My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 333


The Grand Counselor Yan was a little panicked at this point. Who had sworn in the information that the strongest expert in Tree Shade could only hold up for a few seconds in front of the disaster level demonic beasts? He wanted to arrest the person who gave him the information and beat him up.

But then, the Grand Counselor Yan reacted, “It’s just a little accident in the plan, it’s not a big problem, why panic!”

“After breaking through to become a transcendent, I don’t even know how strong I am. Today is the perfect day to test it out.”

He kept pumping himself up and soon calmed down.

Grand Counselor Yan slightly raised his head, with a little bit of solitude and a little bit of indifference, looking at the Transcendent Mortal opposite him. Trying to show his strong temperament.

“In that case, let the old man weigh your real-“

His pupils suddenly shrunk, the black-haired girl in armor nearby has disappeared from his vision.

‘Danger from behind!’

Although he didn’t see it, the danger perception ability possessed by the transcendent class let him quickly react.

Without turning back, Grand Counselor Yan controlled the force field that surrounded his body and converged on his back, while the source force penetrated his body to protect himself.


A black-light flashed, a terrifying chopping blow landed on his back. The next moment, the speed of the Grand Counselor Yan broke through the sound barrier…. he was knocked out!



At the sudden appearance of the Great Confessor of the word, like a god overlooking the earth, several hunters the guard corps could not move. Then, an appalling aura enveloped up, making their souls, every cell of them, tremble, unable to raise the slightest thought of resistance.

It was more terrifying than Chief Instructor Roger’s breath!

Several people had fear in their eyes, worrying for the shelter, and even more so for themselves. They thought these were just fanatics in front of them, but they didn’t expect what they said to be true.

Even the disaster-level demonized beasts, which have the power to destroy large shelters, are like children in front of the real Transcendentals.

Humans can be so strong!

The rhinoceros boss was knocked down and could not move with pain, but when he saw his boss appear, he laughed wildly.

“You have already messed with the wrong people, now it’s too late to kneel down and apologize, hahahahahaha…. huh?”

The laughter, however, stopped. Rhino’s eyes widened and looked around. Where is his boss? Where he suddenly disappeared?


In the distance came a loud sound. The ground trembled, the rhino boss almost instinctively twisted his head and looked over.

At the towering cliff, there was a man-shaped hole that was chiseled through the entire cliff.

Cold sweat instantly flowed down from his forehead.


The mountain.

The vegetation was lush.

In a pit hole, Grand Counselor Yan had difficulty standing up.

At this time he was quite a mess. His body was stained with dust and grass debris. His protective force field was instantly pierced by Nancy, and even the battle suit, which had been worn from the fourth to the fifth era and had played a significant role in many battles, had also been damaged.

As soon as the Grand Counselor looked up, he saw the black-haired girl in armor. Her figure appeared in a flash not far away, her face expressionless, dragging a large sword in her hand, taller than her whole body, and was slowly walking.

The Grand Counselor Yan couldn’t care less about the heartache and had gotten serious.

Just now, he was attacked by a sneak attack. However, the transcendent class was no longer as fragile as the awakening class. That blow seemed terrifying, but in fact, it didn’t hurt him.

He was unaware that Nancy’s blow was not intended to kill the enemy at all, but only to force a shift in the battlefield.


Grand Counselor Yan’s source Qi erupted, Qi flames rose and covered the whole body.

Like a category 12 hurricane, it erupted with him as the center. The surrounding trees were uprooted and the stones were blown away, rolling on the ground.

“Taste the new trick developed by the old man after his breakthrough!”

His fists blasted out one after another, so fast that only phantoms could be seen. The air was hammered out, and a cannonball made of highly condensed source power shot out as he swung his fist.

Grand Counselor Yan had lived for more than two hundred years and had a lot of experience. He knew clearly that the person in front of him was faster than him and could also explode an incomparably powerful chopping attack, a melee combat expert.

Since that was the case, he opted for a long-range attack!

He absorbed source power from the sky and earth while condensing cannonballs to blast out in an endless stream.


In the distance, the ground trembled, explosions resounded incessantly, and the black-haired girl in armor flying into the air and constantly dodging. She was already tired of dealing with it!


The source power shells hit, and dozens of rounds burst in the air.

“This is the power of the old man, but you Tree Shade are also qualified to talk to me-“


The explosion of fireworks dispersed and the human figure appeared in the sky. Her black hair, armor, purple and black energy were surrounding the circumference.

And she was unharmed!

Grand Counselor Yan froze.

‘This is not transcendent!’

He was aware that a few dozen rounds of high condensed source power shells would not be able to achieve a one-hit kill effect. However, at least it should have wounded the opponent and knocked her down from the sky, looking more miserable than herself.

After all, with an attack of this power level, he knew he couldn’t take it all. And the opposite side was also a transcendent, so it was the same by definition!

At this point, Nancy’s free left hand was stretched out. Her five fingers opened, in an instant, countless longswords like lacquer appeared around her.

The black longsword emits a rich energy fluctuation, the tip of the sword is facing him… Grand Counselor Yan sighed and gave birth to a bad feeling.

The next moment the black longsword fell like raindrops.

The ground was plowed over and over again, and the mountain forest collapsed several stories high.

Grand Counselor Yan fled in a miserable state. Unable to find a counter-attack timing before being hit by another black energy longsword and flew. Coughing up blood from the corner of his mouth. 

He couldn’t fight in close combat and his opponent could do long-distance combat.

Grand Counselor Yan panicked again, ”If we continue like this we won’t be able to hold on, we must leave.”

He couldn’t even protect himself. Grand Counselor Yan had long abandoned the rhinoceros mercenary group.

The black-haired girl in armor’s strength was too much stronger than him. If he hadn’t got the transcendent order’s fight resistance, he wouldn’t make it. 

Grand Counselor Yan leaped through mountains and forest while dodging. He didn’t fly up, intended to use the terrain to increase his chances to escape.



Dark clouds covered the sky and thunder snakes jumped.

A deadly killing machine came from the sky. Grand Counselor Yan’s face changed dramatically before he remembered that Tree Shade possessed a killer weapon like ‘Heavenly Punishment’.

The last straw that overwhelmed the camel. 

In his foreknowledge of the danger, once he was hit by the ‘Heavenly Punishment’, there was every possibility of being seriously injured. Plus a strong person whose strength far exceeded his was chasing closely behind him……

His face gradually turned bitter.

“Do you want to live, or want to die?”

A majestic, loud voice, came from the sky.

Grand Counselor Yan honestly raised his white flag. He had only broken through Transcendence, and his great life had just begun, so he didn’t have any thoughts of fighting to the death.

There was no shame in surrendering.

Many powerful people in history have also been captured.

He did not believe that Tree Shade could keep an eye on a transcendent powerhouse like him all the time. As long as he had the chance to escape from here, the sky would be high for birds to fly and the sea would be wider for fish to leap.

The first thing he needed to do is to get out of here.

Grand Counselor Yan stared at the sky and did not hesitate to answer, “I want to live.”

“Good, then sign this contract.”

As the voice from the sky fell, a puppet wearing blue and white armor came flying from afar. Stretched out his hand, and handed him an ancient parchment sheet.

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