My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 339


Yan Dingtian originally did not dare to say that he could ascend the 80th floor in one breath, but now, after watching Lin Qingtian’s live broadcast, he undoubtedly had the most intuitive understanding of the “Tower of Trials”.

For an ordinary person, it was indeed difficult.

However, he was transcendent! He has transcended the level of the mundane!

Even if the level is suppressed, the manipulation of power has reached perfection, the judgment of the battlefield was more profound from what these little guys can compare…

For Lin Qingtian’s breakthrough, Yan Dingtian also had to praise for his good performance… Unfortunately, in his eyesight, there were still many shortcomings which was also the reason why the other party stopped at the 46th floor.

He walked up step by step, a kind of aura called ‘expert loneliness’ emanated from his body. Others around froze in their tracks, speculating about where this expert appeared from, a few people with keen perceptions, but also felt a deadly threat from this ‘self-proclaimed old man’ strange youth.

Suddenly Yan Dingtian stood in front of the touch screen machine, and the two fingers holding the card froze in mid-air.

ꟷHow was he going to break into the ‘Tower of Trials’ when there were no more vacant rooms?


The embarrassment didn’t last long, it just so happened that some hunters came out of the room and vacated the spot, instead of grabbing it, the others gave way to him.

These people were more interested in seeing if the person who made the wild statement was really strong.

Watching a few more tips should also help them in their subsequent breakthroughs.


Yan Dingtian walked into the passage and quickly found the corresponding room. The room was very small, only a few square meters. But there were no furnishings… empty, but also not cramped.

He looked around a few times and could not find any mystery, so he closed his eyes and relaxed his mind according to what Wang Zhou had told him.

Soon after that


Some huge world enveloped down and connected with his mind, a suction force acted on the spirit, and Yan Dingtian did not resist. And in the next second, he opened his eyes and found himself in a gray and dull space.

There was no sky, no earth, except where he was standing. Further away there was pervasive gray fog.

“What in the world is this a spiritual space…”

Without immediately starting the trial, Yan Dingtian waved his fist. Controlling the flow of source power throughout his body, his face full of disbelief, “There is no sense of illusion at all, even the force field of the transcendent rank can not detect the slightest irregularity, it is incredible… incredible!”

The void that his feet stepped on was like the ground. Unable to continue down, Yan Dingtian tried to fly without any hindrance.

He came next to the gray fog, gazed and perceived it for a while, stretched out his hand, and penetrated into it.

This moment, he finally felt a sense of unreality, penetrating into the gray fog arm, the naked eye becoming illusory and blurred. Yan Dingtian even felt that his spirit was having difficulty to maintain in the space. If this continues, it is likely to be directly kicked out.

He retracted his hand.

“This place is just a transit point, I heard that in the ‘endless mode’, it can also perfectly manifest the wilderness environment. How exactly is it possible? Why is it possible to bring people back from the dead in it?”

“The three powers can’t do it, and that group of mages who like to do research the most, can’t do it either…” Yan Dingtian fell into deep contemplation, “Could it be that, as they say, the architecture ability people… can turn the impossible into possible?”

He still wanted to explore more, but after thinking about it, it seemed that he had just put down the cruel words. There is still a group of people waiting to watch the battle. If the pigeons will be released here, his old face… will have no face in the future… 


The Ring Hall.

Lin Qingtian had come out of the room and sat in the corner in deep thought.

Others were talking, ten minutes had passed, and no picture had appeared on the live screen… were they being cheated on?

At this time, the Tower of Trials scene appeared with a beep sound. Those who had already challenged it could see at a glance that this was the scene of the first floor, where a demonic bee, comparable only to the early stage of the first floor gradually revealed its form.

“It’s been so long, so shouldn’t you go to the bathroom? But it doesn’t take more than ten minutes for constipation?”

Someone muttered, and more were staring at the screen with the utmost attention.

Just like Lin Qingtian who broke through the first to the tenth floor easily, the youth stood still. Killing the approaching enemy with lightning speed. 

From the eleventh to the twentieth floor, the figure in the picture was still very relaxed, and the hunters watching the live broadcast were finally convinced that it was indeed an expert with strength and not some big lug who called himself ‘old man’. And that his performance in the first twenty floors was not in the least worse than Lin Qingtian’s.

Lin Qingtian, who was sitting in the corner contemplating, had stood up at some point and walked to one side of the battle viewing screen, focused.

On the twenty-first floor and up, the gap began to appear… Although the youth on the screen could not stay standing in place because the platform was constantly changing, his movements were nimble, causing people to praise him repeatedly.

“That’s amazing. How can he be this good?”

“This movement, this posture, it’s going to throw off the Lin group… ahem, throw off us by God knows how many streets.”

They stared dead-on, and someone had already taken out a small notebook to jot down some action essentials.

Busting through the floors was easy and very fast, and in a short time, he had come to the 30th or so level. The youth on the screen still performed with ease.


At this moment, in the Tower of Trials, Yan Dingtian was sweating a little.

It was just thirty or so floors, but it already began to make him a little bit of pressure. How is it possible?

When he just watched the live broadcast, let alone the 30th floor, even the 46th floor, he thought it was nothing. But, now…

‘There must be something wrong!’

He overlooked one point. When watching the live broadcast, he was an extraordinary powerhouse, like a giant overlooking the challenge of a child. No matter how difficult it is, it feels easy.

However, at this moment, he changed from a giant to a child… instantly, he didn’t feel good!

Time went by, and Yan Dingtian had broken the record of the Commander of the Battle Alliance.

War League.

Coming to the 51st floor, he gasped. His feet kept stepping on small steps, not daring to stop for a moment… the platform under his feet was rotating at a super high speed!

Some platforms were covered with spikes. Leaving only a small cluster of positions in the middle to stand. From time to time, there were red laser flashes in the sky. The smug flying ability will be stabbed into a beehive here.

Surrounded by two humanoid puppets on both sides, it slowly approached with a sword. Suddenly, the puppet moved its arm to its waist, pulling out large-caliber rune firearms and shooting. 

With the sound of fog grass, Yan Dingtian didn’t expect the sneak attack. He rolled to jump to the side of the platform in a hurry.

He was not yet injured but looked wretched.

“The old man’s heroic posture is ruined by you …… ouch! fog grass!”

The scene on the Trial screen turned drastically. From the original nimble and easily killing enemies into fleeing towards every direction and looking wretched. 

The hunters watching him didn’t blink. To be able to resist the fight in such a situation… This man is definitely a big brother.

The corners of their mouths twitched and couldn’t hold back a bit of laughter.

“It’s finally over.”

“The 60th floor, a real big brother too!”

“Where did this big brother appear from? Is he like those at the top of the ranking? A hidden expert of the shelter that has never been seen before?”


At the entrance of the passage, Yan Dingtian walked out step by step.

The hunters looked at him in admiration but were shocked to see that the face of Yan Dingtian who came out of the Tower of Trials was torn, depressed, and confused…

He was already doubting life.

‘How could I have only reached the 60th floor?!’

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