My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 322


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Tiannan Province, as the top three provinces in the population of Great Xia country before the doomsday. After doomsday, the strength of Tiannan Province was also considered relatively strong.

The province’s capital city, Jingcheng, had a population of over 10 million before doomsday. At the beginning of the doomsday, the military responded in time to save most of the survivors. The strength was strong, and a convergence effect was formed. Nowadays, the defense circle built around the core of the Jincheng city shelter was home to more than five million survivors.

Among them were half a million hunters!

Even though the vast majority of them have not been able to break through the Fifth Awakening bottleneck, it was still a very terrifying number.

And at one time, it was difficult to find any demonized beast around Jincheng City.

The outposts that extend out from the defense circle are also being built further and further away.

It was said that in a few months, Jincheng City would be able to regain most of the lost land in the region.

However, only after the weather changed a few days ago, the expansion was stopped when the number of demonic beasts gushing out of the crack of the abyss around Jincheng City increased sharply. Several outposts were destroyed.

And these days, what people were talking about was neither the paralysis of electronic equipment nor the surge of demonic beasts, but the mountain range that stretches high in the sky.


“It’s certainly not a mirage if you ask me! Experts were unable to explain. If they can, why don’t they explain the doomsday, explain the crack of the abyss?!!”

“Do you feel that in the past few days, there have been more flying demonic beasts in the wild, and many of them are flying mutated beasts? On that day, there were a lot of large-sized beasts in the mountains.”

“That being said… Could the mountain range around Jingcheng we saw was not just a phantom?”

“It is said that there are many top mercenary groups and high-level forces who send people to explore the direction of the shadow of the mountains.”


“You are stupid. Didn’t you see the majestic buildings in the mountains that day? Those big forces must have gone for treasure!”

In the night bar, the hunters were talking.

A big bearded man shook his head and said, “Each of us… we also go there. We can’t let…” 



There was an explosion in the distance, the ground shook slightly, the bearded man couldn’t sit still and fell to the ground.

Someone rushed into the bar and shouted, “Come out and see, the fierce birds are attacking!”

The sound was obviously the sound of an explosion, and the customers in the bar had sensed that something was wrong, so when they heard it, they ran out.

As one of Jingcheng’s most popular bars for the hunters, the night bar is located in the bustling inner-city commercial district, far away from the city wall. But the hunters were more flexible than the apes, climbing the anti-theft net and quickly rushing to the surrounding high-rise rooftops.

The bearded man and other weaker ones also found the stairs and quickly ascended.

The cool breeze was blowing on the roof of a dozen-story building.

Everyone stared in astonishment; all kinds of birds, covering the sky and the sun, attacked from a distance.

The soldiers guarding the city wall had already reacted.

The anti-aircraft artillery fired continuously, and missiles exploded in the air. But it seems because of the phenomenon in the previous few days that Jingcheng’s air defense firepower seemed a little insufficient.

Most of the birds were shot down, but a small number of birds flew over the shelter at breakneck speeds, some flew straight through, and some swooped down.

“What the heck!”

“Shoot, shoot them down!”

Those carrying firearms began to attack. However, the damage caused by small caliber guns to all types of demonic and mutated beasts had become more and more insufficient.

Those with the ability to attack from a distance have become the main force. However, on the rooftop, there were still hunters. From time to time, the fierce birds swooping down from high altitudes rush to the ground and bite.

Some hunters relied on their strength to quickly counterattack, some were bitten in their throats, and some were caught by fierce birds and flew high in the air but could hardly survive.

Most of the fierce birds were killed by the city defense army, but in just a few minutes, the shelter still suffered a lot of casualties.

The burly man with a beard killed many fierce birds, stained with blood, and became sober.

The hunter who just said that the ferocious birds flew out of the mountain range’s shadow wanted to slap himself.

A colossal figure covering the sky,

Appearing above the sky, it has golden feathers. Its wings were open with a length exceeding 100 meters!

The glass of the tall building shattered by its cry.

The missile blasted out. The giant eagle with golden wings flapped its wings and instantly appeared outside the front. The hurricane it blew was like an enormous wind blade and even cut off a tall building.

The energy-charged cannon was also finished charging and ready to aim, but the giant golden eagle spent most of the time hovering high above the sky, beyond the cannon range.

It only needs to fan its wings to cause huge damage to the ground.


Jingcheng Headquarters.

A middle-aged man with a majestic complexion stared at the big screen.

The screen picture was very blurry, and the words “No signal” popped up from time to time. However, the middle-aged man looked very serious. He frowned and said after a moment, “Prepare to use a tactical nuclear bomb.”

“Chief, this place is too close to the shelter!”

Several small satellite towns have been built around Jingcheng but weren’t not far away from Jingcheng. Once the nuclear bomb is detonated…

“The residents in the satellite cities have already entered underground shelters. It’s enough to avoid the impact of nuclear bombs. A small nuclear bomb won’t be enough to kill that giant eagle. Our goal is to detonate tactical nukes at high altitude, forcing the giant eagle to lower its altitude and enter the range of the cannon.”

“Bring those treasures in the secret realm as well. We must limit the giant eagle’s mobility and kill it in one hit. Otherwise, we might not have a second chance.”


High in the air, the giant golden eagle that was planning to continue to swoop down suddenly turned its head to look into the distance and let out an angry cry.

Obviously, it was just a sharp cry, but the hunters far away from Jingcheng could hear the anger contained in the cry.

“What is that?”

In the sky, a small black dot was flying away.

“Is it a human? No, that’s not right. There are eight arms!”

The eight-armed black demon was extremely fast. Every time it flickered, it appeared hundreds of meters away, but the giant golden eagle was faster and caught up in a few seconds.

The hunters couldn’t see clearly. They could only see a golden shadow in the sky, flickering back and forth.

Every now and then, there was a violent sound of impact.


The ground trembled violently.

The hunters standing on the rooftop could see a huge cloud of smoke and dust rising from the distant horizon. If they were closer, they could see that the ground had crashed out of a large crater, stretching for ten miles, completely shattered.

The humanoid black figures flew out of the crater and continued to flee; the golden eagle’s angry cries could be heard from more than ten kilometers away.

Gradually, the two figures drifted away.

Both the hunters who witnessed all this and the military brass in commands had their backs drenched in sweat. They thought that humans gradually have the power to dominate their own destiny after a few months of development.

But under creatures of these levels, even the hunters were insignificant.


The next day, the territory.

Tang Yu cupped the crystal in his hand. A video recorded by Lorraine, who was far away from Jincheng City, ventured closely.

The image on the crystal was very clear. It even can be turned 360 degrees, but because of this, Tang Yu deeply felt the terror of the two transcendent creatures.

He didn’t know why the giant golden eagle madly chased the eight-armed black devil, but if it weren’t for it, Jingcheng Shelter might not be able to survive the catastrophe.

“If it happens in the territory, can I handle it?”

Tang Yu thought, his face suddenly showed joy.

Three teams were sent out to look for the secret realm. Among them, the Red Moon Witch had sent a message that an entrance to the secret realm had been found!

He didn’t dare to delay and immediately rushed towards the teleportation array.

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