’t seem to be nervous. 

Every time a loud sound was heard, the two passengers in the front seat were shaking while she… her eyes opened wider as if trying to find the origin of the bang sound.

‘This girl got some nerves.’

Several crew members… or more appropriately, train guards wearing striped combat uniforms, came to the second car. 

The first one opened his mouth and said, “The train has encountered a demonic beast herd impact. There will be some bumps. This is a normal phenomenon. All passengers, please sit firmly at ease and try not to leave the seat. This train and all the members of the train crew had the ability to ensure the safety of each passenger.”

The guards didn’t look too serious. Rather, they were talking and laughing, which made the nervous passenger relax a bit.

Three guards continued to walk towards the back of the car while the remaining two stayed in the second car. Waking to each reserved position for shooting in the car.

Between the fifth and sixth rows, and the ninth and tenth, there was an empty section that serves as both a firing port and a place to escape in the face of a real crisis. 

The guards in streamlined suits picked up the rune guns equipped by the Ancestral Dragon warriors, aimed at the demonized beasts chasing the train, and fired.

From time to time, the towering arrow towers on both sides of the railroad bursting out the sounds of arrows breaking something… focusing on killing the strongest demonic beast in the herd.

The roar of machine guns was also heard from the front and rear cars, interspersed with other sounds of different gun models.

In no time, the demonic beast that attacked the train died, those who remained were left far behind the train.

Many passengers breathed a sigh of relief.

The guards’ faces were the same as usual. They were already accustomed to this kind of work.



The train steadily docked, the outer armor stained with demonic beast blood. Not hideous, but rather like a medal.

Tang Yu saw a lot of passengers who just got off the train whose legs and feet are still a little weak. Someone also muttered, “I’ve been abroad on the train a few times and never had such a situation. God, it’s killing me…”

It seems not every time the train encountered a demonic beast herd impact. Today’s apparently dangerous situation must be relatively rare.

Near the winter, the sky darkened earlier. The sky was already covered with a layer of light golden gauze.

Gray Blade was already waiting at the train station.

Tang Yu ascended into the Hummer driven by Gray Blade and set off towards his destination.


Lindong, Military Operations Command Headquarters.

This is the heart of the entire Lindong Shelter. Every day, countless orders were issued from here.

When Tang Yu and Gray Blade arrived, Lu Jianjun was already waiting here.

There were not many people in the meeting room. Except for Lu Jianjun, there were only a few important people from Ancestral Dragon Head’s Head, such as Zhou Zhenglei.

As well as a few senior people from Lindong.

A few people from Ancestral Dragon looked grave, while the rest of the top brass of Lindong also seemed to be as unclear about the purpose of the meeting as he was. They were looking puzzled.

After some simple pleasantries, soon they entered the main topic.

The one in charge of leading the meeting was Zhou Zhenglei, the head of the Ancestral Dragon Special Combat Regiment, who pointed to the large screen directly in front of him.

There, a picture appeared.

“This is an important video information that came from the Northern Court not long ago, and it shows a large shelter… being massacred.”

Zhou Zhenglei’s tone was very heavy, “Xiajiang shelter, located in the middle of our country. With more than a million survivors, the shelter was very strong. Both its hunters’ warfare and the scientific research capabilities. They had encountered level 5 demonic waves three times, two disaster-level demonic beasts. They were able to hold it with minimal casualties.”

“The strength of Xiajiang shelter can be said to far exceed Lindong. But two days ago, the large shelters were overwhelmed with almost no resistance.”

From the video screen, the location of the shooting was located on the walls of the shelter. It was the time when the wave of demonic beasts attacked.

The raging black tide constantly pounding the tall city walls. At the edge of the battlements, a heavy machine gun roared.

Countless Ancestral Dragon warriors in standard combat uniforms as well as variously dressed mercenary groups, casual hunters all holding guns or long-range abilities, blasting the demonic beasts located under the city walls.

Occasionally, powerful demonic beasts leap onto the city walls, but they are quickly killed by the experts who had prepared.

It seems that the demon wave, which was at least level 4 in size, was not much of a threat to the Xiajiang Shelter.

The video playback suddenly paused.

The red pen in Zhou Zhenglei’s hand pointed to a place at the top of the video, where a red circle had been deliberately marked.

The video zoomed in. A small black dot inside the red circle was visible, suspended in the air.

The video quality wasn’t clear enough. Even after being zoomed in, it was impossible to figure out what the small black dot was.

As the video continued to play, the small black dot approached quickly and was soon spotted by the hunters on the city walls. Anti-aircraft guns turned around and blasted at the small black dot.

The sky exploded in a cloud of fire, but the dot continued to approach. It wasn’t slowing down at all, and in the blink of an eye, it was only a few hundred meters from the wall.

The video paused and zoomed in again.

This time, Tang Yu saw clearly that it was not a flying demonic beast, but some kind of humanoid, grayish-black skin ‘monster’ with eight arms behind it.

The ‘monster‘ chest muscles bulged, looking very strong. The muscles on all eight arms gnarled. Except for the skin color and the arms, it seems like a legendary creature… 

At this point, the video slowed down and continued to play.

They can see that the anti-aircraft shells hit the ‘eight-armed monster’ straight with a flash of fire. But the ‘eight-armed monster’ was unscathed from the fire. Not even a layer of ash touched it.

Even if the video was slowed down by more than ten times, Tang Yu could only vaguely see. It seemed that at that moment, a translucent light film appeared on the body of the ‘eight-armed monster’, blocking all the impact.

The performance of the ‘eight-armed monster’ was marked by the Xiajiang City Defense Department as a highly threatening demonic beast. In an instant, most of the anti-aircraft guns and snipers aimed at the black-skinned monster in the sky…

The ‘eight-armed monster’ did not evade and ate all the attacks. After the explosion, the smoke dissipated. This monster remained unscathed and appeared instantly among the crowd.

“Is it a disaster-level demonic beast? But aren’t disaster-level demonic beasts generally very large?”

A senior member of the Lindong couldn’t help but speak up.

Before Zhou Zhenglei could answer, in the video, a dazzling pillar of light shot up into the sky.

It was a concentrated energy cannon!

As early as when the others bombarded the ‘eight-armed monster’, the concentrated energy recharge cannon began to charge up and was ready to blast out.

No one can dodge at the speed of light.

But the ‘eight-armed monster’ in the sky disappeared. He sensed the danger, and the figure disappeared in place just before the burst of the energy recharge canon.


The video screen shook.

In one corner of the screen, the energy cannon that had just bombarded the ‘eight-armed monster’ was now destroyed.

On the side, the ‘eight-armed humanoid monster’ was standing there. Holding half of the shaped energy cannon barrel.

The scene stopped and changed into another scene.

At this time, the video played again. This time the shooting location was far behind the city wall.

It can be clearly seen that the ‘eight-armed monster’ was slaughtering the hunters guarding the city. With one punch, he collapsed a section of the city wall, stretched out his hand, and raised it slightly, and the hunter in front was crushed into flesh by an unknown force.

In fact, there are more than a dozen cannons on this wall alone, symbolizing the strong strength of the Xiajiang Asylum.

The dozens of cannons were charged at the same time and aimed at the ‘eight-armed monster’. But it was as if the monster had predicted it. It easily avoided the pillars of light and blasted the cannons to pieces.

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