My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 336


Yan Dingtian actually still wanted to eat. But he acted so careless at first, now he did not have the heart to ask.

Wang Zhou called the waiter to pay out, he handed out his personal identity card and swiped it, and at the end took out another card.

“Elder Yan, this is your card. For the usual consumption, but also access to some more important places, the card has been filled with 1.000 spirit stones. Oh also, the director said, your weekly salary is 500 spirit stones..”

‘There are wages?’

Yan Dingtian felt that the treatment was not bad. Plus here he can taste delicious food. The fact that he was captured was actually not that bad. 

The next second, Yan Dingtian hurriedly shook off this incredible thought. He could not be a gold medalist for life. As long as he found a way to break the contract, he would get out of it without a second thought!


“How much do you get paid?” Yan Dingtian asked casually.

“Only two hundred.”

“And this meal?”

“Two hundred and fifty.”

The corners of Yan Dingtian’s mouth twitched slightly, feeling that his salary could only eat two meals per week?

Just see Wang Zhou said aggrievedly, “If it weren’t for the reimbursement for this meal today, I wouldn’t dare to order so much, but still….”

‘Still didn’t get to eat much.’

Wang Zhou did not dare to say this, quickly changed his mouth, “Mainly because the mutated beast meat is more expensive, but… this is our shelter’s specialty. In other places, we need to pay an expensive price for mutated beast meat dishes for ten times more compared to our place.”

Wang Zhou knows quite a lot about food. Wang Zhou looked very proud and added a sentence. 

“The price of ordinary ingredients is very cheap and the taste is not actually bad. This time because there’s a reimbursement, I get all the expensive stuff.” He touched his small belly in embarrassment, “And your weekly 500 spirits stones salary only belongs to the basic salary. The director said when there is a task, you can also get an additional amount of spirit stones.”

The spending power of spirit stones was actually great.

This was something that Yan Dingtian had already understood during the follow-up visit.

Five hundred spirit stones per week were not bad, to say the least. After all, he was just a captive, sheltering all the guard corps in, and generally speaking, there was no need for him to personally take action.

The only thing that Yan Dingtian regretted a little was that he could not often eat the delicious food he ate today. However, he is a transcendent powerhouse. What he pursued more was cultivation. It was stronger rather than the appetite for food.

500 spirit stones per week were more than enough for him.

“I’ll step in when needed, if there’s nothing else, I’ll go back to my cultivation.”

“Oh good… Wait, Elder Yan, you are going back to cultivate? Not going to the training camp?”

“Training camp?” Yan Dingtian took a step, “What training camp?”

Cultivation is a very private matter, it is best to find a large enough and quiet residence. The small villa provided by the shelter was not luxurious enough, but the location is good and barely meets Yan Dingtian’s requirements.

However, listening to the little fat man, it seems that the shelter has a public place of cultivation?

‘Cultivation places can be shared?’

Yan Dingtian thought it was impossible. Even if there were, it would only satisfy the low-level hunter. But he learned to be smarter and didn’t dare to open his mouth before he really understood, so he waited for Wang Zhou’s explanation.

Wang Zhou did what he was good at, talking. 

Primary training area, advanced training area, spiritual space…

Yan Dingtian’s mouth opened slightly and closed quickly as he tried to keep himself calm.

Ahem, so the gravity room can really have hundreds of times gravity? Spiritual space can simulate the enemy, you can fight without worries, without fear of death? And a cultivation room where the concentration of source qi is several times that of the outside world?”


Yan Dingtian was a little dizzy, he had to slow down.


Within the shelter, several training camps have now been built, and the one located at the edge of the commercial area, adjacent to the tournament ring, was the largest.

The first thing that Yan Dingtian felt when he came here was a large number of people.

He raised his eyebrows.

Without staying long in the primary training area, he followed Wang Zhou straight to the advanced training area. His eyes were sweeping over the surrounding training equipment from time to time.

Not bad, but basically useless to him.

When he came to the advanced training area, there were fewer hunters here, and it wasn’t as noisy with most people training silently in the various facilities.

“This side of the facility is limited, most of the time people are using it so you need to queue.” Wang Zhou introduced, continued after a pause, “With your authority, all facilities in the primary training area can be used for free. And for the advanced area, you can also enjoy a 5% discount…”

Hearing the charges, Yan Dingtian inexplicably had a not-so-wonderful premonition. He carefully asked Wang Zhou about the price of various training facilities, and finally sighed with relief.

Not bad, with his weekly salary of 500 spirit stones, he still can afford to pay. Although facilities like high source gas concentration training rooms were a bit expensive…. but the little fat man also said that due to the supply shortage, each person has a time limit to use. In turn, he couldn’t spend too many spirit stones on the training room.

No need to worry about spirit stones, at most… is that the two big meals that could originally be had every week must be reduced to one meal for three or five weeks in order to cultivate.

‘It doesn’t bother me.’

‘The appetite for food is nothing, cultivation is the most important thing. With the cultivation room and gravity room, my strength will definitely be able to improve faster, and getting the contract out of the way is no longer impossible!’

‘Anyway, five hundred spirit stones per week is enough, I can cultivate until the end of time!’

While Yan Dingtian was thinking, his footsteps didn’t stop and he came to the final spirit space area again.

Transcendent Mortal level, there are few opponents at his level. Most of the time, he can only rely on hard cultivation bit by bit to improve strength, the same level of combat experience does not exist at all… He broke through the Transcendent Mortal for some time, except for experiencing a fight with a disaster-level demonic beast once. Seriously, there is no fighting experience at the same level at all.

The time when he was blown away by the black-haired girl and doubted his life doesn’t count.

However, as soon as he entered the spiritual space, he could quickly gain experience and even try and perfect his battle techniques.

“Wait, you said that the usage fee for each clock here is five times that of the gravity chamber?!”

Yan Dingtian simply calculated an account and found that his weekly salary was not enough for his cultivation needs!

It was said that there are also various value-added services within the spiritual space…

A pressure called insufficient wages is weighing heavily on his shoulders.

The spirit space area was on the top floor of the training camp.

The location where they were standing at the moment was the circular hall at the entrance surrounded by several passages that led to the small rooms used to enter the space.

Yan Dingtian gave up thinking and decided to cultivate first before saying anything.

“How does the room open? The old man wants to buy two hours of rent time.”

Wang Zhou pointed to the central area of the circular hall, at a huge cylindrical processing counter. “You can look for a vacant room over there, select the length of time, swipe your card, and pay. Then with your personal identity card, open the selected room….”

Yan Dingtian walked up and searched for the space room when the chatter of hunters around him reached his ears.

“Spiritual space has finally opened a new mode! It is said to be called ‘Tower of Trials’!”

“‘Really?’” Someone snickered, “It’s 8:12. 12 minutes ago, the ‘Tower of Trials’ mode was officially opened. There should be quite a few people trying it, but none of this matters. What matters is that three days after the opening of the ‘Tower of Trials’, you can get a high amount of rewards given by the official shelter for passing a certain number of levels…..”

Hearing the word ‘reward’, Yan Dingtian’s eyes lit up.

He was short of spirit stones, and here they were!

As for what tower, Yan Dingtian was not sure. But as a transcendent, he had enough confidence no matter what challenges he faced!

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