My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 349


Territory, Research Institute.

Tang Yu was holding a tube of light red, bubbling, soda-like potion in his hand.

“A potion that can quickly heal injuries is finally made… it looks good to drink.”

After examining it for half a second, he brought it to his mouth and gulped down the small twenty-milliliter tube of potion with a gulp.

“A little pomegranate flavor, quite tasty…”

“Wait, I seem to have forgotten to experiment with mice first??!”

Tang Yu’s face stiffened, looking at the tube in his hand that had been emptied of potion, and then looked at the cage next to fluffy white fat, shrunken in the corner full of innocent mutated mice.

He could only comfort himself, “Forget it, the herbs of the recovery potions are all tonic, I won’t die eating it. Not to mention that I have already passed the body shaping realms, my internal organs quenching completed, general toxin… probably … probably can not kill me.”

Fortunately, the tube of potion was made successfully, and there were no side effects.

Concentrating on sensing the changes in his body, he only felt gentle energy, which quickly spread out, infiltrating the five internal organs, as well as every cell.

Tang Yu put four fingers of his right hand together, put the source power outside attached to it; his fingertips glowed with a faint light. They suddenly made a wound about ten centimeters long on his left arm.

Ouch! My source power is too big. It hurts!”

At this time, the warm energy in the body quickly converged towards the wound site. In just ten seconds, this ten centimeters long wound has healed, the scars left on it also quickly disappeared.

Tang Yu sensed that only about one-fifth of the potion’s energy had been consumed.

“For people below the Sixth Awakening, one tube of potion is enough to heal the more serious injuries, even for high level hunter, if one tube is not enough, two or three tubes can be just as effective.”

After taking a look at the few tubes of finished potions on the pharmaceutical table, Tang Yu thought for a moment.

“Let’s call it Recovery Potion Type 1.”

He could already imagine the hot sale of recovery potions; even the adventurous team with healing abilities also will not be stingy with a bit of spirit stones to buy a few tubes of potions enough to save their lives.

What’s more, there are many types of healing departments. They are generally good at trauma and heal the wounded with the healing energy of the person with the healing ability. There are also some people who belong to the life force gift type, which gives the injured a strong life energy and allows the injured to achieve rapid self-healing effects. 

Another type was purification type that can get rid of external energy intrusion such as burns, freezing, etc., so that the injured can recover as before. These three types of healing abilities are more common.

After receiving her legacy, Winnie mainly focuses on the first type of injury treatment, but she also knows a lot of purification spells.

“However, the recovery potion type 1 in addition to treating injuries, also has the effect of restoring physical strength and relieving fatigue. It can be said to be quite comprehensive.”

“In terms of disadvantages, liquid potions are not very convenient to carry. If it can be made into a pill form, it will be more comprehensive. It’s good for taking it in battle.”


The simple communicator placed on the side of the table vibrated, and the light red liquid potion rippled and bubbles puffed up.

Tang Yu picked it up and read.

“My Lord, the airplane has been assembled and is ready for a test flight. -Kevin Sandridge de Patricia Traviskin.”

Tang Yu: “……”

He was surprised Kevin didn’t use the more convenient and faster contract communication.

Was Kevin really that old-fashioned?


Tang Yu met up with Chen Haiping on the way, and the two of them made their way to the equipment area.

As the core of the shelter, although Chen Haiping knew about the existence of airplanes, he did not know much about it. He only heard once about the upcoming test flight. His eyes were full of awe.

“Director, can the airplane plan really work? I heard that the airplane can carry three hundred passengers?”

“Three hundred people, that’s only the number of people that can be carried . In fact, the design of the airplane has a large part of the space. It is used as a cargo hold, and the cargo capacity is extremely large.”

“But… the sky’s the territory of flying demonic beasts, helicopter gunships only dare to fly at low altitudes, fighter jets generally do not dare to fly too far away from the shelter… a airplane would be an easier target than fighter jet. I also heard from those people in Lindong that the Northern Court tried to use the airship to cross the geographic area, but failed.”

Tang Yu smiled, “airplanes and airships are not the same, airships need to be filled with less dense gas with the help of airbags to use the buoyancy and lift off. The existence of airbags is indeed a big target, easy to be destroyed by flying demonic beasts. However, the airplanes are depicted on the bottom. The huge floating spell made it possible to fly in the air, which is faster and has powerful firepower and protection capabilities, which is sufficient to deal with most of the threats of flying demonic beasts. Wait for the first flight of the airplanes to go up and see. You will know.”

The sale of runic equipment accounted for a large part of the territory’s income. However, because limited by the post-apocalyptic environment, it was difficult to dump it everywhere. The construction of the teleportation array needs to rely on the sub territories, the number of sub territories that can be opened was limited, and the teleportation array technology was too high-end to rely solely on their own construction ability.

At present, the sales route only radiates to the areas around Tree Shade and Luoxia, Hengcheng, Shuohu, and other areas around Lincheng, even if there are many caravans running back and forth, the goods are actually difficult to meet the needs of the local hunters.

Because of transportation problems, it was not even possible to open a new sales area in Jingcheng.

Tang Yu also considered using floating chariots for transportation. However, even if the floating chariots were filled with space backpacks, they could not transport many goods at a time. Large items could not even fit into the space backpacks.

The number of floating chariots was also very limited, each costing up to 200,000 spirit stones (converting materials into cost), some rare materials he could only accumulate slowly. The entire territory has only a dozen, half to the Armed Forces; the Ministry of Intelligence also wanted four or five. He needs to keep at least two in his hands and a few to go out on missions to followers… 

How can there be a floating chariot that can be free to transport goods?

“The airplane is different. With the cost of more than two million three hundred thousand spirit stones, but the capacity is far more than the floating chariot. But with the current family budget and saving money, we can’t build that much.” Tang Yu’s worried face showed.

The vault has been hovering between the alert line and the emergency line for some time. Even if he has a mine at home, he couldn’t hold on.

Spirit stones mine income was stable at several tens of thousands of spirit stones per day as the number one resource point. After deducting the cost of maintenance of defense buildings, they can also have a small 20,000 to 30,000 income per day. While the sale of runic equipment around, plus the spirit space, martial arts hall income, has now become the bulk of income, ranging from several tens of thousands of spirit stones to more than 100,000 spirit stones.


Building a defense building will cost several thousand source crystals, expensive tens of thousands, or even 20,000 to 30,000. Setting up a defense line would cost millions of expenses. Followers and the staff expenses were also quite a lot, at least a few hundred thousand to 200,000 spirit stones per week. And even if he opened a new personal domain-constructed combat system, it would cost tens of thousands of spirit stones for its construction. It can only be maintained for less than a minute… 

“Last time, I thought the battle system was perfect, and I might be able to fight against Transcendents, but I really overlooked the most important issue of spirit stones…”

In contrast, territorial upgrades, summoning adventurers, and refreshing the market were nothing compared to floating chariots, airplanes, and other expensive vehicles. Unless most of the materials were collected by the investigative Corps, which would reduce the cost of construction, he might not necessarily be able to build a lot.

The Tang ‘has a family mine – but poor’ Yu smiled bitterly. “When the airplane is confirmed ready to fly across the region, we must sell our goods to the world. I heard from Lorrain that Jingcheng City hunters are quite rich so the first stop should be Jingcheng City!”

While thinking about it, the black city walls of the equipment area were already in sight.


The first level of the wall that was built at the beginning has now become the inner wall. In the upper part of the wall, various devices and the cold machine gun muzzles are exposed to deter anyone with bad intentions. There is a guard corps of hunters patrolling everywhere. Occasional spies sneaking into the equipment factory area will also be quickly uncovered.

In the distance, the tertiary wall was stretching endlessly. Tall, thick, standing on the wilderness, until the end of the line of sight run halfway up the mountain, wrapping the original ring road within, with the help of the terrain to stop any incoming demonic beasts.

Tang Yu saw a demonic flying beast approaching, and it was immediately killed by the anti-aircraft artillery set up on the walls. It was howling miserably, falling from the sky. A hunter from the guard corps immediately jumped down from the walls, the line of sight was blocked by the walls, and Tang Yu could not see clearly. But he can also guess he jumped to collect the spirit stones from the demonic beast, as well as important materials.

The catch during their patrols needed to be submitted to the Corps, but they can also get part of the contribution points, which is equivalent to ‘extra money’.

“Director! You can finally come, let’s quickly go see the airplane.” Kevin walked over quickly, his long white beard fluttering in the wind, followed by a few people.

There were core members of the equipment department, as well as the logistics department. Tang Yu saw a few slightly familiar faces…seven or eight adults.

“The equipment department is in charge of this, you should have seen the airplane many times.”

“That’s different.” Kevin was excited, “It’s not like I’ve ever seen an airplane fly!”


The airplane was so big, and the level of secrecy was relatively high. The construction area can not be here but located in the mountains…

The people soon came to the back of the equipment department, the location against the mountain. In front of them at the 70 or 80 degrees of the slope, an alloy door appeared in front of the people.

Tang Yu scanned his ID at the gate. The verification light quickly went red to green.

The alloy gate opened, Tang Yu lifted his foot and stepped into it.


On both sides of the passage were walls made of metal. Spirit stones lamps are embedded in the top of the semicircular passage, emitting a soft light.

Yang Wei and several other core members of the Equipment Department, Logistics Department, followed behind several bigwigs, slightly restrained.

He used to be the lowest level of a handyman. Because of his thin body and malnutrition, his handyman salary was less than others. However, now, he was already the director of the rune workshop. Through the hunter’s loan and excellent employee reward fund, he bought a lot of auxiliary potions and now has successfully awakened.

His weekly salary was about 280, with Triple Awakening Stage. He was close to the rune attainment of the intermediate Rune Master. He was at the peak of his life, completely opposite of the time he was a handyman.

However, Yang Wei was still very restrained, walking slightly tiptoed, do not dare to make too much noise.

Those people walking in the front were the real big shot.

He was familiar with them. In addition to Minister Kevin, there was also Minister Chen, who was called the shelter’s great steward. And also, there’s the young man who was both handsome and powerful was the godlike Director Tang.

The man who established Tree Shade with one hand was now leading them to the airplane manufacturing area.

Yang Wei was clear about the existence of airplanes, but it was the first time he walked into this place. He was restrained and, at the same time, had uncontrollable excitement.

What kind of technology was used in the airplane?

How exactly is the rune array linked together?

What are the characteristics of the structure?

How spectacular is it?


The crowd was all hunters and was not slow on their feet.

The passage went straight ahead for some time and then turned into a slope upward, which was enough road for a van to pass.

A few minutes later, they walked out of the passage, and it opened up in front of them.

Yang Wei’s mouth was slightly open.

They came to a platform located in the middle of the mountain, where the trees had been uprooted, the ground was dug flat, and a thick layer of cement was poured on it. The edge of the mountain wall was like being cut straight by a knife, smooth as a mirror, ninety degrees straight.

However, the most eye-catching thing was what was in front of them. A huge airplane with its side facing them, visually measuring more than fifty meters in length, and the puppets standing at the bottom were as small as an ant.

At first glance, the airplane looks like a long and narrow battleship, with huge muzzles like airplane engines on both sides, extending from both sides. If they stand directly in front of it, the entire airplane looks like a V-shaped letter with stretched-out feet on the left and right sides, leaning firmly on the ground.

The outer layer of the airplane was coated with dark blue and gray armor coating. Not too heavy. In addition to the main gun loaded with some powerful weapons, the design was unique and magnificent. The view was breathtaking. 

The people who saw the airplane for the first time were frozen on the spot. 

“Yang Wei, you go check the rune pattern at the right link, Huang Ming, you detect the left ……” Kevin gave them a few minutes to ease up before immediately assigning the task.

“Yes, Master!”

Along with three other core members of the equipment department, Yang Wei walked up to the airplane with a feeling of pilgrimage.

Kevin waved his white beard and quickly boarded the airplane, smiling like an eight-year-old child.

Tang Yu circled the airplane a few times; the more he looked, the more satisfied he was.

This was still only a small airplane… Medium-sized and large ones will certainly be even more spectacular and incredible… Of course, that will wait until he can build it.

As expected from the blueprint left behind from the glorious era of the Third Age, even the big Mage Alliance couldn’t manufacture it.

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