My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 319


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The meeting ultimately failed to come up with an effective countermeasure.

Lu Jianjun expected this. Even the Northern Court Defense Circle had difficulties. He didn’t expect anyone would come up with a method. He just wanted to inform the others so that they will be psychologically prepared.

Once the eight-armed black devil appears…..

Lu Jianjun frowned, “I’m afraid we can only abandon the shelter, organize the survivors, and break out in multiple directions.”

At that time, there were bound to be countless deaths and injuries.

He looked toward the conference room door, the direction in which several people left.

“Fortunately, no matter what Tree Shade came up with… We had opportunities there. At least, he is human… and that’s good enough.”


Tang Yu walked on the streets of Lindong, and the survivors in sight were a bit less pale than before.

A few months ago, the Lindong Shelter expanded a lot, opened up several grain-growing areas, and purchased a large amount of grain from the Tree Shade, which can meet the consumption of hundreds of thousands of its survivors.

Compared to their struggle before, the survivors now blossomed with vitality.

“If the eight-armed black demon strikes… I’m afraid Lindong will follow in the footsteps of Xiajiang Shelter…”

The crisis was looming, but the others knew nothing about it.

Tang Yu shook his head. He also didnn’t want the destruction of Lindong. But just like he said, he wasn’t even sure of his own survival; how can he care about others?


He didn’t say anything about the eight-armed black devil not being a demonic beast but a relative to the skeletons that appeared in Luoxia… Perhaps it was an alien. At least, it was also a kind of intelligent life. Compared to disaster-level demonic beasts with the wisdom of children that rely on instinct, the eight-armed black devil was too strong.

Both its intelligence and combat power… Tang Yu suspected what was shown in the video wasn’t its full strength.

“We must cultivate our own Transcendent combat power as soon as possible.”

Currently, the closest to transcendent is Elaine. In order to make her breakthrough as soon as possible, Tang Yu has invested all kinds of resources regardless of cost, auxiliary potions, cultivation rooms, all kinds of ice treasures… Unfortunately, the breakthrough of transcendent can only rely more on itself.

Even if Elaine received the frost mage legacy, it would increase a greater probability of breakthrough. But reaching it in a short time was almost impossible.

“Puppet guards are currently at the half-step Transcendent Mortal. If we can find the materials needed to upgrade ‘soul nodules’, we may be able to make No. 1 and No. 2 into Transcendent Mortal puppets. They can fight a real Transcendent Mortal.”

“And I guess the other method is… S-ranked summoning spell. If I can summon an S-ranked follower, perhaps they will be easier to break through the bottleneck of the transcendent mortal stage.”

There are quite a few countermeasures when he thinks about it this way, yet they all take time.

Such materials like ‘Soul nodules’, the system didn’t give any hints. He had searched for months without any clue.

Summoning spells requires rift crystals. The target is clearer, but the secret world was scarce; more than 99% of the hunters don’t even know the existence of the secret world. Those who had seen it with their own eyes were even less. 

Red Moon Witch, Fanny and Gretel’s team searched in the past two months and found real and false clues. The closest one was Fanny’s squad witnessing the connection to the secret realm through a vortex-shaped space portal. But before they could rush over, the secret passage instantly shrunk and disappeared.

Tang Yu also learned that the entrance to the secret realm does not always exist.

A small number of secret realms are secretly held by certain local forces. Most secret realm entrances weren’t found because of the remote location. The people who found it excitedly rushed in but never came out.


The day had gone by, dim shadows of the lights on the street swayed.

Survivors came and went. At night, it was the most lively time of the shelter. The hunters who returned with full loads, their eyes were smiling. And those who were injured or failed in their mission hurriedly walked by.

Tang Yu strolled towards the quarters that Gray Blade had bought on this side of Lindong.


Without warning, rolling thunder exploded in his ears.

Many survivors were startled and looked at the sky. The bright moonlight was obscured by dark clouds at some point, and thunder scurried around underneath them.

“It’s going to rain?”

“It’s too sudden. It seems that thunder seems to fall around me; even now, my ears are still buzzing.”

“I still miss the days when there was a weather forecast, although I would have looked at it the other way around.”

The survivors were talking, but no one cared and just quickened their pace. Looking for a place where they could take shelter from the rain, and the vendors on the street were a bit sad and distressed, quickly moving to put things away.

Tang Yu paused in his steps; his body turned around and looked towards the surroundings.

“Something is not right.”

Rumbling thunder resounded incessantly, and blue and purple electric snakes swam wildly… more exaggerated than the prelude when he condensed the Destruction Thunder.

The range was even farther.

He looked extremely far, the thunder snakes illuminated the dark clouds that shrouded the sky, but he could not see the edge.

East, west, north and south, no matter which direction, everywhere was dark clouds, everywhere was lightning.

Like the doomsday….even if they are already in the doomsday.

The surrounding street lights flickered and suddenly shut down.

If anyone was looking out from a high place, they could see that all the lights in the shelter had been extinguished in a flash. Only important buildings were still lit in a faint dim light. 

The moonlight was obscured, and the light of the street lamps went out in a moment as if it had turned into a moment of darkness without lights.

On the street, there was some commotion in the crowd.

“Strange, why can’t my phone work? And why is there a burning smell?”

“Mine too, it took a lot of effort to find the resources!”

The Internet cafe down the street also howled with angry voices, “Internet manager, what’s going on, what’s going on, I just opened the night package!”

At first, people thought it was an isolated case but soon found that the entire shelter suffered the same situation.

The survivors became more and more panicked.

Tang Yu’s face was dark. Through the contract, he connected with Roger in the territory and got bad news.

In the territory, many electronic devices were paralyzed. Only the system building and a few equipment and instruments directly powered by spirit stones energy can still maintain operation.

For the time being, there was not much promise for the territory.

Tang Yu’s expression became more and more solemn, “Luoxia… is like Lindong, the thunder billowed and fell into real darkness for an instant. This change… is probably worldwide.”

The thunder continued for about a few minutes, then the dark clouds gradually dispersed, and a crescent moon came out again.

Under the soft moonlight, everyone looked gloomy.

Lindong officials have started to organize manpower to calm the survivors, and the Academy of Sciences was also measuring the impact of the changes.

Tang Yu didn’t stay there much longer and quickly rushed to the city gates, which had been ordered to shut tight because of the sudden change.

He leapt directly over the 20 meters high wall with his feet and walked mid-air.

When he reached the wilderness outside the city, Tang Yu drove the floating chariot and flew straight back to the territory.

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