My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 341


The screen lit up.

In order to make the live broadcast more realistic, Sky started breaking through from the first floor again.

The lower level of the Tower of Trials was not that difficult, and Sky was holding two swords, flying like falling leaves, and any demonic beast that came close was sliced in half.

As expected, Sky moved so easily that it didn’t even look like he was fighting.

“….It was like strolling through a park, with two long swords, and also just the hands swinging as they strolled. He was looking careless, but actually killing the enemy with a single blow.”

Some masters spoke their feelings, but the lower floors are ultimately nothing difficult and not much of a hindrance.

The crowd waited in silence.

Tenth floor.

Twentieth floors.

Thirtieth floor.

Fortieth floor.

Fiftieth floors and Sky was still relaxed!

Now that he couldn’t always stand in place, Sky also needed to move constantly with the platform constantly changing, but not at all in a bad way.

The enemies in the Tower of Trials were marked with red dots or red lines to indicate their weak points. However, at more than 50 levels, the weak points don’t just standstill. Some red dots were constantly moving. To be effective, it was necessary to follow the direction of the pattern above, cutting upward or downward against the moving red dots.

At more than fifty layers, Yan Dingtian was unable to kill the enemy in seconds, and therefore the pressure was increasing.

While Sky…

A flying demonized beast pounced, he held the longsword in his right hand, cutting down from the top. His body tilted in the right direction, cutting through the weak point, and the other sword, due to his body leaning left, the sword held in his left hand picked upwards at the opposite angle and hit another demonic beast’s weak point just right.

At first, people thought it was a coincidence. However, it happened again and again that the hunters who watched the live broadcast had their jaws dropped.

On the screen, it was as if the man was doing a sword dance.

It was amazing.


61st floor.

The number of enemies was large, and they could teleport and the terrain was even worse. So, Sky was frequently dodging and jumping, and swinging the longsword.

However, it was not at all lousy. It’s just he sped up the frequency as if the original slow-motion sword dance now becomes fast action.

Sword light flashed from his left and right hand as it slashed the enemies.

Clearly, Sky’s sword swept past his front. It was still empty, but the next moment, a burst of ripple spread, and a transparent human puppet suddenly appeared in front of the sword blade and was cut into two.

Traps popped up on the terrain and platform but Sky used it to his advantage. Sometimes the views saw after a certain enemy was killed, Sky used it to fend off another enemy attack before it burst into point of light. 

His self, the environment, the enemy… all of it… all of it was used by him to the extreme.


“It’s the realm of intent!” Yan Dingtian blurted out.

Wang Zhou focused on staring at the screen, suddenly shivered with fear, could not help but turn around and ask, “What is the realm of intent?”

Ah… the realm of intent…” Yan Dingtian had a complex expression. “Generally speaking, the better the control of your own power that means the stronger your combat power will be. If you want to attack, how much strength you can use, how far you dodge when you wanted to dodge, how high you wanted to jump. If you want to jump 3 meters high, you will never jump more than 3,1 meters. Being able to do this means you have reached the meticulous level mastery of your own power.”

“A higher stage, perfection. In this stage, you not just know how to use power, but you clearly know how much power you use to defeat the enemy, dodge with a minimum range of motion to be able to achieve the maximum effect. This time, his power mastery is perfect.”

“In theory, this is the limit….”

Yan Dingtian sighed in his heart. He himself was at this stage. After breaking through Transcendence, his life essence completely changed, and was able to do so. 

“But there’s another stage above perfection, the realm of intent. In fact, he has gone beyond the realm of power mastery. In the realm of intent stage, he no longer simply kills the enemy but all around the enemy as a whole. It was like writing a word, outlining a painting, playing a game of chess… everything is under control.”

Wang Zhou was dumbfounded.

The others around were also unsure.

Then they looked at the big screen. On-screen, Sky was wielding the two swords, not like killing the enemy, but rather like holding two brushes in his hands, waving the brush and ink……

Elegant as a painting.

Many male hunters suddenly emerged from this thought and then shivered.


The people thought that Sky would be able to break through to the 100th floor with this momentum, but they did not expect that the Sky would be out after less than half a second at the 81st floor.

 “How could that be?”

Some people couldn’t understand.

Yan Dingtian exclaimed, “This is a genius, he has achieved the real limit. Just like if you can perfectly control the power, one point of force could play ten effects. And when you reach the realm of intent stage, one point of force can play a hundred functions. However, the 81st floor was beyond the limit. Here, the realm of intent was crushed and he collapsed instantly.”

The others nodded with understanding.

It’s because to the limit, there was no excess can be used. Once this pressure was exceeded, it will cause a chain reaction. One second it was in control, the next second, the whole line collapsed. It was not difficult to understand.

Someone suddenly froze and asked out of turn, “You said Mr. Sky has done the real limit, then… how to pass the 81st to the 100th floor?”

Yan Dingtian: “(◎_◎;).”

He looked at the hunter who spoke with an unkind face.

How does the old man know?!

Can’t you see that the old man’s score is only 60th floors? So inconsiderate of you!

However, Yan Dingtian himself really couldn’t figure it out, even the Sky who had mastered the realm of intent only broke through to the 80th layer. So what about the higher layers? The first place in the ranking was on the 99th floor. So how to finish the last floor?

Others were also pondering this question.

No one would suspect that the shelter deliberately adjusted Mr. Sky’s breakthrough. If they didn’t see it with their own eyes, they can’t image the 80-100 floors. It’s not impossible, but the breakthrough on the floor limits their imagination!

The expert who calls himself ‘old man’ was indeed very strong for them. But even so, he could only reach the 60th floor.

They couldn’t understand the idea of breaking through the upper layers.

At this point, Yan Dingtian suddenly realized, “I know the true function of the Tower of Trial! The Tower of Trial is not as simple as a test of the increase in combat power. Breakthrough the Tower of Trial is the cultivation method of the realm of intent!”

“Since ancient times, the realm of intent has been invisible and cannot be touched, and cannot be taught. You can only realize it by yourself, but I did not expect that today, some people have built a cultivation road to the realm of intent in a trial mode. I can’t imagine…”

He sighed, there is a kind of unspeakable complex look.

Others realized, shocked, and ecstatic… It turns out that we are so close to the Realm of Intent level!

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