My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 337


The trial had just opened, so Yan Dingtian was not impatient. He decided to inquire about the rules of the “Tower of Trials” challenge first. Then get the level rewards in one fell swoop.

“This I know.”

Next to him, Wang Zhou said, “The ‘Tower of Trials’ is a mode developed to test the true combat power of the hunter, and the challenger’s levels will be fixed at the same level, but not with exactly the same physical qualities.”

“For example, in the first ten levels of the Tower of Trials, the awakening level is fixed at the peak of the first Awakening. But even so, there are still some slight differences in the strength and speed of each person, as well as the differences between ordinary hunters and special ability users. And these differences, too, belong to the real increase in combat power.”

For example, the hunters who have used the body hardening potion and have tapped their potential, even if they are suppressed at the peak of the first awakening stage, their physical strength is not comparable to ordinary hunters.

Yan Dingtian slowly nodded his head.

As a Transcendent, his insight, his control of the use of power, are far from what others can compare. The way he thinks at the time also beat all the same level of invincible existence. Otherwise, the Transcendent layer of bottleneck won’t be easily broken even among the fifth-era hunters.

“The higher the number of floors, the more restrictions, and the less error tolerance there are. Where every tenth layer is a bottleneck, in the eleventh floor, the twenty-first floor of these levels, the difficulty will be significantly increased. Both as a trial, but also as a clever training method. Once you pass a certain number of floors and then look back, you will find that your actual combat ability has improved a lot.”

“So that’s how it is.”

Yan Dingtian suddenly asked, “Didn’t the ‘Tower of Trials’ open twelve…thirteen minutes ago? How do you know so well, little fatty?”

“Because I took part in the internal test.”

Seeing Elder Yan’s still dumbfounded look, Wang Zhou hurriedly changed his words, “It’s the… uh, the advanced beta test.”

At this moment, many people had already started to break through the “Tower of Trials”, but more people were still watching in the circular hall. They wanted to wait for the first batch of breakers to exit the spiritual space and learn information from those people, but suddenly heard Wang Zhou’s explanation. At once, many people looked over.

Someone smiled and asked, “Fatty Wang, how many levels did you break into?”

Wang Zhou stretched out three fingers, “Thirty-one floors.”

“Only thirty-one, you are too……”

The hunter who asked knew Wang Zhou, so he did not say too bluntly. But a blonde hunter around them teased, “From a total of a hundred floors but you only managed to break so little. Your strength still needs a long way to go from all that fat…”

Wang Zhou directly talked back, “You know what! You can’t even pass the first bottleneck!”

The blonde hunter glanced at Wang Zhou’s belly, shook his head, “Among the 100 levels, apparently you will be considered as qualified to break into the level 60. The number of rewards announced by the shelter is also on the 60th floor, which has already proved this. I heard that you are still the middle and high level of the Tree shade, and you can’t think of this strength.”

Although each floor of the Tower of Trials is very short, after all, there are a total of one hundred floors. Many hunters also speculate that floor 60 was the passing line.

The rules state that every tenth floor is a hurdle. After breaking through, even if you fail, you can start again from the eleventh and twenty-first floors. But after all, they start from scratch and want to reach the sixtieth floor. It was estimated to take two or three hours.

Many people thought of this, so they stopped waiting and were ready to try to breakthrough, and the blonde hunter also opened a room to enter.


Half an hour passed, and more and more hunters learned about the newly opened “Tower of Trials” mode and came from other places, and more and more people gathered in the circular hall.

The first hunter who tried to break through, to people’s surprise, came out one after another.

“Old Chen, how many levels did you break into?”

“Big brother, floor 60 should not be difficult for you, right?”

“Tell me, Captain, in the end, how many floors have you broken through?!”

Those who have acquaintances hurriedly inquired, wanting to pry out some information, and even more, wanting to know the first batch of people in the trial all broke through to the first few floors.

However, these people hesitated to speak, stopped talking, thought and thought, and decided not to speak.

The hunters in the circular hall were as anxious as cats, but they couldn’t do anything about it.

The blonde hunter also came out with a complicated face.

When someone asked, Wang Zhou came with a smirk.

Huang Mao wanted to pretend to be deaf and not answer, but he couldn’t hold back Wang Zhou’s cynicism, and finally couldn’t help but utter a few words, “Although the results are not good, but a little more than you, 40 floors.”

Huang Mao was a strong person who has broken through to the sixth stage of the Awakening order and has become famous, but he still can’t break through the 60th floor. Although the trial has nothing to do with the awakening stage, however, the big brother-level powerhouse is always stronger than the ordinary hunters.

Many people were surprised by the difficulty of the trial.

But Wang Zhou asked, “Forty floors? Then I ask you, what is the environment after the thirty-first floor? How many platforms are there?”

Huang Mao froze and stammered.

The faces of the other people around became odd.

At this time, someone suddenly shouted out from the hunters who were operating around the cylindrical processing counter, “The ‘Tower of Trials’ ranking is open.”

A group of people rushed over.

When they looked at the top of the list, it was the mysterious shelter director Tang Yu, on the ninety-ninth floor.

However under him, to everyone’s surprise. The second place who broke through the 83rd floor was a strong person they didn’t know, Nancy. There were also very few people on the leaderboard who had broken through the 60th floor or above.

Only twenty-thirty people. 

Some people recognized a few of the more familiar names. Roger who broke through to the seventy-first floor, Elaine on the seventy-eighth floor, and Winnie on the sixty-ninth floor…

The hunters gradually realized the difficulty of the trial. Sixty layers to be considered qualified? No one dares to say that anymore, even Chief Instructor Roger was only a cut above the ‘passing line’.

Among the strongest people in the top ranking, the only one who broke through the floors was Director Tang, and they expected in their minds about the same. But combined with the difficulty of the ‘Tower of Trials’ that exceeded their expectations, Mr. Tang’s strength may be even higher than they thought.

Yan Dingtian stared at the ranking and did not speak for a long time.

It’s hard to believe that Tree Shade’s Chief Tang is also a Transcendent Mortal Rank expert, and his strength is far above that of the black-haired girl?

The crowd speculated, but no one knew that the strongest person in their minds, Director Tang, could break through to the ninety-ninth floor thanks to a certain ability.

But Tang Yu was legitimately hanging.

The ‘Tower of Trial’ restricts the level. Many ability users have their abilities greatly reduced after the level drops. However, as a fake ‘Architecture ability user’, his mental power becomes weaker after the level drops, and the time for building construction is called out. Except for some buildings, the power of various defensive structures has not diminished. On this fact alone, he was far away from everyone. 

If we put aside the personal domain, his best result broke through to the 70th floor, which is already an acceptable result for Lord Tang.

There was a lot of talk in the circular hall, and several touch screen machines around the cylindrical counter had many hunters staring at the rankings, pulling down the rows.

Wang Zhou squeezed closer and looked at Huang Mao, “I heard that your score is on the fortieth floor, so why don’t we look for it on the leaderboard on the fortieth floor, if there is your name on it.”

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