My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 334


The Grand Counselor Yan was a bit frozen, this unfolding was a bit different from what he had expected!

He took the antique parchment, on which the contents of the contract were written in rune language. And he read it at once, the dense text that made his heart panic.

‘This is a fucking… contract of sale!!’

The Grand Counselor Yan had a moment of anger. However, he perceived the killing machine from the sky and then turned his head to see the mortal power next to the gaze of the tiger. It’s as if there was like a pot of cold water, thrown straight on the head.

“….Can’t I sign it!”

He hesitated, muttered, and cut his finger. A drop of blood dropped on the contract parchment, instantly seeped in, and disappeared without a trace.

A mysterious power, gushing out from the contract, connected with his heart and soul. The Grand Counselor Yan did not dare to resist, the contract took shape. Arcane and mysterious rune patterns, branded on his soul.

At this moment, everything about the contract power, restrictions, all emerged in the mind of The Grand Counselor Yan. He could feel the vast great power at the end of the contract. So vast that even a transcendent mortal like him was as small as an ant. 

The Grand Counselor Yan was shocked. All kinds of speculation popped up in his mind. Immediately, his face becomes more and more bitter. Whether it is the contract itself, or the contract that has vast great power, he was unable to resist.

In this life, The Grand Counselor Yan was also a gold medal fighter.

‘I thought I had gotten rid of the burden of the Ancient Spirit Dynasty. But I didn’t expect… I would still be an honorable Grand Counselor Yan at the Ancient Spirit Dynasty. But here…’

Thinking of this, Grand Counselor Yan was aggrieved. If the person who delivered the information appeared in front of him, he would kill him and refine his soul. 

After signing the contract, the black-haired girl who was staring at him did not say anything and left directly.

In the sky, the killing machine that locked him in place also swirled and dissipated.

No matter how dim the future might be, Grand Counselor Yan who managed to survive still sighed with relief and sat on his buttocks on the ground.


“Yan Dingtian… that name is quite domineering.”

Through the contract, Tang Yu learned the other party’s name and was quite speechless. He thought that a strong person of this level would rather stand and die than live….. with his life. As a result, he had overestimated the other party’s temperament.

Obviously, his name was too long, like a dragon. But in the end, he was a strong person who determines to live from the heart.

“It’s good to be submissive, if not things would not be so easily solved. Much less harvest a gold medal fighter of the mortal transcendent class.” Tang Yu thought, withdrew his gaze, observing the crystal ball, and rolled back to the original place.

The contract parchment which imitated the follower contract was created.

Naturally, its power was far from being compared with the follower contract… The follower contract not only can summon across borders but also can have close contact with followers and transmit messages over long distances. It was a very high contract that cannot be broken by external forces.

The contract he imitated could not achieve the above-mentioned effects. The share that was just given to Yan Dingtian was the most effective one recently created… Theoretically, there was a possibility of being broken by external forces, but it was extremely difficult. He takes the territory as a whole, and uses some of the power as the lead, as the party A of the contract.

With extremely strong restraint ability, even if the contract is destroyed, the backlash can cause huge damage to the other party.

The two sides reached a consensus, and Nancy returned to the castle.

She still has an expressionless look, but can vaguely feel that between the beating steps, there are a few more leaps.

As she walked in, the black armor and battle skirt on her body, faded into streams of light. Revealing the white striped top and strappy pants she was originally wearing. The outfit was still intact, and not the slightest tattered spot could be seen.

The three of them finished the interrupted dinner, and then each left.

Elaine headed to the first cultivating room to continue hitting the mortal transcendent stage bottleneck.

After the two of them arrived at the training camp, Tang Yu and Nancy also separated and carried out their own training.


Spiritual space, personal training mode.

It was a large room of pure white, with no other colors visible except for the black lines marking the corners.

After breaking through the Tenth Awakening level, Tang Yu’s strength degree, as well as the source power contained in his body has made a qualitative leap. These days he was in the training camp, consolidating the mastery of the skyrocketing power.

A few puppets with Tenth Awakening stage combat power surrounded him with gunmen, swordsmen, shieldmen, all kinds of soldiers, and attacked violently. He rolled and dodged, jumped, and used his strength to fight. And a total of five puppets of the same level were dealt with by him without damage.

“Too weak, it’s not enough.”

Tang Yu wanted to exchange the Eleventh and Twelfth awakening puppets, but on second thought, “Why don’t we try the strength of Yan?”

In the personal training mode, the opponent originally could only be tuned up to Thirteenth Awakening and there was no limit to the number. But due to lack of transcendent information, they couldn’t tune out. 

Until later the disaster-level demonic beast appeared within the territory, Tang Yu could simulate the three giants in the spiritual space as enemies. 

And after Nancy broke through the mortal and had her whole body examined, the spiritual space already had a humanoid mortal transcendent template and could tune out a humanoid puppet of transcendent mortal rank as an opponent.

It can also simulate opponents with Nancy’s behavior pattern and full strength. The other people who have used the spirit space were also recorded and can be simulated without any difference.

Tang Yu practically has a GM’s authority.*

Other users can only choose ordinary puppets or demonic beasts as opponents. If you want to choose a specific demonic beast, this would be an extra service, requiring additional charges. As for higher levels that could be simulated out of someone… it does not exist.

This was a function that he only has.

With Tang Yu’s intention, the scene in front of him was suddenly changed.

Pure white large room paved with vegetation, lush trees, surrounded by steep peaks, which is exactly the back of the shelter mountain range.

Then, two figures appeared.

The wretched figure of Yan Dingtian, and the armor-clad Nancy, flying to exchange blows, his eyes can not keep up with the degree…..


The fast-changing image stopped instantly. Yan Dingtian maintained his escape stance, while Nancy stood in mid-air. The black silk in front of her forehead was blown up by the wind, like vertical hair, her white palm reached forward and was coalescing a black longsword.

“According to the battle scene captured by the crystal ball, simulate Yan Dingtian as an opponent.”

Soon, the two people in front of him disappeared, and the woefully dressed Yan Dingtian reappeared.

In this mode, it seemed that Tang Yu was treated as Nancy, and Yan Dingtian had no reservations, and his starting stance was a cannonball condensed from compressed source energy.

Tang Yu’s eyes widened. It was too late to react, but he instinctively erected a wall in front of him.



The half-raised wall couldn’t hold up for a second under the source force cannonballs before it was being blown to pieces. And countless source force cannonballs magnified in his pupils.


A few seconds later… Tang Yu lay on the ground that had reverted to pure white space, looking up at the ceiling.

“What the hell am I doing? Am I stupid!”

*TL’s note: GM refers to Game Master

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