My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 33


Chapter 33 – Let’s wash up and sleep

Peng Bo scratched the back of his head and didn’t care.

He had accustomed to this kind of treatment that it became his daily life. So it’s not a big deal. He was about to rush to the construction site. According to the person in charge of the shelter, as long as he worked hard, he could get enough food and meat.

He was a hunter with an ability to control sand to cover his body like an armor. But only he himself knew what he’s been going through these days.

He had the strength to fight a demonic beast and had found a lot of food. But it’s not enough to fill his stomach.

Before the doomsday, he was a foodie. After he was awakened as a hunter, his appetite grew even bigger. He hadn’t enough meal these days. As soon as he heard that he could get a lot of food and meat to eat, his saliva dripped just from thinking about it.

At that time, a survivor approached him.

“What? If you have something to talk about, just talk now! Why do you want me to go to the edge of the forest?!”

Peng Bo didn’t want to go to the edge of the forest because he was in a hurry.

The person whispered to him, he should follow him to the edge of the forest to discuss big things that would allow him to get more food.

“What? I can get more food if I help you?!”

But the shelter had promised him a lot of food.

“Whatever, you said that a person with an ability will get a distinguished status and shouldn’t follow the shelter’s rule… it make sense if you put it that way.

After some negotiations,

Peng Bo walked out of the edge of the forest alone, his head was still dizzy that he walked and wobbled along the way.

The man said things that made sense, especially with the temptation of food so he found it reasonable. But he still felt something was wrong.

‘Do it?’

‘Don’t do it?’

Peng Bo’s heart was tangled with doubts.

Unconsciously, he went further and further into the woods.

Suddenly, a loud roar shocked him.

“Is that a demonic beast?”

He glanced around. His body was in a standby posture. The surrounding dirt and gravel began to circulate and covered his body the way he wanted.

The roar was heard again, this time he heard it clearly. The source of the sound was still a distance away from him. He carefully thought about it, carefully stepped forward and hiding behind a building, and he looked at the roar direction.


A demonic beast appeared in front of him. It had sharp horns on its head. Its leg had thick hooves.

That demonic beast was as big as and armored car. Even from a distance, he could feel the beast’ strong oppression sense which made Peng Bo difficult to move.

“What a terrifying demonic beast, even if I had sandstone armor, I can’t help but waiting another person to appear.”

He couldn’t beat this demonic beast alone. It’s not far from the shelter, the demonic beast could hurt other survivors. Anyway, he had something in mind. It’s better to talk to the management of the shelter as soon as possible and see if they could do something about it. It’s their job.

Peng Bo was going to retreat when his eyes suddenly fixed on the scene.

He saw the terrifying demonic beast took a step back as if it was retreating?!

How could it be possible?

At that time he noticed that in front of the demonic beast, there was a warrior donned in armor and holding a claymore.

The man’s figure was tall and burly, but standing in front of the demonic beast, he seemed dwarfed. But against such a small human, the demonic beast was forced to step back again.

That was the first time in his life that he ever saw a demonic beast retreating.

But at the next moment, the demonic beast seemed angry!

A gusty wind rolled up and slapped on the surrounding buildings, leaving mottled scratch marks. Some fragile buildings were sliced down just like a tofu by the gust of wind.

He heard a rumor that some demonic beast held special abilities just like a hunter. That kind of demonic beast’s even more powerful than the normal ones! It’s rare and terrifying!

The one in front of him was, without doubt, a demonic beast with wind blade ability.

Peng Bo’s eyes were fixed on the battlefield. His palms clenched tightly, covered in sweat!

Suddenly, something amazing happened.

The armored hunter stood in front of the wind blade. It left not a single scratch on the dark armor.

The hunter didn’t wait longer, he dashed like an arrow and swung his claymore, slashing the beast.

The wind of the slashing claymore was even more fierce than that of the demonic beast’s ability.

The slashing wind alone made his eardrums ringing.

Peng Bo covered his ears and stared at the messy battlefield in silent.

Blood splattered from the demonic beast, it fell on the ground, creating a puddle.

“Take this, and this!!”

The battle was fierce, destroyed a building nearby. But it was over in an instant.

As Peng Bo walked back to the shelter, he was even more confused.

The scene of the warrior donned in armor and holding a claymore standing in front of the demonic beast had been deeply imprinted in his eyes. He looked invincible!

After he slowed down, he suddenly remembered the business he was hesitated about talking the terms with the shelter. Wanting a more distinguished status? Didn’t they say that the shelter had ‘a man with special ability’ that is on the same level as the Leader?

Screw those people!

With such a fierce man, they were gonna discuss terms and condition with the shelter? He might be an idiot… No, he’s just a very straightforward person, he’s not a stupid or fool man. How could he join these survivors in their stupid plans?

Talking about terms and condition? It’s better to wash up and sleep!

Those people had no chance, he didn’t care anymore. If they had the time to fool around, it’s better to get working and eat more at supper. That would be better.


The next day, early in the morning.

The shelter hadn’t arranged work for the survivors. Many of the survivors were in a small circle of twos and threes and came to the small square to wait.

Most people had already familiar with the content in the bulletin board. For most survivors, each of the above contents could be related closely to their future survivals and benefits. Some survivors had already analyzed the option one by one.

Most people already made up their decisions.

For them, it’s not difficult to make up their decisions. They had to work hard, but the welfare benefits were going to be better. Most people were pleased with the new regulation.

However, there were still a few survivors on the scene. Their faces were dark and full of uncertainty. They seemed to think hard and suddenly their faces brightened as if they were surging for a certain purpose that was about to be achieved.

Ding Qiang was hiding in the crowd, his eyes flashed dangerously, he saw his fellow hunters whom he had conspired with last night, all of them were ready.

Several people gestured secretly, showing a silent smile.

Ding Qiang searched through the crowd and finally found Peng Bo in the corner. He was alone, no other survivors were around him. Ding Qiang looked at the grin on his face and felt satisfied.

For sure, Peng Bo also felt dissatisfied with the shelter’s new regulation. Otherwise, why would he smiled so terribly?

With Peng Bo’s ability to restrain the shelter’s leader, his confidence boosted from 70% to 90%.

The preparation’s complete!

It wouldn’t be long now.

Two survivors walked from the villa area carrying a writing desk and placed it beside the gate, near the notice board.

Chen Haiping sat at the table, holding a pen and paper on his hand. He looked at the nearly 100 survivors present.

In a few days, the shelter had grown from nothing. At the beginning, there were only a few people, now there’re hundreds of survivors. At the beginning, the ground was messy with debris and junk, now the entire resort had been cleaned.

Even if he only played a small part in this, Chen Haiping was proud.

He witnessed and took part on the shelter’s establishment progress. It would develop better in the future. Soon it’d be a real shelter, and a medium shelter, or even a large shelter.

This seemed whimsical, but Chen Haiping felt it’s not impossible.

His confidence didn’t come from inside him, but from Leader Tang.

He had cleaned up the area from demonic beasts.

He had guaranteed the food supply of the shelter.

He could even built a majestic city wall in just a few minutes!

Such a shelter’s a ray of hope in this desperate land.

Chen Haiping was glad that he was a member of this shelter and became one of the elders. He was able to witness the construction progress of the shelter.

But he also knew that the development of a shelter was more than these problems. In addition to the two difficult problems of demonic beast and food, there were few other minor problems that couldn’t be taken lightly because it would delay the shelter’s development progress.

Now, they needed to deal with that immediate problem first, hoping that after the shelter had been restructured today, they could get rid of the nuisance.

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