My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 332


“Marvelous! What do you feel?”

“What does it feel like……?”

Returning to the number one cultivation place, Tang Yu couldn’t wait to ask Nancy about the transcendent mortal prowess.

However… he overestimated Nancy’s ability to understand.

Tang Yu and Elaine tossed and turned several times before getting a more accurate answer from Nancy’s mouth.

Indeed, the Transcendent stage can fly. But it’s not quite accurate to say that. After breaking through to become a transcendent mortal, the body was surrounded by a strange force field all the time. This force field can offset the earth’s gravity and generate thrust to achieve the effect of flying or stepping in the sky.

Tang Yu thought of something else for the first time.

‘The Awakening stage has the ability to fly, flying to the wind, ability to grow wings. Was breaking through the transcendent order not a loss?’

But after another thought, he was wrong. The special force field of the Transcendent and their ability to fly belong to a different power source and does not say that the two can not be stacked. So, the ability to fly still has a lot of advantages. If the ordinary Transcendent was a single core, then with the ability to fly the Transcendent class, is a double core horsepower bar.

This special force field not only has the ability to fly but also can offset most of the attacks. That means the transcendent class can survive in various harsh environments, covering strikes, siege and other means. As long as they can not break the strange energy around the body, it can not cause the slightest harm to the transcendent class… Even a little dust can not stain them.

Tang Yu can only contemplate, and he deserves to be non-human.


Lindong, high-rise residential area.

These days the great offerings of the word are cultivating and consolidating the transcendent realm down.

The high-level elders, including the people from the Rhino Mercenaries, collected all the information about Tree Shade from various sources and sent it to Great Counselor Yan. They focused on the battle where Tree Shade encountered the disaster level demonic beast.

“No, that person named Tang Yu of Tree Shade is definitely not a Transcendent Mortal.”

Great Counselor Yan pondered, “If he was a Transcendent Mortal, there would be no need to use the Heavenly Punishment Weapon to kill those three disaster Level Demonic Beasts ……”

At first, Great Counselor Yan thought that Tree Shade’s Tang Yu was too lazy to make a move. Still, he learned in this detailed information that the defensive battle, which was precarious, had a section of the city wall destroyed. Hundreds of hunters defending the city had died.

As the head of the shelter, the status is similar to that of the lord of a city. Great Counselor Yan thinks that even if ‘Tang Yu’ is cold-blooded, if he has transcendent strength, then he cannot sit back and watch his city being destroyed.

In that case, there was only one truth. Tang Yu is not a transcendent, just an ordinary flying ability.

“He is obviously not an old man who awakened from the fourth era. He’s just a young man in his twenties, although his strength should be good, but compared to a transcendent, there’s a world of difference.”

“However, after all, being able to establish a shelter on the ruins even with the opportunity is also considered a talent. If he works for me, I could give him some sweet reward…”

“I was too cautious. They’re not even transcendent, not to mention that the Tree Shade had no transcendent people. Even if there is, so what? Although good, that kind of heavenly punishment power is not even half a threat to me since a disaster level demonic beast could dodge it.”

Great Counselor Yan felt that his perception had to be reversed and that he had to have the verge of a strong man.

He called the rhinoceros, “I’ll leave the matter of asking for rune technology from the Tree Shade to you. Be a good boy and don’t let me down.”


On the other side, since Nancy broke through Transcendence, Tang Yu was finally relieved.

The eight-armed black devil did not appear again. The giant golden eagle also disappeared without a trace, and everything calmed down again.

In just a few days’ difference, Fanny and Gretel’s team, one after another, found the secret realm. Fanny found the secret realm in the deep mountains. Gretel’s team found it at the banks of the Yangtze River Delta area. They established a small force over there, sending people to search and found two secret realms. Even the investigation corps found a secret realm.

It seemed that since that change in the sky, there are more secret realms in the wild.

Most of these discovered secret realms have been deserted. There was no danger, but also not many valuable items. Except for one secret place, inside the fourth era of the old undead just awakened, just like Zhor.

But this time, the undead hunter could only let two wild words before being killed by Gretel and the others. 

Probably the most suffocating death…

During this time, in addition to running the secret realm. Tang Yu spent his time cultivating. Two days ago, finally, he broke through to the Tenth awakening. Successfully stepped into the ranks of the territory’s first-line experts.

As for the territory’s only current super first-tier expert, Nancy…


Tang Yu glanced at Nancy, who was wearing a white striped top and blue strappy pants, sitting on a chair. Although still expressionless, her gaze showed some concentration, her eyes unblinking, staring at the chopsticks on the table, one hand had reached out to mid-air.

Seemingly hesitating, Nancy finally made up her mind and reached out with her white palm to grasp the pair of chopsticks and pick them upwards.


The chopsticks made of high-grade wood broke when she picked them up and immediately fell to the ground. Nancy turned her head, looked at him, and then looked down at the several wooden chopsticks that had fallen to the ground with a bewildered look.

“Eat…I want to eat ……”

Her words had a bit of aggression. Before Tang Yu moved, Nancy leaned down and buried her head on the beef noodle soup. Sucking and sucking, in a few seconds, a large bowl of soup noodles was transferred into her stomach. She raised her head just like a kitten.

“Delicious… um… I want more…”

Next to him, Elaine rushed to bring a towel to wipe Nancy’s face. Tang Yu held his forehead. It felt more arduous than bringing up a child …… although he had never had a child.

At this time, Nancy suddenly turned her head to look out the window, “Someone, an enemy.”

Tang Yu froze and immediately opened the territory map. As expected, several red dots appeared in the villa are surrounded by several green dots.

In the hundreds of meters away from these dots, there is a red dot like a large light bulb.

It was very conspicuous.


The rhinoceros boss has recently become very prosperous. Being close to the Grand Counselor who had a high-level relationship with the higher-ups in Lindong, the mercenary group rapidly expanded from the original size of a dozen people and expanded to hundreds of people.

With the supply of sufficient resources, his strength also increased rapidly and reached the Fifth awakening peak. As long as he crosses this bottleneck, he is also a big brother level. In the future, they can also leave one of the top mercenary groups behind.

“The lord gave us the task. He put his trust in us, we must do it perfectly.”

A few of his beloved followers behind the rhinoceros boss agreed, “Boss, look at this place. Tree Shade, the construction is very good, instead of just getting the manufacturing technology of rune equipment. Why don’t we take the whole Green Shade? Then the manpower to produce the equipment is also available.”

The rhinoceros boss’s eyes lit up and patted the shoulders of his beloved men approvingly. Several people entered the shelter and walked all the way to the front of the castle, and were stopped by members of the guard corps.

Seeing the hunters whose aura was no weaker than his, the rhinoceros boss started to panic a little but immediately calmed down when he thought of his lord, the Grand Counselor Yan, who had also come to Tree Shade.

He raised his head and said proudly, “What are you looking at? Let your Boss come out and talk.”

The guard group members ignored the Rhino Boss’s crazy words, and several of them stepped forward, ready to subdue them.

The rhino boss raised his voice and moved the backstage out. However, he soon discovered that the guard corps didn’t even know what transcendence was, and they turned a deaf ear to whatever he said.

The rhinoceros leader rose up to fight back but was knocked to the ground in three or two blows by a hunter of the same level.

Just as several of them were about to be tied up…

A terrifying aura swept through. Instantly, the guard corps froze. 

Everyone looked up to the sky. There was a figure with his hand on his head, standing mid-air.

Like a god looking down on the earth.

“Who is it dare to move…moves against my people ……”

Grand Counselor Yan’s eyes widened as he stared ahead. A petite figure in armour, stepping out of the castle window, also stood in mid-air, facing him from afar.

The aura, which was undoubtedly of the transcendent rank, enveloped over and locked onto his body.

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