My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 343


Hah~” Tang Yu gazed, eyes wide open at the remaining small half of the arrow tower, which was hovering in mid-air.

A spiritual force turned into a bridge, linking with the half of the arrow tower.

He pondered, and suddenly withdrew his spiritual power, and in the next second, the half of the arrow tower fell from the air and collapsed and disappeared when it was halfway down.

“The building was very unstable in its incomplete condition, and once it loses its spiritual power to maintain it, it will soon collapse.”

A hand was raised and another arrow tower was condensed out. This time Tang Yu directly condensed out the upper small half, the speed is really much faster than a whole arrow tower. He tried to continue to reduce the size of the arrow tower to a certain extent. Continuing to reduce will affect the attack power of the arrow tower.

Finally, the arrow tower had the size of one meter with the firing port included. Its muzzle pointed forward.

Following the same pattern, Tang Yu tried and modified other buildings in turn, mainly artillery, mage towers, magic prism towers, and several other major buildings, as well as anti-aircraft guns for flying enemies, and scorching jets for close-range attacks…

The artillery was only a large muzzle, the main part of the mage tower, the prismatic tower is the suspended crystal on top of the tower. Compared to the complete building they were undoubtedly many times smaller.

The defense building was magically modified by him to be completely gray. Due to less stability, the temporary building that could originally support three minutes could only last a minute or half a minute. But he did not care, the magical modification greatly reduced the condensation time, giving a greater effect to the battle.

Half a minute in high-intensity combat was good enough… even if not enough, he can completely condense the building again with the cost of spirit stones.

Anyway, he’s rich so he didn’t care.

After finishing the preliminary work preparation, Tang Yu’s gaze ahead, hands open. 


Behind him, a burst of ripples spread. Arrow tower orb, artillery cannon muzzle, mage tower crystal appeared in an instant, suspended in mid-air. All attacks were directed anywhere within range with his intention.

Everywhere within the range!

A large number of enemies appeared in the practice space. Arrow tower orbs, artillery cannon muzzles, mage tower crystals, and other magically modified versions of defense buildings firing one after another. Making a sea of fire in front of them, and the large groups of demonic beasts that emerged were blasted to pieces.

“This power.”

Tang Yu couldn’t help but admire, “The volume is reduced and the defensive buildings are more concentrated. When the fire is set, the power is naturally greater.”

“But ……”

Feeling the rapid consumption of spiritual energy, Tang Yu frowned. Now he can only maintain at most fifty or sixty at the same time, still far from the image he had in mind of ‘open arms and stars behind his back’.

“The power and degree of this system are sufficient, but there is also a fatal flaw, defense.”

As both the core and the weakness of the system, He knows that he was not tough enough, and could easily be killed by people. Only by protecting himself, he could sustain his output. However, there seems to be no building specifically for protection among the system’s defensive buildings.

Tang Yu frowned and searched through the list of defensive buildings, and suddenly his eyes lit up.

[Energy Pressing Obelisk: Constructs a force field that envelops a certain range and can effectively suppress the enemy.]

The force field that surrounds the body of the Transcendent class was also a force field, although it is not the same. But the Energy Pressing Obelisk has never been transformed into a defensive force field similar to the Transcendent class.

At least it’s theoretically more reliable than other defensive buildings.


The next few days, Tang Yu cultivated while perfecting his new combat system.

The Tower of Trials has become the hottest topic these days. Many adventure groups recruiting used the Tower of Trials floor as a benchmark. If the floor was too low, they wouldn’t do any good even if their awakening stage was higher.


The outside world.

Ever since the mirage appeared that day, the area around Jingcheng City has been in an uproar. More and more forces have been probing in the direction of the mountain range’s shadow appearance, eventually confirming…

The mountain range presented in the mirage really exists.

It’s a few dozen kilometers north of Jingcheng!

There, originally there was only a small mountain. But now it was abruptly connected to an endless mountain range. The mountain range does not appear completely on the earth, as if it was suspending. The northern part of Jingcheng City was only the entrance to connect with the mountain range.

No one knows how big the mountain range was. But the mirage that day made people guess it was never small!

This unknown mountain range was full of mysteries, so it was named Mirage Mountain Range!

Many mercenary regiments, even high-level official forces in Jingcheng had sent a lot of people into the mountain to explore. The purpose was a secret. However, the teams that entered the Mirage Mountain Range were either killed or injured!

Some entire teams were wiped out, some escaped, but have since become insane.

The mirage mountain range is extremely dangerous. Whether it is the monsters inside or the bizarre environment. Most exploration teams couldn’t survive in the mountain range for less than a day. When they came out, not everyone survived. Even so, there were still hunters who had gone into the Mirage Mountain Range to explore.

The magnificent buildings they saw one day made many people’s eyes wet with tears. Although they haven’t discovered the buildings yet, there were other strange encounters that hunters had come across.

Some hunters ate a strange fruit and instantly awakened special abilities, some came out of the mountain range and their stage had skyrocketed. Others got some treasures that could harden their flesh and grow their spirit…

These strange encounters stimulated other hunters to get in the Mirage Mountain Range and then… pounce in it… 

During this period of time, Tang Yu also put the Mirage Mountain Range as the focus of attention. He stationed Lorraine in Jingcheng City while operating her Night Bar branch, while using the bar as a headquarter to develop the Jingcheng City Intelligence Department, sending a steady stream of information to the territory.

Tang Yu also sent people to explore the mountain. Fanny’s three-person team repeatedly went into the mountain. 

Even if Fanny had the Thirteenth Awakening Stage strength and the others had Eleventh or Twelfth Stage strength, they still encounter deadly danger many times and had to escape via Town Portal Scroll.

In the mountain range, there were a number of beasts. From time to time, there were found some that had awakened to the Transcendent stage. But there were also high-level awakened demonic beasts and mutated beasts.

Tang Yu suddenly thought of the same scenario with the city’s hunters. 

There was not enough information. They only knew the danger inside, but don’t know how scary it was. They also don’t know if it’s safe for a group of hunters of which strength. Can a group of Fifth Awakening hunters go there? Or Seventh, Eight, or Ninth Awakening? 


Jingcheng City

The Mirage Mountain Range exploration team suffered heavy losses. Some small and medium mercenary regiments were gradually beaten back to retreat. Jingcheng City officials also feel the need to change the strategy. 

“We can’t send scattered teams to die anymore, we must concentrate our manpower and create an elite squad.”

“Maybe we can also invite other official shelters, a little more people to share the risk. It’s more secure this way.”

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