My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 345


Castle Complex.

Tang Yu was puzzled, “Is the Mirage Mountain Range really on Earth?”

People distinguish the inner periphery of the Mirage Mountain Range by not being able to see the sun. The inner layer was the real Mirage Mountain Range.

However, despite not being able to see the sun in the inner layer, it was not total darkness where you can’t see your fingers. It was dim as if the sunlight had trouble shining into the depths of the mountain range. It was actually well-lit.

But even if the sun in the outside world had set, the inner layer of the Mirage Mountain Range is still hazy darkness.

Jingcheng City organized manpower to prepare for exploration, Tang Yu is clear about that. Lindong’s Ancestral Dragon head Zhou Zhenglei also sent someone to invite him, which he refused.

“With more people, it’s not necessarily a good thing, Jingcheng City must have known this. Smaller teams could avoid danger easier. But the demonic and mutated beast in the mountain is too powerful. They probably can’t handle the crisis with a small number of people.”

“With their wealth, Jingcheng must have a lot of preparation. Maybe they can harvest something.” Tang Yu pondered.

To him, heavenly treasures were not very attractive. Fruits that can make people awaken special abilities, or certain items with strange powers… something like the Mage Alliance, which has a huge library of books, were much more attractive.

Compared to exploring the mirage mountain range, there were more important things to do now.

Lowering his head, he looked at the book inscribed with arcane patterns in his hand, and his mind was completely immersed in it.

Reading makes him happy!        



Putting down the exquisite Book of Runes in his hand, Tang Yu felt that he had gained a lot.

It was a book of Intermediate Source Mechanics, which was refreshed in the market only yesterday.

The market was refreshed early with books of runes, including basic runic literature, basic pharmacy, basic battle technique, etc… These basic class books, he already owned a dozen of them as early as more than two months ago. And it was because of these books of runes that he was able to lay a thick foundation.       

Elaine, Kevin, Roger, and other followers also benefited a lot from this book.        

But then, for more than two months, there was no longer any book of runes, Tang Yu once did not believe in evil, he spent 100,000 spirit stones in the market to swipe until his hands cramps. In the end, he could only buy a few slightly valuable drawings, nothing else.

He felt his ancestor’s loss.

But a few days ago, Tang Yu swiped out a copy of Basic Pharmacy at the market. And yesterday, he got a copy of Basic Source Mechanics.

Tang Yu felt something was wrong. He did not purposely go to refresh the market which never gets him anything nice. But he actually swiped out 2 books of runes, both were of basic level.       

Said he successfully stowed away, there is no reason to wait until now.        

He was thinking back carefully on the recent birth. The more significant things…… Was that Nancy broke through into the Transcendent stage.        

In the past, whether it was Rune Literature Fundamentals or other books or runic languages, the knowledge points involving the Transcendent were very scarce. At some point, Tang Yu still needed to go through analytical reasoning to determine the might possessed by the mortal Transcendent rank.

The two books of runic language that were recently brushed out, without exception, talk about the Transcendent.        

Basic Pharmacy has the use of materials on the Transcendent body, making potion claims… Yes, mortal Transcendent, every head, every drop of blood, including any part of the body, can be used as special materials… some parts could even carry strange abilities in themselves.

The Intermediate Runic Literature talked about the high-level use of source power, the mysterious veil shrouding the mortal rank was even stripped away at once.        

“Transcendent is divided into three stages.”      

“The gap between each stage is incomparably huge, just like the Transcendent and Awakening Order.”

“Nancy and Yan Dingtian. Both in the first stageꟷkind of a beginner. Compared to the senior Transcendent powerhouse, the gap should be huge.”

Yan Dingtian and Nancy’s gap should be very large. Every day, their strength was flying progress… but they might be unable to fight with a senior Transcendent.                

“But at the second stage, the nature of life is different again.”       

“The second stage of the mortal is called the elemental system. They can empower their flesh, revive broken limbs, and even rebirth from dripping blood. And the spiritual system, the soul can travel out of their body and travel the world.”        

“It can be said that the second stage is the strongest. They will have the incredible ability to survive. Perhaps defeatable, but extremely difficult to kill.”

“And to the third stage….”        

Tang Yu murmured.        

“The most iconic ability in the field! A single strike and they wrapped the entire world in their hands.”      

 “When summoning Nancy across the border, the terrifying powerhouse that appeared at the end should be the third stage of Transcendent.”        

When he thought of this, he still had palpitations. If it wasn’t for the summoning power of the system, he might not have been able to escape even if he had squeezed the Town Portal Scroll.


Mirage Mountain Range.

The expedition group.

After a few hours of trekking, they came to a swamp and stopped. Through the dim light, they can see the opposite bank of the swamp. Within the swamp, it was dark, sometimes it was still bubbling soft mud. 

“Is this still a swamp?”

“Yes, and no.” The head of the group, the commanding officer of Jingcheng City spoke. His eyebrows were arched upward, giving a sense of non-anger, but his words were not aggressive.        

“This territory in front of us has the characteristics of a swamp, but it is much more dangerous. Those swampy soil possesses a very high toxicity corrosive material, once you fall into it….”

“However, if you guys look carefully. In the black swamp, there are quite a few protruding stones. As long as we step on these stones, we can reach the other side. So just be careful.”

However, someone retorted.        

“Who knows what other dangers there are in the Black Swamp in case a monster pops up? Why don’t we choose a detour?”

Instead of anger, the chief smiled and asked.

“Do you think that the team has been very purposeful along the way? Someone may have guessed it. That’s right, a mirage appeared that day. When it was very clear, we drew a small part of the map. After comparing the specific environment, we confirmed the authenticity of a part.”

“The road we are walking can lead directly to one of the intact castle complexes. Once we took a detour, we would lose our sign of location and it would be difficult to find the castle complex’s location.”

“And we encountered no danger on the black swamp when we explored it before. We just stepped on the rocks and passed by, and did not meet any danger.”

No one was arguing, the expedition group found an area around the Black Swamp with a relatively short interval from the opposite bank, and several hunters from Jingcheng City who had already walked once took the lead and passed through the swamp.

“It’s our turn.”

Zhou Jianhong looked at a few leaping figures in front of him, and with a slight effort, he jumped onto the first stone block.

The Black Swamp keeps bubbling bubbles and looks terrible, but standing on the rocks does not feel uncomfortable. The only difficulty is that some of these rocks have long spacing, some have a small standing area, and some are on top were rather slippery…

However, for him who had already reached the 45th floor of the Tower of Trial, it was not too difficult to pass through the Black Swamp.

A sense of familiarity returned when he stood on the stones.

The hunters from other shelters weren’t weak. They carefully passed through the black swamp. As the head of the expedition said, it wasn’t that much difficult. 


A miserable scream came from not far away, and Zhou Jianhong snapped his head around to look.

A dark shadow rushed out of the swamp soil, and a hunter responded in time to jump up and avoid it but ignored the environment under his feet. His whole body stepped on the soft swamp soil and sank in.

There was a faint smell of burning coming from him.

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