My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 317


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“What kind of monster is this!”

“Impossible! A dozen concentrated cannons locked on at the same time, even a disaster level demonic beast can’t walk away unharmed!”

A few of the Lindong executives who saw the video for the first time had their eyes bewildered.

The concentrated energy recharge cannons were enough to pose a threat to the disaster level demonic beasts. As long as enough concentrated cannons were arranged on the city walls, the shelter’s safety was solid.

But now, the newly appeared demonic beast completely broke their existing perception.

The ‘eight-armed monster’ destroyed the nearby energy cannons. His figure flickered. He crossed a few hundred meters in a flash and came to another section of the wall. The energy-charged cannons were blasted to pieces.

The biggest drawback of the polygon cannon is that the range isn’t long enough.

In the beginning, the ‘eight-armed monster’ appeared on the city wall. It could be said that it plunged into the defensive trap of the energy-generating cannon in one breath. It can’t be killed that way. It didn’t even inflict damage on the monster. Even the few cannons on the other walls didn’t pose a threat anymore. In an instant, the polygon cannon at the large section of the wall was destroyed, and even the hunters guarding the city suffered heavy casualties.

The so-called big brother experts were like a toddler in front of the ‘eight-armed monster’.

After destroying the threatening cannons, the ‘eight-armed monster’ stood on the city wall. It suddenly spread its eight arms behind its back.


Even though it was far away, the people present could still feel the power through the video.

The eight arms pressed downward, and the mighty city wall collapsed in an instant like fragile tofu.

It was no longer a section of the city wall, but almost an entire section of the city wall stretched for hundreds of meters had collapsed.

The demonic wave poured in.

The next scene was clear. It was a one-sided massacre of humans by demonic beasts.

The video sook and finally froze completely.

Zhou Zhenglei’s voice was heavy, “The entire Xiajiang Sanctuary… the number of people who finally escaped was less than ten thousand. Please look here, everyone.”

As the city walls collapsed and the demonic wave poured in…

A high-level executive suddenly said, “It’s that kind of eight-armed monster, how come there are… No, no, it has only four arms.”

In the demonic wave, there were quite a few demonic beasts that looked similar to the eight-armed monster.

Black skin, with muscular four arms. 

A lot of Sixth and Seventh Awakening hunters died in the hands of such monsters.

“Apparently, the four-armed and eight-armed demonic beast belong to the same kind of demonic beast. Our guess is the more arms it had, the stronger it would be. The Northern Court named these newly appeared strong demonic beasts as the Multi-armed Black Devil.”

Some people thought 8-armed Black Devil was more catchy. However, most of the black-skinned humanoid monsters actually only had four arms. They didn’t see any six arms and the eight arms that appeared at the beginning.

The atmosphere in the meeting room was a little heavy, but there was not much panic.

It’s not that they have big hearts, but Xiajiang is located in the middle of Great Xia Country while Lindong is located in the south… The types of demonic beasts are very regional, and the demonized beasts active in Hengcheng may not be seen in Lindong. And Xiajiang was much farther than Hengcheng…

There are also the demonic wolves that can be seen everywhere globally and were known as one of the most suitable demonic beasts for novices.

Some of the executives were silent, and they waited for Zhou Zhenglei’s continuation.

“Does the Northern Court have any indication that the multi-armed black devil actually has some sort of weakness that we can target and make defensive arrangements?”

The one who spoke was an old man wearing glasses, the highest executives among the people present. Even Lu Jianjun showed respect in facing the old man.

Lindong’s top brass are considered official powers who hold part of the authority of the shelter. Gu Dong has 60% of Lin Dong’s production line, and some top brass holds the shelter food output.

However, only the military can be considered ‘orthodox’. The remaining high-levels are the result of the compromise between all parties in the early doomsday.

Likewise, only Lu Jianjun had the way to contact the Northern Court… or rather, the Northern Court contacted Lu Jianjun.

Tang Yu learned that half a month after the doomsday outbreak, the conventional means of long-distance transmission lost its usefulness. But it didn’t take a long time for the Northern Court to develop an instrument that could transmit information to all corners of the Great Xia Country.

It may not rely on research and development…

Although there are quite a few restrictions and the cost seems to be great, this ability has kept the Great Xia Country from completely falling apart.

Lu Jianjun heard there were powerful countries before the doomsday was destroyed after demonic beasts invasion or civil war with no more than a few large shelters left.

In his thoughts, Lu Jianjun shook his head. “The Northern Court had difficulties in identifying the power of the multi-armed black devil. There may not be some kind of obvious weakness…”

He paused, and his expression became serious. Several executives who knew Lu Jianjun felt their heart skipped a beat, and an unsettling feeling surged their heart.

Then they heard. “This time, we invited people to rush to come in a busy time because we have a crucial reason. There are hunters in the Huiyang area who found the multi-armed black devil.”

Huiyang, located in the northeast of Lindong, is one of the prefecture-level cities bordering Lincheng.

It’s very close to Lindong!

Several senior executives’ hearts sank fiercely, especially the old man who just spoke hurriedly asked, “Is there a photo? It’s not a rumor made by anyone, right?”

“There is no photo, but there are hunters who saw a transit station destroyed from a distance. And what they saw was a few dark-skinned humanoid demonic beasts with four arms. With these features, we figure out it’s a multi-armed demonic beast. As for the rumor…”

Zhou Zhenglei did not say anything further.

The disaster that happened in the Xiajiang shelter, they, the top brass, have only just learned about it. The ordinary hunters were not even aware of the existence of multi-armed black devils. If it weren’t for the destruction of the transit sanction with someone happening to witness it from afar…

The other senior executives weren’t stupid; the old man also immediately thought about it.

They grew more anxious.

Just now, they can maintain an act of ignorance. However, the location where the multi-armed black devils appeared was only a hundred kilometers away from the Lindong shelter.

It’s not impossible to say that tomorrow they will attack Lindong.

“What should we do? What should we do??”

Zhou Zhenglei ignored the old man and looked at Tang Yu, “Director Tang, I wonder if your heavenly thunder can kill the eight-armed black devils in the video?”

Tang Yu frowned, “I can’t say that from just seeing a video. But with the eight-armed black devil’s ability to foresee danger, I’m afraid the heavenly thunder won’t easily hit it.”

The conference room was silent for a moment.

The old man with glasses suddenly spoke out, “Yes, the heavenly thunder! The hit rate of that was much higher than the energy cannon. If one can’t hit it, we can make five or ten attacks!”

“Brother Tang, how exactly is the heavenly thunder made? You might as well share it. We don’t want to peep into your Tree Shade technology, but this is for the sake of the hundreds of thousands of survivors in Lindong. Maybe everyone can think about it. If we improve the heavenly thunder, it’s a win-win thing.”


Tang Yu’s eyes swept at the people.

Some were silent, some rolled their eyes in circles, and some agreed…

He leaned back on the backrest, expressionless. Slowly uttered out a few words.

“You think too much.”

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