My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 324


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Lindong, High-rise residence.

An old man wearing glasses led the youth forward, “This is a landline, which can be used for long-distance calls. There are also these cars, mobile phones, computers, but they are not easy to use now…”

As one of the top brass, the old man was full of pride. Even facing the No. 1 giant Lu Jianjun, he was not likely to lower his posture. 

However, when he learned that this seemingly young-looking person beside him had actually lived for more than 200 years and was in a higher social position than his grandfather, the old man wasn’t reluctant to lower his posture. 

Besides, the strength of this man and the eight-armed black devil was at the same level!

The old man had personally seen the terrifying destructive power.

With him, he will be safe!

“Elder Yan, are you still satisfied with these?”

Grand Counselor Yan nodded. “It’s a bit interesting, but it’s not what I really want.”

“The materials you need available in the Lindong warehouse have already been sent for. For the ones that were missing, I have already issued orders. I think we will be able to find them soon.”

“Good. as long as I can find these materials… I won’t treat you badly.”

With his hand on his shoulders, Grand Counselor Yan walked to the brightly lit window. The entire Lindong area wasn’t completely replaced with source power lamps, but around the villa were already installed with various styles of exquisitely crafted lamps. 

Grand Counselor Yan was quite satisfied. “The two monsters in the video are indeed very strong. The so-called shelter is far from enough to protect your safety. This is not because your technology is too bad, but the life level of the two monsters was transcendent.” 

“But you don’t need to worry.” He said, his eyes swept across the room. The senior old man, the head of the rhino mercenary group, and the old man’s men. These people looked more respectful. Bowed their heads and listened carefully. 

“I am also a person of this level. When a crisis comes, it’s easy to save your lives. Of course, I only saved a few of you. I don’t have the time to save others.”

“It’s more than enough. Certainly, we don’t want to trouble you too much.” The old man hurriedly said. “I wonder if the Grand Counselor Yan had more orders?”

Grand Counselor Yan stood by the window and thought for a moment.

“Secret realm. I want to know where the entrance to the secret realm is.”

“There was once a secret realm entrance by the mountain twenty kilometers away, but it soon disappeared. I heard from the people who came out of it that the secret realm collapsed.”

“We don’t know the exact entrance to the secret realm, but…” the old man paused, “There is a person who definitely holds the secret realm in his hands.”


“Tang Yu of Tree Shade.”

“That Tree Shade was originally just a small shelter, but they have the rune technology of the Academy of Sciences. Not only did they monopolize the market of rune equipment and sold it at a very high price. They have been making a lot of money since then.”

“Not only that, but Tree Shade also has some kind of device that can create Heavenly Thunder. It was more powerful than the energy recharge cannon. This is very abnormal. And that Tang Yu is very selfish. It is clear that human beings are already in danger, but he is not willing to share those equipment technologies!”

The old man was angry.

Grand Counselor Yan didn’t care about the latter words. His eyes lit up when he heard the rune technology and the heavenly thunder.

‘Mage Alliance, Ancient Spirit Dynasty, or the secret realm of other forces?’

‘Something must have gone wrong with the secret realm that was mastered by humans of this age. It must be a masterless secret realm.’

Like the secret realm of their Nanrin Kingdom, they could control the opening and closing of the secret realm entrance. Even if they were discovered by humans by chance, with human’s weak power, they would never be a match. 

He wasn’t worried about bumping into strong enemies of the same era. Even if the same old guys awakened from the Fourth Era, Grand Counselor Yan was fearless. He believed not a lot could break through the transcendent stage.

Rune equipment and heavenly thunder technology have moved him.

“Indeed, it’s a waste with that technology in their hands. It would be best and efficient if I take over. First, give me a detailed description of the Tree Shade.”

The old man asked his man who was responsible for collecting information to give a detailed introduction to Grand Counselor Yan.

The henchman spoke fully, including when Tree Shade was first established, when it started selling rune equipment, holding Martial Arts Tournament and inevitably talking about encountering a level 4 demonic wave including three disaster level demonic beasts. Also included Tang Yu stepping mid-air and walking up to the city walls.

The words made Grand Counselor Yan choke.

He didn’t care about the disaster-level demonic beast. They’re just a bunch of bulky guys. However…

“You said he stepped in the sky and walked step by step?”

“Yes, many people have witnessed it.”

“I think that the Tree Shade Secret Realm needs to be planned slowly. If Tang Yu bites the secret realm without telling the entrance, it will be very troublesome. Yes, this matter requires careful planning, so I will leave it to you. .”

He patted the old man on the shoulder and disappeared in a flash.

A few people were left looking at each other. They had a feeling that there was Something they did not understand.


Tang Yu, who was being talked about, didn’t even sneeze and strolled around the secret realm in a leisurely manner.

Unlike Zhor’s tomb, once he entered the entrance, the whole scene was visible.

This secret realm was bigger than the previous one. 

Tang Yu climbed higher step by step, looking around in mid-air.

In the secret realm, the sky was surrounded by a white mist. Tang Yu, who has some understanding of space, knows that there is a boundary. Stepping into it will encounter resistance. The more you go in, the greater the resistance. 

This kind of barrier can be broken, but after breaking it, it will enter the void space stream layer that was the real danger. He guessed that even a Transcendent may not be able to survive in the void space.

There were many unique buildings in the secret realm, just like the ones seen outside. It was like a small town.

Some of the buildings were well preserved, while others looked like they had been attacked in some terrible way. Half of which had been obliterated, leaving no trace of the building.

What caught his eye the most was the five tower-like buildings in the center of the town.

Each one was more than twenty stories high; three of them were relatively well preserved.

Tang Yu walked towards one of the intact towers and threw a puppet in front to explore the way. The round basic puppet just stepped into the gate of the tower when a green light curtain appeared. Under the puppet’s brute force, it broke apart.

“Even a puppet with a First Awakening Stage strength can stop it. It seems that although there is still some defense mechanism operating here, the energy supplied was far from enough.”

The entrance was a hall with a rune array painted underneath. On the surrounding walls, there were many objects that should be regarded as defensive facilities, but they all lost their function at this time.

Tang Yu climbed up the spiral staircase. The second, third, and fourth floors should be the laboratory, but he couldn’t recognize many devices.

The Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth floors were study rooms. Books were stacked all over the place. Tang Yu felt with the number of books here, it can be considered as a library.

He resisted the urge to flip through a book and went straight to the top floor.

“It should be the residence of the owner of the tall tower. If there are precious treasures, they must be hidden here as well.”

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