My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 340


Yan Dingtian thought back carefully.

The 51st to the 60th floor was fine, although it was difficult. However, with the survival experience he had practiced when he was young, he still struggled to hold on and occasionally found a chance or two to fight back.

But on the 60th floor, the enemies that appeared were all instantaneous! He couldn’t even hold out for ten seconds before he was defeated!

Yan Dingtian saw Wang Zhou in the crowd, “Little fatty, wait a minute. I think there is something wrong with the difficulty of the Tower of Trials. Think about it, the old man… can’t even break through the 61st floor, what about the others? These levels at the back are not for people to pass, right!”

Wang Zhou glanced at it and pointed to the leaderboard with an odd expression, “There are still nearly thirty people ahead.”


Yan Dingtian froze for a moment as if the colorful picture had abruptly turned into black and white.

In the eyes of the other awakened, he had cleared the first 60 floors and was a deserving big brother. Yet only he knew that as a transcendent, could he be measured by ordinary human standards?

If he could break through to the 80th floor and only lose to other transcendent powerhouses, he would not feel ashamed, but now……

There were nearly thirty other people with better scores than him, and they may all have youngsters among them, and there’s no place for the old face!

“I don’t believe it, it’s impossible! On the sixty-first floor, the old man has done the extreme. Say, how do you pass the 60th floor?!”

Wang Zhou was confused.

How could this matter be brought to his head again?

He is only a newcomer to the 31st floor! If he could break through to the 61st floor, would his weekly salary be only two hundred and fifty? The most important thing is that he would have to be able to get to the top of his life.

The surrounding hunters froze, especially those who had broken through the Tower of Trials and watched Yan Dingtian’s live broadcast carefully, questioned.

“I watched the live broadcast just now. The big brother had done every ultimate action with not a single mistake and still failed. It’s impossible for another person to do better, right?”

“That’s right, our awakening stage was suppressed during the trial, our attack power, reaction speed, are significantly limited. The monster’s instantaneous movement and only in a split second, how can you react to that? And that’s not counting those bizarre changing platforms.”

“The shelter will not deliberately adjust the difficulty higher, right? The so-called reward is just a bait that we can see but not touch?”

This statement is somewhat heartbreaking.

The others were talking, but Wang Zhou didn’t react at all. And the topic was quickly carried away.

Yan Dingtian also froze.

Just a casual remark, but these people reacted even more strongly than he did.

Looking at these awakened people who seemed to be rebelling, Yan Dingtian was a little panicked… Did something big happen? Will his salary be deducted? It’s hard to get 1000 spirit stones reward from the 60th floors!


The ringing sound from the screen attracted the attention of the hunter in the circular hall.

All eyes looked at it, only to see a few lines of font appearing on it.

“In view of the fact that many people have reported that the Tower of Trial is too difficult, it has been determined that…. The Gold Instructor ‘Sky’ will live teaching the Tower of Trials’ strategy.”


Tang Yu was slightly disappointed. He thought Yan Dingtian could break through to the 70 or 80th floor, he was ready to give out a high bonus but did not expect… Old man Yan could not even break through the 61st floor, so why not just change his name to Yan Wimpy Sky?

“So I’m already so much stronger than a transcendent? Well, it’s not that old man Yan is too weak, maybe I’m too strong too…”

He selectively ignored the fact that he had broken into the Tower of Trials for the first time and hadn’t actually reached the 60th floor.

But these hunters that doubted the difficulty of Tower of Trial was absolutely not okay!

‘Is the 60th floor very difficult?’

In fact, it is not difficult, as long as you practice more, spend three to five hours a day soaking in the Tower of Trials… Even if you can not break into the 60th floor in three days, 30 days, 100 days, there is always the possibility of success.

As for whether these people have enough spirit to soak in the Tower of Trials every day, it’s not Lord Tang’s business.


Sky received his message and was ready to enter the Tower of Trials.

Tang Yu himself originally intended to go on the field himself, but after weighing… People won’t find it convincing if he used the architectural ability. After breaking through the bottleneck, he was worried about failing midway with his own strength so he let Sky demonstrate it live.

Based on combat skills, Sky was the strongest person among all his followers.

Tang Yu glanced at the ranking of the “Tower of Trial”. He hadn’t seen it for a few days. Sky had already reached the 80th floor, second only to Nancy.

Even if Nancy’s strength of ghostly power was lowered and still could go on with raw power, Sky was undoubtedly more universal.

Even Elaine, who couldn’t wear her legacy equipment in the Trial of Towers, her ranking was lower than Sky.


Inside the circular hall, the hunters exploded at once.

Of course, they can rebel. 

They just said that they will still be honest about the Tower of Trial later, but they didn’t expect that Sky will broadcast the strategy live. ꟷHe was a Tree Shade senior who had followed Director Tang from the early days. He had made great battle records and now served as the head of the investigation corps. 

His strength was undeniable. But only a few people had seen Sky in action, the hunters were curious. 

The news spread rapidly as more and more hunters gathered in the ring hall. Some who were not yet qualified to ascend to the advanced space had a hard time and could only work hard to complete their missions and improve their adventure star rating.


Extreme Martial Arts School, Tree Shade Headquarters.

This training camp was exclusive for core apprentices. Inside the ring-shaped hall, which was two sizes smaller, two dozen core apprentices are standing scattered, who have also got the news that their mentor Sky will soon broadcast the Tower of Trials live and are waiting in silence.

The people benefitting from the strategy weren’t just ordinary hunters, but also for them, the core apprentices. 

Following several mentors to learn, their combat skills were not weak. They had broken through the Tower of Trials, mostly hovering at the 40 or 50th floor. Only 5 people have managed to rush up the 60th floor. Two of them had reached the 63rd floor.

Sun Yu and Cai Jiajia.

The two were very young. Rather, the core apprentices were mostly young. The youngest was only 12 years old, the oldest was 20. 

The young man’s skin was pale and was surrounded by many male apprentices. The other person was a girl with her hair tied behind her head. Like a flower bud, the number of young girl apprentices around was chattering about the Tower of Trials breakthrough secret.

“The 63rd floor is already so sick! I have already re-tried over ten times. It hurts. Let’s see the tutor for breaking through and learn carefully. Otherwise, I can’t pass the later floors.”

“I’ve only broken into the 48th floor. The tutor has stipulated that I have to break into sixty levels within a month. Now there are only twenty days left, so I panic. I hope the tutor’s strategy can take me to fly up…..”


Luoxia Extreme Martial Arts School division’s 30 or so core apprentices were also waiting for the live broadcast to begin.

Ji Ming and Xia Wanru were already a deserved expert after a few months had passed. Even cousin Chen Xiaojia also worked hard to cultivate to maintain the status of the first sister. Now, she was an Eighth Awakening stage master who held the record of the 64th floors of the Tower of Trials.

“I heard that mentor Sky is a master over at the headquarters. I haven’t met him yet.”  

“Most of the experts at the top of the ranking are over at the headquarters, I really want to visit the headquarters one day.”

Oldest Carmen standing next to him laughed, “There will be a chance, and you will not be allowed to practice with a head covering. After a while, the martial arts school will organize a mission… not to experience, but to let you truly participate in the mission and become the main force, well… the headquarters will also act together at that time. “

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