My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 34


Chapter 34 – Troublemaking

Chen Haiping stepped forward, “Every minute and second is precious in the doomsday. I will make a short announcement. No matter what choice you take, the shelter will always be the barrier that protects humankind from demonic beast. After this, I hope everyone will line up in orderly manner. Whether you will be a permanent resident or a foreign survivor, you will first register some basic personal information here.”

“When registering information, if you want to be a permanent resident of the shelter, you can apply to various positions according to your own interest and professional ability. The shelter will conduct a simple test for applicants in the future.”

After Chen Haiping finished, the crowd was quiet. Some survivors were about to step forward to line up when suddenly…

There was an angry voice full of resentment among the crowd.

“The notice said after becoming a resident, we have to obey the job assigned by the shelter. How do we know if the shelter’s arrangement will not cost our life?”

The survivors who were about to stepped in the line froze.

Not everyone trusted the shelter, even those who had been rescued weren’t necessarily grateful. 

That was human nature.

That sentence had just expressed their deepest worries.

Chen Haiping’s face was solemn, his eyes swept through the crowd but couldn’t find the source of the voice.

Obviously, they had already prepared. They were hidden in the crowd, waiting for an opportunity.

Chen Haiping had thought that this matter wouldn’t go down smoothly today, but he didn’t expect that there would be people who make trouble even before the registration process begin.

‘What do these people want?’

His face became serious, “The shelter will not arrange a dangerous or impossible task. If you don’t trust the shelter, don’t join as a permanent resident. Just register to be a foreign survivor instead.”

“Easy for you to say. If we don’t become a resident and don’t obey the orders, you will cut off our food, and you will kick us out of the shelter! What choice do we have?”

The sharp voice was heard again.

It caused a great commotion in the crowds. Some survivors whispered, the scene gradually developed into an uncontrollable situation.

Chen Haiping’s eyes searched carefully through the crowd.

This time, he found the owner of the voice.

He focused on the hunter.

He was about to speak when a faint voice was heard.

“This is a shelter.”

“Here, we must abide the rules. If you can’t abide the rules, please leave immediately.”

“It’s time to register now. The notice clearly says that we have the right to choose, but here I am, trying to ask one more thing…”

“You have no right to question.”

It felt like a cold wind was blowing across their cheeks.

But it carried a chill sensation to it.

The survivors held their breath.

They looked around and saw three figures walking out of the villa area.

Led by a young man in sportswear, he was followed by a strong man and a girl donned in cloak.

“It’s Steel-faced Captain Roger!”

“And the Ice Goddess!”

Roger was the most familiar face among the survivors. He got that nick name because of his often stoic expression.

As for Elaine… The survivors had never seen Elaine in combat, but Elaine’s cold aura and her pretty face that could be seen vaguely through the hood made survivors felt she was untouchable.

These were nicknames that they made through small talks, naturally, they wouldn’t dare to call them with those nicknames.

As the area nearby the shelter became scarce of demonic beasts, most of the shelter’s latecomers hadn’t got the chance to witness the two of them in action.

Only those who first came to the shelter had seen their powers and sincerely admired both Elaine and Roger.

Tang Yu walked in front of the two. He was rarely seen by the survivors but they could already guess that he’s the leader of the shelter.

Ding Qiang looked slightly amused.

This was the first time he had seen the mysterious leader of the shelter up close.

He never underestimated the shelter and had made several plans in order to succeed his goals today.

Suddenly, he was petrified.

“How could he doesn’t have a hunter aura? Leader Tang is just an ordinary survivor?!

He couldn’t believe how an ordinary person became the leader of a shelter.

Ding Qiang smiled widely.

If Leader Tang as the top three people in the shelter was just an ordinary person, then their probability of success could rise from 90% to 100%.

It’s a guarantee!

On the other side, several people were watching.

“Third, when this Ding Qiang guy came to us yesterday, why did you refuse him?”

The young man with glasses called Third adjusted his frame, “What else should I do? Follow these stupid imbeciles to discuss terms and conditions with the shelter?”

The burly guy next to him felt a hint of regret, “But still, why do you refuse them so harshly? If they succeed, then, don’t we choose the wrong side?”

The glasses boy shook his head, “If we waver, we will be treated just like Ding Qiang and his group by the shelter. And then…”

He went silent.

They were forced to be a captive, it’s natural that his team members felt unwillingness in their heart. However, the young man with glasses was the most rational one. The towering city walls and puppets already showed the strength of the shelter.

Even though they were just a product of a special ability, it only showed that this hunter with such ability was terribly strong.


At that time, the order had returned to its original stabilized state. 

The survivors started to register, there was a short line in front of the registration desk.

In the dark, Ding Qiang frowned.

Originally, he thought by doing such act would result in stirring the survivors’ emotion. He never thought that there were so many survivors who choose to trust the shelter.

As a hunter, he didn’t understand the difficulties of an ordinary survivor’s life. They were fortunate enough to arrive at a decent shelter. Regardless of their doubts, these people wouldn’t hesitate to join a shelter that had treated them decently.

If anything else, they would get food to fill their stomach.

Although a little bit surprised, he didn’t fell into despair.

Letting the survivors to lose their trust in the shelter was just a beginning.

Being succeed in the early stage surely saved a lot of trouble. If not, he believed that he could plant seeds of doubts in the hearts of many survivors.

The next one, he had three A B C plans!

That was the result of years of planning, experience and involved a few hands to prepare. It’s absolutely foolproof!

Ding Qiang smiled faintly.

He walked out slowly along with other hunters.

He said loudly, “Wait, I have an objection.”

“I don’t care about the shelter’s system of regulation. If you just speak a few words and want us hunters to risk our lives, then that would be too unfair.”

“What we want is not much. In other shelter, hunters had position similar to a guest secretary, and give us the courtesy we deserve… don’t restrict our activities in the weekdays, provide us with more food and accommodation. Then of course, we will also contribute in task such as managing the survivors, or helping the defense when a demonic beast attacks.”

Manage survivors? It’s not the point. The point was they would have the opportunity to take advantage of ordinary survivors.

As for defending against demonic beast? Ding Qiang also had a plan, anyway, it’s clear from what he said. If the shelter couldn’t hold up, he definitely wouldn’t hesitate to be the first one to escape.

He’s already familiar with such things.

He once stayed in a small shelter. When the demonic beasts attacked the survivors, he took the food from the shelter and ran away.

After Ding Qiang finished his speech, several other hunters who had already prepared, echoed back.

“Yes! Our welfare needs to be risen higher. For example provide us more food, about two or three times more than the usual.”

“We also get a residence. One villa per hunters. It’s not too much to ask. The shelter had no protection without the hunters’ protection.”

Ding Qiang’s face was calm. He waited for the shelter to answer.

The survivors who was lining up also fixed their attention to the scene.

Many people had noticed that this Ding Qiang guy must be inseparable from the voice of objection.

They could see it’s not an exaggeration to make terms and condition with the shelter. Most of the survivors still hoped that Leader Tang would agree.

Although Ding Qiang’s request was a bit excessive, what he said was not without a reason.

If Leader Tang didn’t agree to this terms and there’s not enough hunter among them. What would the shelter do against demonic beast attack?

The top priority of a shelter was to establish a safe environment. And the roots of safety were from hunter’s protections!

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