My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 335


“I’m so stupid to leave my job as the Grand Counselor and run to Tree Shade to become another person’s little brother!” Yan Dingtian sighed and followed the blue and white puppet and walk back to the shelter.
His clothes were ragged from the violent energy blast, and only a few pieces of cloth remained, barely covering certain parts. His long, shiny black hair has also become as messy as the seagrass grass, many pedestrians sweeping their eyes with odd faces.
Yan Dingtian wants to die!
Since you can’t resist, you can only resign yourself to fate.
A few moments later, Yan Dingtian changed into clean clothes and surveyed the temporary place assigned to him.
A small villa, simple decoration, but good and clean… Yan Dingtian didn’t resent. It was a simple life. No matter how much he resented, it was useless.
He thought, a little working harder will make his future less dark.
Knock knock.
When Yan Dingtian opened the door to his room, he saw a small fat man standing outside the door.
“You are Elder Yan, right? The director asked me to introduce you to the shelter, and you can also tell me if you have any needs.”
The person in charge, Wang Zhou, stared at Yan Dingtian’s face for a while and said quickly. He still had some disbelief that the uncle who looked only in his thirties was an old immortal who had lived for more than two hundred years… He also heard that just now also he was running naked in the street, in the end how was the old man not ashamed?
Yan Dingtian didn’t know what Wang Zhou was thinking. He thought that after being captured, the shelter still had a bit of respect for him.
He eased a bit. 
He paused and said lightly. “In that case, you can tell me.”
Yan Dingtian followed Wang Zhou and turned around the villa area, the planting area, the equipment factory area, and finally came to the bustling commercial area.
Every place he passed, the little fatty introduced in great detail.
Yan Dingtian had a high and cold face, responding only twice now and then, yet inside, he was still a little surprised.
The life cycle of the crops in the planting area was surprisingly short of only ten days or can be as long for one or two months and can be ripe for a season. The grain harvested was top-notch.
As a former ‘Ancient Spirit Dynasty’s Great Counselor, Yan Dingtian wasn’t just a martial artist. He considers himself a cultured man and has a lot of knowledge about state affairs. He knew that the fifth era has the power called ‘technology’. But the food production of the Lindong shelter was not as high as it could be. Before, Yan Dingtian could not see, but now he was secretly thinking.
Then he felt wrong.
‘I’m just a captive, at best, a gold medalist. Not a Grand Counselor Yan, what’s the point of focusing on this?’
Even the rune technology he wished to see from the Tree Shade also felt dull.
The commercial district was the most lively at night, with colorful source power lights dazzling the eyes.
“Elder Yan, this is one of Tree Shade’s most prestigious streets, the food street! It’s not that I’m bragging, the higher ingredients in these stores are purchased from the Logistics Department. Plus there’s no shortage of seasonings and all kinds of facilities, our food here can throw off other places by a dozen blocks.”
Wang Zhou introduced, proudly raised his chest, “And I, as a reputable gourmet in Tree Shade, know which store master’s craft is the best. Today, I will be in your service.”
Yan Dingtian nodded indisputably.
As the former Ancient Spirit Dynasty’s Grand Counselor, his social status was high. There was no food he had not yet tasted. When he was young, he went to the capital city known as ‘Capital of Food’. Now after living for more than two hundred years, Yan Dingtian was stripped out of food. After breaking through the transcendent stage, he no longer needs to ingest food to replenish his daily consumption.
But seeing the fatty’s enthusiasm, Yan Dingtian did not refuse.
Wang Zhou excitedly led the man to a medium-sized store. He found a window seat and immediately called for a waiter. He didn’t even look at the menu and quickly ordered.
Yan Dingtian calmly sat on his opposite side, glanced at the menu. 
He took another look and found… some he can not read.
Boiled glazed fish and so on, he can understand. It’s probably the glazed fish boiled soup dish, but ‘Buddha Jumping over the Wall’, ‘Stargazy Pie’. What are these dishes??
He couldn’t understand it.
Yan Dingtian’s throat squirmed, he wanted to ask but because it would hurt his image if he asked he just quietly sat. After all, it’s just some food. The name doesn’t matter.
When the food is served, he could eat for a little.
The beautifully crafted dishes were served. Yan Dingtian took a look, although it looked good, he didn’t have his hopes up. 
As a former Ancient Spirit Dynasty’s Grand Counselor, he has seen even more exaggerated food servings.
The Tree Shade food in front of him was plain average. 
‘After all, it’s just a shelter. It can be compared to the fourth era’s relatively prosperous city. How can it be compared to the Capital?’
A fragrance hit his nose.
“Hmm? It seems… Okay?”
In the middle of Yan Dingtian’s judgment, the opposite Wang Zhou had already begun to feast on the food. That happy look of tasting delicious food could not be faked, making him a little suspicious.
Is it really that delicious? No, no, the little fatty is at best just an ordinary official who has eaten delicious food, how can it be compared to him…
‘In the end, I’ve experienced the capital of food, what could a small place offer?’
He picked up his chopsticks and smoothly picked up a crystal clear fish fillet and put it into his mouth.
The careless expression changed abruptly. The fish fillet flavor contained in his mouth, he chewed carefully.
A moment later. He chucked another piece into his mouth, chewed, and tasted.
“This meat…this taste ……”
A strongman’s loneliness?
Fuck it, keep going and it’ll be going to be eaten up by the little fat man!
In no time, the two of them finished the meal that could feed at least 20 people. Yan Dingtian was a transcendent mortal, he was absolutely superb in terms of speed of grabbing food. 
Across the table, Wang Zhou’s hand holding the chopsticks hung in mid-air, somewhat aggrieved.
“Little fatty, this food of yours. What kind of material is it made of?”
“… pigs, cows, sheep, chickens, ducks, and fish. What else could it be?” All kinds of delicious food were flying in Wang Zhou’s mind.
Yan Dingtian took a deep breath and didn’t continue to pursue the question. He will be staying in the shelter for a while. Later on, he will have plenty of time to learn. 
But… He just couldn’t figure it out. How did the fresh taste and the rich fragrance bloom on the taste buds come from?
If Wang Zhou knew his doubts, he would definitely say that he should know about Mutated Beast Meat, and the Big Food Empire would know about it.

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