My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 338


The others froze, and the person who was in charge of the panel, thinking of the way Huang Mao was stammering just now, immediately pulled the leaderboard down.

Within the spiritual space, you can only use your own name or a widely recognized nickname, or you can be anonymous.

Most of the trialists in the leaderboard were not anonymous. And the ones who happened to break through to the fortieth floor are only two, Lu Xiaopeng and Ma Jiaze, neither of which was Huang Mao’s name.

Instantly Huang Mao was embarrassed.

The public face snapped.

Unable to face the other people, Huang Mao left the 22nd floor, and hurriedly left.

Because of the difficulty of the Tower of Trials and seeing the strong people such as Chief Instructor Roger only broke through to the 60 or 70th floor, many of the first batch of trialists also told their results.

Most of them were on the 10th floor, 20th floors. Surprisingly, none of them surpassed Wang Zhou. 

Wang Zhou endured for a long time and finally dejected, “This is the reason why I can be valued by Director Tang and you can’t.”


The Tower of Trials is difficult, but many hunters are refreshed by this.

In other places, the gap between ordinary hunters and big brothers is huge, while in the “Tower of Trials”, everyone is brought down to the same level. And they can’t fail to defeat the unreachable big brothers with their rich experience.

“Breaking into the 60th floor, the reward is one thousand spirit stones, the 70th floor, the reward is 3000 spirit stones, the reward to the 80th floor is ten thousand spirit stones… So much money, I want it.”

“There’s no time to waste, hurry up and breakthrough!”

“Although it is indeed difficult, but a few more attempts to figure out the routine, the results can also be moved forward a lot. Tonight, I won’t go home if I can’t break through the 40th floor! Tomorrow, 50 floors! The next day, 60 floors! I will have the rewards in my hand!”

“Good luck then!”

In a moment, the remaining nearly one-third of the room was occupied by the hunters. The spirit space area has long queues for a long time.


Tang Yu, who was peeping remotely, saw that the unused rooms were all logged in and used, and the spirit stones were clattering into the accounts.

Such joy… just could not be experienced by ordinary people.

Where do the reward spirit stones come from?

As the saying goes, the wool comes from the sheep, as long as it can promote the hunters’ consumption, he took out ten… twenty percent of the income, occasionally engaging in activities was also possible.


As the number of trialists increases, the ranking keeps changing.

The first thirty positions have not changed at all, only the top of the territory, as well as a few two regiments, or the core apprentices of the martial arts school could break into the sixty floors above.

The top 100 has changed very little. Wang Zhou’s strength to reach the 31st floor was originally ranked at 91st. Although there were not many people on the list, at this time, there are at least a few. ꟷThe hundred hunters began to break through the tower of trial. The changes in the top 100 list were still very small. After the slight changes, Wang Zhou only dropped to 95th place.

It means that there were only four people who have broken through to the top of the thirty-first floor.

Those who can come to the spiritual space area were originally the elite hunters… This time, many people’s faces changed.


At this time, a commotion came from the entrance to the circular hall. A magnificent aura came, the hunters standing by the door could not help but to separate to both sides.

A group of a dozen people walked into the circular hall.

They wore uniform black and red battle uniforms with shield and longsword icons painted on their chests, flanked by a middle-aged man with silver hair.

“It’s the commander of the Battle Alliance, Lin Qingtian, the Prime Shield!”

“I never thought that even he would come. He deserved to be called a big man!”

Many people whispered, and more people with awe hastily backed away to let the Battle Alliance group pass by.

The few hunters who did not know them were also told bystanders, and quickly understood.

The Battle Alliance started as a mercenary group but has grown to a size that far exceeds that of large mercenary groups. They have more than 10,000 hunters, and they do a lot of business. Taking missions from large shelters was only one of their businesses, and more often than not, they negotiate with employers to take on escort, collection, hunting, and other missions.

The Battle Alliance has even established its own field station, comparable in size to a medium-sized shelter, but with a much larger defense force.

The hunters of several major cities often speak to small and medium-sized shelters, Tree Shade for the first, then the Battle Alliance town was the second.

It can be said to be a very high rating.

The head of the Battle Alliance, Lin Qingtian, is also a legend in the eyes of the people. He was just a company manager before the doomsday, but after the doomsday erupted, he changed. His starting point was not much higher than the average person, his hard work built the Battle Alliance with his strength.

In fact, Tree Shade’s Director Tang was more legendary. However, for some reason, the hunters related Director Tang to miracles and luck. And felt the head of the Battle Alliance was more real.

Tang Yu was also paying attention silently, not because of the so-called legendary experience, but … this Battle Alliance leader has a job legacy!

That silver hair, he reckoned it was caused by the power leaking out during the legacy.

This was a person with a strange encounter!


The small room where he entered the spiritual space was no longer available, but the Battle Alliance group had people waiting here previously, and Hua Yuanjing opened the room but did not move in, just to leave the room for the commander to use.

Lin Qingtian entered the room and began to break through the Tower of Trials.

“How many levels do you guys think Commander Lin can breakthrough?”

“I can’t tell. Although the Tower of Trials is very difficult, the strength of Commander Lin is undoubtedly the top of human beings. I think at least seventy floors?”

“Not necessarily. Let’s not forget the rules of the Tower of Trials, and strength does not have too much to do with the floors… However, I think it should be at least sixty floors. Such a shame we can’t see how Commander Lin breaks through.”

“Look here, you guys. There is the progress of the trialist’s breakthrough, you can also send a live request… eh wait, let’s ask nicely, I don’t want to be whipped, right.”

A hunter cried, saw the members of the Battle Alliance not far away, and shrank in fear.

Someone came to the side and took a look.

[A live video request has been sent to trialist ‘Prime Shield – Lin Qingtian’, waiting……] [Ding! Request approved.]

The screen suddenly changed to the scene in the Tower of Trials.

The sky was gray, and at the foot of it were a dozen circular platforms. Each with a radius of one meter upwards and was placed not too far. Below the platform, there was a void, once you fall from the platform, and can not fly, you can only play GG.

At this time, Lin Qingtian stood on one of the platforms, holding a large shield. The other hand clutching a one-handed sword, his face was calm.

All around him, three demonic beasts, somewhat similar to bees with the size not smaller than humans flew around and sometimes swooped down. At a closer look, you can also find the demonic beasts had tiny red dots or red line areas.


Lin Qingtian held his shield to block, and his one-handed sword slashed through the demonic bees, slashing at the red lines. And in a flash, the demonic bees disappeared as points of light.

“The tenth floor is over, so fast!”

When he reached the eleventh level, the environment under his feet changed. The area where he could stand was smaller, the platform intervals became larger, and some platforms were tilted, making it difficult for the hunters standing to maintain their balance.

But Lin Qingtian was still unstoppable, killing the demonized beasts without using a second strike, and without even a scratch on his body.

On the twenty-first floor, the difficulty increases. Lin Qingtian could not always stand on the original platform and must use different platforms to complete the dodge.

On the thirtieth floor, the crowd could see that Lin Qingtian gradually got pressure and no longer used only ordinary attacks. When he swung his one-handed sword, lightning bloomed from above. Injuring several flying demonic beasts at once, making them shaky, and Lin Qingtian leaped up and killed them decisively.

When he reached the forty-first floor…

The ground environment was no longer fixed. The platform was even changing, some moving, some tilting from side to side. The people who saw the 40th floor were shouting in unbelieve. The enemy was not limited to a single type of soldiers, close combat far combat with each other…

Lin Qingtian was also finally injured, but showed a healing ability and continued hard to fight.

A hunter with the ability to fly had a complicated expression. “Being able to fly would have been an advantage. But I was stopped on the 35th floor. After watching the battle of Commander Lin, I realized that I had many shortcomings.”

Lin Qingtian finally stopped at the 46th floor.

This achievement was far from the crowd’s expectations. But after seeing Lin Qingtian’s battle, they were clear about something. It wasn’t that the Battle Alliance’s leader was weak, but it’s just the Tower of Trials’ difficulty was too crazy…..

Who in the world designed this thing! It’s inhuman!

the 46th floor was already this horrible! Can a human breakthrough the 60th floor? Who are the top 30 people in the ranking? 

In an instant, the hunters who watched the live broadcast in the circular hall had their fighting spirit lowered. 

Tang Yu, who was secretly watching, was also helpless.

Is the “Tower of Trials” really that difficult? But he didn’t take the blame for the designer! It’s the system’s fault!

‘These people wouldn’t just back out, would they?’

As Tang Yu pondered, one person stepped out of the crowd.

“It’s just a Tower of Trials, open your eyes and see how I break through it!”

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