My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 323


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Tang Yu quickly arrived at the teleportation array.

Beneath his feet was an ancient stone slab with arcane carvings and eight four-sided columns with a wide top and narrow bottom distributed around at equal distances.

At this time, the teleportation array can open teleportation towards three fixed locations.

Fortress No. 1 (Luoxia), Fortress No. 2 (Retreat), and Fortress No. 3 (Resource Point).

This is an internal transmission between teleportation arrays. But it can also teleport at a set distance. For example, a thousand kilometers towards the east. This method has disadvantages because it consumes a lot of spirit stones, and there’s no guarantee to be transported to safe areas. He could land in dangerous areas.

Tang Yu chose the safer method.

The three teams carried tracker crystals on their bodies, giving accurate coordinates to the teleportation array.

Tang Yu chose the location where Red Moon Witch was located. The arcane diagram formation on the stone slab lit up and spread to the eight columns. In the next moment, his figure disappeared without a trace.


It was one-way teleportation. Accompanied by a hint of dizziness, Tang Yu was relieved to feel his feet touch the ground.

In front of him, the Red Moon Witch was still wearing the black robe. Her face was obscured by the shadow of her hood, only of a few strands of black silk poking out. 

Nearby, there were 20 to 30 hunters holding weapons surrounding the Red Moon Witch.

Tang Yu noticed several hunters on the ground farther away, lying on the ground in various positions, not knowing if they were alive or dead.

One of the hunters with shield and longsword shouted sternly. “Come on, she’s alone. The location of the secret realm must not be leaked. Wait… where did this man appear from?”

The hunter who was holding the firearm opened fire. Bullets flew out, but the hunters with shields had his pupils suddenly shrank.

The two people in the encirclement suddenly disappeared!

At the left, Tang Yu’s figure suddenly appeared. He kicked out, the hunter in front of him flew backward tens of meters like a cannonball, breaking several trees along the way.

The hunters around him were no match for him.

Aside from the disaster-level demonic beast and transcended creatures, he had become one of the world’s strongest. Even facing the perfect Thirteenth Awakening opponent, he doesn’t think he will lose with the aid of defensive buildings and personal domain.

His fighting style was ferocious that some hunters who were punched by his fist had their chest dented in.

But when he turned his head and looked over to Red Moon, he realized what the art of killing meant. Those hunters were scared out of their wits!

As she stepped forward, she approached the hunters. Her white palms stretched out from under her sleeves, she wasn’t close to those people, but Tang Yu saw them stiff on the spot like lightning strikes.

Their eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and blood vessels on the skin burst open and ooze out blood.

Tang Yu recalled the Red Moon’s introduction and recalled she had the ability to manipulate blood.

It was the most basic blood control, like boiling the blood in a person’s body and making them break through the blood vessels. But it was truly terrifying. This was the reason she was called the Red Moon Witch.

The hunters who were closer to the Red Moon one by one fell straight down. By the time Tang Yu completed Triple Kills, Red Moon was Godlike; she already killed more than dozens of hunters. Leaving only the hunter boss who was holding a sword and shield. Standing farther away.

He shuddered and held his shield across his body as he kept walking back. “Wait, wait… I’m just a part-timer. It’s useless even if you kill me-“

His voice ended abruptly, and blood spurted out from all over his body. Spilling all over the ground.


Tang Yu did not know what to say to this sight. In fact, he preferred the elegant way of killing without seeing blood, such as standing at a distance throwing a fireball directly blown into ashes. It looks a little more elegant.

Only then they had the chance to look around.

There were quite a few corpses lying on the ground. In addition to the hunters just gathered around them earlier, there were a few more corpses dressed a little differently. They didn’t have embroidered markings on their chests.

Red Moon walked back and stopped not far away. She paused and opened her mouth to explain, her voice clear and cold, “The first to show the secret realm was a small team of five people, but they were trailed by this group of people. And I followed behind the second group.”

The group that acted as the mantis was obviously more professional, and there were probably people behind them. Tang Yu didn’t really care; when he took the Rift Crystals, there was no guarantee that the secret realm would collapse again.

He turned back and finally saw the secret realm that Red Moon was talking about, his mouth slightly opened.

Unlike Zhor’s tomb, what you see in front of you is not a space portal that forms a vortex. Instead, it was a scene that seemed to be like a hazy mirror.

He visually estimated that the ‘entrance’ was over twenty meters in length and five or six meters in height, just like a giant mirror with white mist drifting above. Through the mirror, one could faintly see a number of buildings with unique styles inside.

Tang Yu first threw a few puppets to explore the way and then came to the back of the ‘mirror’. To his surprise, he couldn’t see any secret realm here. He walked straight forward and would not enter the secret realm but went straight through.

The secret realm needs to be in a specific position. Only then will he be able to enter.

The obscure buildings inside look a bit similar to the mirage.

Tang Yu looked up to the sky and could vaguely see the endless mountain range. But the distance was far away, shrinking into a small dot.

‘It’s not too far from Jingcheng.’

After waiting for a while, there was no danger signal from the puppet. It seemed safer, at least… The entrance was safe.

“Let’s go in.” 


Red Moon stretched out her pale left palm. Her fingernail from the other hand cut through her artery in the left wrist. 

In the next moment, her artery was cut. Blood gushed out. 

‘This is pure creepy!! Self-harm girl?’

In front of him, the blood that gushed out didn’t fall on the ground. Instead, it coalesced in the air. Forming a ball of blood, constantly changing, elongated, forming limbs, then the other five senses… and reaching the facial features. 

It was elegantly long, with a slight bulge on the chest, and the slender legs are closed to outline her curve.

‘Wait, it looks like the Red Moon. ‘

Tang Yu had seen Red Moon’s real appearance in the character introduction of his followers. And at this moment, the figure made of blood with gradually clearer features, wasn’t it exactly Red Moon herself?

Clone technique?

Creating a person out of blood?

It was the first time he had seen this unique ability, and his sight was somewhat parched as he looked away.

Just as the human figure took shape and began to turn from red to flesh-colored, the Red Moon on the side took out a black robe of the same type from within her space ring.

In a flash, the black robe was smoothly put on her clone.

Looking at the appearance alone, one cannot tell the difference between the two.

Tang Yu unconsciously looked towards Red Moon’s body, which was hidden under the black robe… ahem…

“There may be more people coming later. I’ll have the clone guard the outside.”

Her voice was as cold as ever. However, he didn’t know if it was an illusion or not, but Tang Yu actually heard something unnatural in her tone.

….maybe as a solo powerhouse, Red Moon wasn’t used to teaming up with others…

This must be the case. 

Tang Yu secretly thought. Rubbing the tip of his nose, “Then let’s go.”

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