My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 342


Tang Yu was a bit confused. He knew little about ‘Realm of Intent’ as well, or he had seen it in the Mage Alliance’s information before.

Sky’s Realm of Intent must be cultivated recently. His achievement was he could rush from the 77th floor to the 80th floor in one fell swoop. If Sky had Nancy’s ghostly power, with his realm of intent he could break straight to the 100th floor.

“In that case, Tower of Trials’ environment was indeed helpful for Realm of intent cultivation. So that old man Yan really said the truth, huh?

However, the honeyed confidence on the faces of the other hunters… Tang Yu could only sigh in respect.

The “Tower of Trials” may be somewhat helpful for ‘Realm of Intent’ cultivation, however, if ‘Realm of Intent’ could be simply cultivated, in the fourth era, it wouldn’t be a legend. Regardless, Yan Dingtian, or Ryan and his mages, have only heard of ‘realm of intent’, but have not really seen it.

The realm of intent requires several prerequisites. Awakening stage, sufficient enlightenment… and more importantly sufficient spirit stones to break through the Tower of Trials. 

What can you do without spirit stones?


Army of hunters began to break through the Tower of Trials. Tang Yu was not an exception. Compared to others, he didn’t hang to break through to the 70th floor of the battle. He should be very close to the realm of intent. 


Hanging on the seventy-first floor for the XXth time, and returning to the transit space, Tang Yu sighed, “So, what if I can’t beat it?”

No, it’s not right.

Before the Realm of Intent level, there are two more levels, the Entry level, and the Perfection level…

Tang Yu thought about it and entered the practice space.

In a white square-shaped space, flames rose from his palm, transforming into a burning flame longsword which was again disintegrated and turned into a pure flame, burning on his palm.


Tang Yu controlled the change of flames with his spiritual power, and the disorderly flames instantly coalesced into a large fireball, twice larger than a basketball.

With a wave of his arm, the amber fireball blasted out, suddenly turned in mid-air, circled around, and returned to his hand.

The fireball did not explode, turning into the purest source of power to disintegrate away.

 “Entry-level, I’ve undoubtedly reached it, but perfection level…..”

“Wait, if the intention is to treat the surrounding as a whole, then what about the domain?”

Tang Yu opened his personal domain, and in a flash, his senses expanded and he was able to perceive the connection if something was coming from the surroundings.

In the beginning, the radius of the personal domain was less than a hundred meters. However, with the upgrade of the territory and the rise of the territorial fit, today’s personal domain with him as the center had a radius of five hundred meters extended.

He could sense almost any change within the domain.

“Previously, I only used the personal domain as a construction carrier for defensive buildings, but now it seems to be far more useful than that.”

A movement came to his mind.

Numerous demonic beasts appeared around, their strength was generally at the twelfth and thirteenth stage, quite a bit stronger than him. Without relying on the defense building, there was usually only one ending for him…..

Pounced on the street.

But today Tang Yu did not sacrifice a big killing weapon. He just relied on the perception of the surroundings after the field was unfolded, trying to be like Sky with the help of the environment and with the help of the enemy in order to achieve optimal results.


Once again, he was killed, and the pain of his chest being torn open by sharp claws seemed to linger.

After Tang Yu revived, his face was more or less pale, but with excitement.

He resisted for a longer time! Longer than before!

That means his thinking was right!

His perception in the personal domain was not weak in the slightest, all that is lacking is the overall layout and foresight.


The Intent level was obviously not that easy to enter.

The previous people did not have a path to the Realm of Intent level and the Tower of Trials gives a clear path. While Tang Yu has a personal domain, he has a real shortcut.

After fighting in the practice space for a long time, Tang Yu finally stopped and took a breath. Even if he doesn’t really die, but hanging up again and again, and then resurrecting again and again… The mental fatigue, the psychological pressure was not a trivial matter.

He has also heard of some hunters who died once and were scared to enter the spiritual space again.

Basically, he was ruined.

“Now is not the time to break into the Tower of Trials. It’s best to wait until I was at the doorstep of the Realm of Intent. Then breakthrough the Tower of Trials in one fell swoop.”

“Now that I have reached the Tenth Awakening Stage, it’s difficult to raise the awakening stage in a short time. Not to mention the fact that it’s easy to make mistakes with my power mastery so better keep it steady.”

Knowing the entry-level and perfection level ahead of him, Tang Yu was more reluctant to rely on spirit power absorption and rushing to the Twelfth and Thirteenth awakening. Such a short period of skyrocketing power was bound to pull down his mastery of power. 

Not to mention that by now, refining a standard spirit power container was not as much as cultivating a half-day at the cultivation chamber. 

He seemed to have a feeling.

Spirit power was like a gift, to help humans who were in a weak state. By rapid improvement, and waiting until a certain level, the effect of this gift will be reduced. They will need to rely on their own efforts more. 

To the Transcendent, refining ordinary spirit power would have the slightest effect. Killing the demonic beast of the same level as them, there’s not much spirit power escaping… this he had confirmed with Nancy and the Old Man.

Perhaps they will get spirit power escaping after killing other Transcendent creatures. But it’s impossible to kill a monster on the same stage as them. There’s no guarantee the escaping spirit power would be enough to breakthrough. He was worried there’s no choice but to cultivate. 

“Even if people had natural talent, if they don’t know how to cultivate, they will never make it to the Transcendent stage.” 

And in this matter, he pays attention to the technique, time, and efficiency… He has practiced for several minutes today. It’s close to saturation. If he continues to practice, it’s not impossible to improve, but the efficiency is too low and it’s not worth it.

“Either study the documentation of the Mage Alliance, or…”

With an idea on his mind, Tang Yu suddenly thought that he was killed by Yan Dingtian’s mirror image in the practice space before. At that time, under the instinctive reaction, the erected city wall was shattered to pieces without supporting it even for a second.

Therefore, Tang Yu felt that even if he had the strength to compete successfully with the Thirteen Perfection. He still had a huge gap in the face of the Transcendent.


“My use of the personal realm has always been too rough, let alone the slightest flexibility!”

It was only until today that he paid attention to what the domain brought. If nothing else, the ability to perceive.

So in the personal domain, are there more places that can be developed for the use of temporary buildings?

Tang Yu raised his hand, and not far away, a towering black arrow tower condensed inch by inch and quickly took shape.

“It’s too slow.”

Temporary buildings are also composed of energy. When they are condensed, they are more than ten times faster than normal construction. However, at the high level of awakening, at the Transcendent level, one second is enough to decide the victory or defeat. The construction speed was good when the enemy was restrained. If it wasn’t restrained, there was enough time for the opponent to attack back. 

Tang Yu waved his hand to dismiss the arrow tower, then raised his hand to condense the arrow tower. Over and over again.

He observed the pattern. Defensive buildings tend to condense from the bottom to the top, what if the opposite, or even simply condense only the top half?

With this in thought, the lower half of the towering black arrow tower disappeared inch by inch, like a building collapsing when the lower layer was off, and quickly collapsed without a trace.

Only the top of the arrow tower remains, including the firing port and some important parts.

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