My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 326


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Tang Yu was not clear. The diary owner was even less clear.

“July 1, the secret realm gates still have not opened, and I do not know how long the outside world has passed. We began to wait, maybe next year, or just tomorrow, the gates will open.”

“Fortunately, before entering the secret realm, we prepared a lot of food, preserved in a special way so they did not expire. We don’t have to worry about survival. But it’s a shame that… the secret realm is only a closed space so we can not generate source power. Therefore we cannot cultivate, and also can not carry out complex research. “

“September 13, the secret realm gate still did not open. There are only five of us here, it is too boring. I kind of regretted not bringing a few women in when I entered the secret realm …… It wasn’t realistic either, by the time I woke up, either they would be dead or I would only be able to meet their great-great-great…great-grandchildren, if the food would satisfy so many people.”

“On September 25, I found Dana frequently visited Merlin’s and Locke’s mage towers for days at a time… Dammit! In terms of academic exchange, why didn’t she choose me? I’m just a little bald? Does she not know that baldness represents wisdom, knowledge, which is the embodiment of mage charm!”

“October 3. I continue my research, even if I can not carry out experiments, I can continue to improve my theory. I want to prove that I am the most erudite!”

“October 5. Merlin even asked me to play cards, has he been abandoned by Dana? Yes, that guy Locke is as strong as an ape, and I don’t know how he became an archmage.”

“October 6, we continue to play cards. This kind of card called ‘Mage Lore’ is really interesting, how come I didn’t realize it before.”

“October 7, playing cards.”

“October 8, playing cards.”

“October 10… Lane ah Lane, have you forgotten your research? Have you forgotten that Mage Xi once said that you have to review yourself several times a day to get progress, and you can’t go on like this!”

“October 11.”

“Playing cards…”

“October 10.”

“Playing cards…”

“October 12. I’m determined to quit mage lore. This is not a lie. Today I’ve turned down Merlin’s offer. In the future, I swear I will focus on research. Even if I’ll die, I’ll die in the research room, I’ll die in obscurity and I definitely won’t play cards again!”

“October 15. I have preserved for three days. Today, those people are looking for me to play cards. Do they think I’m so easily tainted? I’m not! Merlin! I won’t play cards with you again! Wait, it seems to be Dana…”

“Mage Lore is so fun!”

Tang Yu had a black line. He had consumed so many detection crystals to translate this page after page. So in the end… What was the purpose? Just to see this amusing mage named Lane?!

It’s like a heartache!

Tang Yu quickly turned the page. He also recognized a few simple words, ‘playing cards’ words, he is familiar with after reading so much. Every time he turned a new page and saw this word, he did not say anything and directly swept through.

Definitely not going to waste the detection crystal on playing cards!

Finally, the diary is gradually approaching the end, and the timeline jumped faster and faster.

To twenty years later…

Tang Yu saw the diary owner wrote that they could hardly wait any longer. And among the five, the older Merlin, and another mage, was nearing the end of his life span. After discussing, several people decided to control the secret world hub and forced the passage open.

The result… Tang Yu didn’t need to read to know. Sure enough, they all failed. Although the entrance to the secret realm was opened, what appeared was not Earth but void space.

The latter, Tang Yu, did not need to see to know.

Pitch-black spatial cracks appeared from the dome, and the wind of annihilation blew through…

Tang Yu finally understood the reason for the destruction of the buildings in the town and their disappearance.


In the wilderness, a team, numbering more than a hundred, was running fast.

“Almost there?”

A young man in the center of the group frowned as he wore a brown battle suit made of high-grade demonic beast fur, incorporating the latest technology of Jingcheng City.

It looked majestic!

Taking a closer look, although the team was progressing rapidly ahead, they still maintained an intact formation with the outermost hunters holding shields. The next circle of people clutching lances and those inside equipped with new types of firearms and mastering extraordinary abilities.

This team moves in a very orderly manner!

“Almost there, Young Master Li Ting. There should be about ten kilometers to go.”

“That’s good, the vehicles are all broken, it’s really inconvenient to make a trip. I hope that the researchers can get the research department’s source energy combat vehicle despite.” The youth frowned and turned his head to look aside, “I heard that the secret realm was not the first thing our people found, the location was not leaked, right?”

“You can rest assured, the secret realm was discovered by a small team in the morning at the fifth transit station. We learned the news, we sent people to keep a close watch, the team contacted people, we also secretly told them to be silent, absolutely foolproof.”

“Hmm,” The youth raised his chin, his gaze swept around, “All of you are dedicated people, my Li family will not treat you poorly. I’m sure you’ve heard of mastering the benefits of a secret realm. The Ancestor Dragon warriors were like that now because they had mastered a certain secret realm. Their probability of breaking through from the Fifth to the Sixth stage can be significantly increased. They are considered powerful even against other people at their own stage…. As long as our Li family can master the secret realm, you will also have the opportunity to enter the secret realm in the future.”

The other people’s eyes glowed, and their aura immediately soared.

The secret realm was a very mysterious word. It was said that today many magical items, cultivation techniques are passed down from the secret realm. Who can master the secret realm were the ones that will be able to go to the front of the wave of the doomsday.

Even though the Li family didn’t have their own secret realm, only several large forces in Jingcheng, joint control of a certain secret realm, Li family would still benefit from it.

Thinking of that secret realm, the youth’s heart was on fire. He had been to the secret realm to cultivate. The speed was several times than the outside world. Even this incomparably powerful rune battle knife in hand was from that secret realm, so Jingcheng City can produce the most top weapons and are much more powerful.

And now, there is such a secret realm at his fingertips!

“Young master, it’s just over the hill in front of us.” A hunter wearing fine equipment ran from the front of the group, “I was separated from the captain and the others over there earlier, and I believe the captain and the others have already blocked off the entrance to the secret realm, just waiting for your arrival.”

Li Ting nodded in satisfaction. Thinking that these people really did not waste the resources provided by the family, the strength is good, and the work is also very powerful. Perhaps they can promote a few people from it, as their own beloved.

They leaped a few times and dart up the hill that was not high.

Standing over there, the surrounding wilderness is unobstructed. The secret realm was the same as the first time aware.

Like a mirror, revealing the unique style of the buildings inside, surrounded by clouds and fog, is spectacular.

Li Ting gazed down… Suddenly, he froze.

In front of the secret realm, standing alone. There was only a black-robed man whose face was hidden.

Where is the team that blocked the entrance to the secret realm?

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