My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 321


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“According to statistics from last night, electronic products such as electric lights, vehicles, mobile phones, computers were all damaged to varying degrees. According to the research conducted by the Equipment Department, even if new electronic products are manufactured, they will still be severely affected and sometimes not work.”

“But…” Chen Haiping added. “The shelter’s previously spirit stones powered equipment penetration rate was up to 30%. There’re also plans to gradually transform electronic equipment into source power equipment. The changes last night didn’t cause a great impact on our shelter. Within three days, Municipal Affairs Departments will guarantee that all the operations of the shelter are restored as before.”

Tang Yu nodded his head.

After doomsday, the interference of the unknown force field has been there before, such as unable to locate, unable to transmit remotely, various electronic components are also relatively prone to damage, etc. But they didn’t expect that it was almost paralyzed now.

Chen Haiping continued, “The surrounding Lindong and other large shelters were greatly affected by this. The Tree-Lin railway did not open to traffic this morning. It is said that the train was seriously damaged, and Lindong seems to have been unable to take care of the maintenance of the train…”

“Train…We now have no shortage of professionals, and we are fully equipped to build it ourselves.”

Tang Yu looked at the Deputy Minister of the Equipment Department, a veteran survivor who joined the shelter early and worked hard for a long time.

“This matter is the responsibility of the Equipment Department. Of course, priority is given to the production of various source equipment needed by the current territory. “

“Besides, in the future, the Tree-Lin line will be replaced by our own source train, and the distribution of benefits between Tree Shade and Lindong will naturally be redistributed. It is best to let our own people manage the trains… Minister Chen, I’ll leave this matter to be solved for you.”

“Yes.” Chen Haiping replied, “Director, this morning Lindong, and a few other large shelters minted to order a large number of basic source power equipment. But once sold, the technology of this equipment will be easily cracked.”

“Sell them. Don’t forget to mention the price.”

Things like source powered street lights and stuff were basic equipment. In just a few days, the Academy of Science of large shelters will be able to crack it out. The reason why these official shelters ordered in bulk was to stabilize the survivors’ mood for a while. 

After all, darkness was the easiest way to make people panic.

Chen Haiping finished. Roger stepped forward; his expression was a bit gloomy, “Director, last night the number of demonic beasts that gushed out of Resource Point No. 1 increased greatly. There was also a disaster level demonic beast that appeared, but fortunately, it was killed in time. This morning, there’s news from the Investigation Corps that there is also a significant increase in the density of demonic beasts everywhere.”

“Moreover, the source power concentration has increased by about twice compared to yesterday and is still slowly rising.”

The concentration of source power on Earth was already very high.

Tang Yu asked Elaine, Roger and the others before. In the world they lived in, the source power concentration was only about one-fifth of Earth. Even in certain holy ground, the source power concentration couldn’t be compared to Earth.  

Before Roger was injured, it took several years to raise from the First Awakening Stage to Ninth. Now, it only took a few months to reach the Eleventh Awakening Stage. Of course, he has refining spirit power, and Roger himself was also qualified. The relationship of promotion in the late Awakening stage and the proportion of cultivation is getting bigger and bigger.

If he only relied on cultivation to improve to a level, he would need half of the time now. If he was in Roger’s original world, he wouldn’t necessarily be able to break through in one or two years due to the large gap.

At least, the change last night wasn’t all bad.

After the meeting was over, Tang Yu took advantage of the increased concentration of source power and went to practice for a while. Being stuck at the Ninth Awakening Stage for a while, he had a vague feeling that he wasn’t far from a breakthrough.

Let’s hope it’s not just an illusion.

“Look over there!”

“What’s that?”

“A mirage?!”

Many people shouted.

Tang Yu was stunned and looked up, the sun was high in the sky. And from the horizon, a large phantom could be clearly seen. It was surrounded by mountains, standing above the clouds.

He immediately ran to the castle rooftop where his vision was not blocked and could see more clearly.

The endless mountains appeared above the clouds and mist in the distance, from where he stood, almost covered half the sky,

There was a scene surrounded by mountains, and it was extremely clear.

Tang Yu opened his eyes wide and tried his best to look out. He saw that the mountains were covered with lush and lush trees that were very huge, with many weird-looking giant trees that walked around.

On the towering mountain peaks, many birds flew by, like mutated animals. Not only were they huge in size but were also extremely ferocious. In a short moment, he witnessed many ferocious birds hunting and killing each other.

“Where exactly is the mountain range….”

Tang Yu didn’t know how many peaks there were… The mirage surrounded by mountains was like a 3D scene standing on the clouds. He can only see the scene nearby. But if that’s the case. There are at least thousands of mountains!

“Which mountain range has so many peaks and so many huge birds? This is probably a fierce place… Wait, what is that?”

Tang Yu couldn’t help leaning forward, although this didn’t make him see more clearly.

In the rolling mountains, he saw some majestic buildings like palaces. These buildings have a unique style. But at first glance, they still feel tall and majestic and magnificent and exquisite. 

Uh… one is enough.

Tang Yu consciously added a prefix to the buildings in his heart. Although scenery of the past can be seen from the palaces, at this time, they were mostly dilapidated. Some palaces collapsed with only bricks and tiles remaining. Some were preserved and intact, but there was still a sense of bleakness that has lost its brilliance.

A huge fierce bird, soaring high in the sky, suddenly swooped down towards a well-preserved palace building. Just when its sharp claws were about to catch the palace eaves, the palace suddenly burst into light.

The fierce bird opened its mouth wide, seeming to be roaring in fear. It had been injured and didn’t dare to come closer, but was unwilling to leave, and hovered around the palace.

Tang Yu exhaled deeply.

‘What is the palace? Where in the world did it come from?’

Although he had only seen it from afar, there were many of those fierce birds… Even his eyes can’t follow.

‘Which mountain range appears in the scene, is it real?’

One guess after another emerged in Tang Yu’s mind.

Scientifically explained, a mirage is a natural phenomenon formed by the refraction and total reflection of light. It is a virtual image formed by the atmospheric refraction of light reflected by objects on the Earth. Its essence is an optical phenomenon. 

However, was this really just an optical phenomenon?

He somehow feels that with the doomsday, the familiar Earth becomes more and more mysterious.


The mirage lasted for a total of more than three hours before it finally faded away.

Tree shade, Survivors of Lindong could see it.

A thousand kilometers away, Luoxia also saw the mountain range. Only in Luoxia, the mirage was smaller unlike in the Tree Shade where it occupied half of the sky.

As if the distance was even further, the Carmen brothers who stayed in Luoxia could not see the majestic palaces among the mountains.

For several days, Tang Yu stayed in the territory to practice. He felt a sense of crisis, perhaps because of a different mentality. He broke through the Tenth bottleneck of Awakening and began to loosen… it wasn’t an illusion.

He let Roger continue to expand the size of the two major regiments of the Guard Corps and the Investigation Corps, and opened the road to Lindong and other large shelters. The source of manpower’s qualities in Tree Shade were higher.

The Intelligence Department led by Gray Blade has a huge intelligence network that was also spreading rapidly towards the surrounding areas.

Not long ago, there was news from intelligence personnel that the mirage has not disappeared!

They can’t see it from Lindong and Tree Shade, but from another province capital city hundred kilometers from them, the mirage still exists. But it was narrowed down and fixed in a certain location.

It was said the day the mirage appeared, the survivors in the province capital could see the endless mountain range completely enveloped the entire sky!

The province capital city was not far from Tree Shade. Ordinary hunter team couldn’t cross such a distance. But the current territory’s armed forces can travel there with no meaningful difficulties.

On that day, a hundred member Investigation Corps rushed out, and the focus of intelligence also shifted to the province capital city.

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