My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 318


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The old man frowned and sulked a little, “Young people must not be too selfish! It will be a great benefit to save the Lindong Shelter! The ancients used to say in both worlds in a high position, we must make an appropriate contribution! If not, we will be condemned by God!”

Tang Yu didn’t care and even wanted to laugh. If he can achieve his goal by relying on his mouth, what do you need his fists for?

“Sorry, the wrath of God is in my hands, as for….”

He gazed around the circle, “I don’t know how many people here had the same idea. Let me be clear about one thing. The heavenly thunder can only be used at Tree Shade. There’s no way to bring it to Lindong. Sharing technology… it’s nonsense.”

“The ancients also said that if you are poor, you will be alone. If the multi-armed black demon appears, I think we can’t even take care of ourselves in Tree Shade. How can we take care of others? It’s doomsday. You want to help the world? Why don’t you go to the crack of the abyss and rely on your own strength to survive? The only way to live is with your own power. How naive of you to rely on other’s contribution?”

“You, you…” The old man stood up and pointed angrily at Tang Yu. 

“Speaking of which, I wonder what you old man has contributed during these days as a leader in Lindong~”

Tang Yu’s voice swayed in a teasing note.

The old man was trembling all over. He was angry. If he had not been awakened, he could have a heart attack. Then other people could carve up the cake left by the old man.

“I, I-” 

The old man tried to say something but suddenly got stuck. 

The others looked at the old man with eyes full of an oddity. 

Because the old man really has nothing to contribute! 

All kinds of his thoughts and concepts were still stuck at times before doomsday.

Pedantic, stubborn, and they don’t have many resources in their hands.

If it weren’t for his high status and seniority, the other executives would disagree with him.

Lu Jianjun gave a dry cough, suppressed the contradiction, and gave the old man a step.

The old man also finally sat down again, only to look at Tang Yu’s gaze, looking unkind.

Ancestral Dragon Warrior Head, Zhou Zhenglei, once again twists the topic back.

“We have sent warriors to scout Huiyang. But we must prepare for the worst. Once the multi-armed black devil appears, we still can take that strategy. The polygon cannon is designed with a hidden trap as the core, allowing the cannon to attack while blocking the opponent’s escape space. Right now, the Northern Court is adding camouflage to the cannon and trying to reduce its recharge time.”

“But this counterattack might not be useful. I hope all of you also thought of this. We have to prepare for a backup plan.”

Some people were thinking of using nuclear bombs. But they weren’t sure if nuclear bombs could kill the eight-armed black devil.

Tang Yu thought for a while and said, “Weapons are also used by people, just like Xiajiang Shelter. If you let a hunter control the cannon, you will have stronger strength and quicker response, and you might have the chance to defeat the eight-armed black demon…”

Polygon cannon used manual targeting. If the eyes can follow the eight-armed black devil’s movement and predict its landing point, then even a transcended being can’t avoid it.

“…So, I think we have to break through a few stages higher while there’s still time.” 

“As long as we keep progressing, maybe one day we can have the same strength as the eight-armed black devil.” 

There was a moment of silence.

Gu Dong was the first to agree, “Director Tang is right. We were weak at the beginning of the doomsday. Now, we can destroy a building easily in just a few months. I believe it’s possible to kill the eight-armed black devil by ourselves if we have more time. At the beginning of the doomsday, there were a lot of terrifying demonic beasts we can easily kill by now.”

Only a few months…

These words made several senior officers whose emotions were heavy renew their fighting spirit.

Of course, they are not the ones who drank chicken soup in one go, but Tang Yu and Gu Dong’s words made sense.

The humans are advancing. Compared to the beginning of doomsday, they can only rely on firearms. Now, the hunters had become the backbone of the force. The demonic wave that threatened large shelters had become less and less. Everything was moving in favorable directions.

“Which awakening stage was the eight-armed black demon at, and how powerful is it? Do you know it?”

Lu Jianjun pondered for a while.

“The Awakening Stage is divided into many stages, among which the Awakening from the Fifth to the Sixth was the first bottleneck. I must understand this.”

“Yes, I was stuck in this bottleneck for a long time.” A senior said, “There was a time when someone referred to the First to Fifth Awakening as the first stage of awakening, and after the breakthrough as the second stage of awakening.” 

Lu Jianjun continued to speak, “At the peak of the Ninth Awakening, we will meet the second bottleneck. And at the peak of the thirteenth level, we will meet the third bottleneck, which is much larger than the previous two.” 

“The current understanding of the awakening order stopped at the Thirteenth Awakening stage. We’re not clear of the higher stages. After all, Lindong was far from reaching that level.” 

“According to the Northern Court’s judgment, the eight-armed black devil and the disaster-level demonic beast that appeared before were more than Thirteenth Awakening Stage.” Lu Jianjun hesitated for a moment but still said it.

The Thirteenth Awakening and up… not to mention the current mainstream hunters stages, even the top ones in Lindong was far from it.

Speaking out may undermine the confidence of others. But after all, everyone here is a high-level person, not an ordinary person. Lu Jianjun believes that these people are not so easily struck.

He raised his head slightly and swept his eyes from several people. 

The old man wearing glasses was somewhat frightened, and his glasses were already crooked. 

Lu Jianjun: “……”

A slight sigh of relief in the heart. 

Lu Jianjun continued to look at the others. Gu Dong was somewhat stoned, digesting the information given, and the other executives were either frowning or pondering. These were the normal reactions he expected. 

And Tang Yu….

His hands were on the cheeks. He was expressionless and… seemed a little bored? 

Finally, a senior spoke, “so we can assume the eight-armed black devil is Fourteenth or Fifteenth Awakening? No… ordinary disaster-level demonic beasts are perhaps Fourteenth or Fifteenth, while the eight-armed black devil is stronger. Perhaps reaching the Sixteenth…”

Based on the existing clues, he tried to analyze and judge the situation.

This senior was very wise and speaks the truth. The others nodded approvingly. 

Tang Yu couldn’t bear it anymore and coughed dryly to draw attention to him. 

“The Awakening Order is only Thirteen. Further up is no longer called the Awakening Order… The name is just a code name. Just like we can call the Awakening as the First Order, Second Order, Third Order, or the Fifth Order Ninth Order Thirteenth Order. It’s all the same; the key is the strength of each stage.”

The senior who just said his analysis frowned. 

“The name may be unimportant.” Tang Yu laughed, “but it’s like Awakening One, Two, and Three. The reason why they are divided together is that there is something in common in this whole stage. Every breakthrough, we will improve. The genetics have been improved, and the level of life will be improved.”

“The awakening stage is a foreshadowing process, and after the thirteenth level, it’s different. It’s no longer an increase in the level of life, but a complete transition from mortal to extraordinary…”

That senior frowned, “What exactly is it above the awakening level?” 

Tang Yu paused and changed to a comfortable sitting position. 

The atmosphere was somewhat subdued, except for the old man wearing glasses. Everyone else listened with respect. 

Lu Jianjun was no exception. 

The flat voice spread throughout the meeting room the next moment.

“That’s called Transcendent.”  

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