My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 35


Chapter 35 – Who gave you confidence?

In the eyes of the survivors, Ding Qiang’s words seemed like a sword, slicing three-centimeters deep into the shelter.

Some survivors stood firmly on the shelter’s side, thinking there should be no compromise. The rest of them were still in doubt. Several Ding Qiang’s younger brothers secretly stirred up hidden emotions.

It seemed that the current situation was an oppression to everyone.

Chen Haiping’s face darkened. He didn’t expect that these people were so well prepared. He wanted to say something but he didn’t know what to say.

At this time, near the city gate.

Tang Yu’s eyes swept through each of the hunters one by one.

He stepped forward in silent. He kept walking.

The heel of his boot stepped on the stone slab. It didn’t cause loud sound, but it’s surprisingly echoed in everyone’s ear.

The small square suddenly became quiet.

Only Tang Yu’s footsteps and survivors’ heavy breathing were heard.

Finally, Tang Yu stopped a few meters before the hunters.

There were a total of seven people. Twice of the number of hunters in the shelter.

Most of the active teams in the wild were barely able to arrive in this shelter on their own. These teams carried one or two hunters in their teams, which made their survival rate higher.

Even so, the seven hunters, no matter in which small shelters they stayed in, they were a force that needed to be considered of.

That was true for normal ordinary shelters.

Unfortunately, this shelter wasn’t just an ordinary shelter.

Tang Yu’s eyes were cold, “Who gave you confidence?”

“Who gave you self-confidence and make you feel like without you in the shelter, it can’t resist the demonic beast?”

“Who gave you the courage to stand here and talk to me about terms and conditions?”

Ding Qiang froze.

That was not what he expected.


His voice was faint, but there was a burst of force as if it was strangling his throat of freedom.

Immediately, he was enraged.

An ordinary person who wasn’t even a hunter…

Ding Qiang glared at the hunters who stood beside him, and Peng Bo in the nearby corner and he felt his confidence boosted. Since they couldn’t talk nicely about terms and conditions, then they just needed the people in the shelter to witness their powers. ‘We’re not just qualified to talk about terms and conditions, but we’re also equal, no, we even exceed the power of the shelter!’

He remembered Peng Bo on his side and smiled, “Leader Tang, you just asked where I got my confidence. Well, let me tell you…”

He stopped.

Peng Bo stepped out and walked to Ding Qiang, he walked past him and came before Tang Yu.

Was he going to attack?

Glancing at Peng Bo’s dark face, Ding Qiang thought, wishing Peng Bo would initiate the attack.

But at the next moment, Peng Bo spoke. His voice was simple and honest compared to his terrifying face.

Ding Qiang didn’t know if it’s real or not, he heard Peng Bo said, “Leader, I want to join the patrol team. I heard you can get the best food from joining the patrol team. Is this true? I also heard there are some additional rewards for the missions. It doesn’t matter though, I’m the first person to sign up anyway.”

“Oh, was there any reward for the first applicant?”

Peng Bo rubbed his hands and looked a little bit…cute?

Ding Qiang was stunned, his mind went blank.

That wasn’t what he had in mind.

Peng Bo, the hunter with a special ability, his ultimate card, what did he just hear? Peng Bo wanted to join the shelter?!

In a blink of eye, the strongest fighting power went to the opposite team. This feeling, Ding Qiang was enraged and he glared at Peng Bo.

Originally, his plan was using his own strength to go against the shelter. By then, he felt there’s a 50-50 chance of winning a deal from the shelter. The best case scenario was to find out where the shelter store the food supplies and slowly plotting to take it away. If he found that the shelter’s strength was underneath him, he would take over the shelter directly and make it his own.

That was plan A and B.

He thought it was foolproof, he didn’t expect Peng Bo to switch side. Under normal circumstances, how could Peng Bo choose the shelter side? Wasn’t Peng Bo felt dissatisfied with the shelter?

However, Ding Qiang understood that they were already at a disadvantage now.

It didn’t matter. There’s the final plan C.

He took a deep breath and looked at Tang Yu. “Leader Tang. I admitted your technologies are superior and you secretly have attracted Peng Bo. The terms can be reduced slightly, but in that case, we still want the distinguished status. If you want us to risk our lives, then my hunter brothers and I as well as other hunters whom the shelter cannot recognize our value will leave this shelter and find another shelter to stay!”

That was his final plan, to retreat!

Ding Qiang believed that the weakness of the shelter was their number of hunters. Even if Peng Bo joined, no matter how strong he was, he’s only a single person. He couldn’t possibly take care of everything. In that case, their side had seven hunters.

If there’re no hunters, how could the shelter resist the demonic beasts? Without the survivors, how could the shelter porter materials every day?

He now believed the shelter would agree to his reduced terms and conditions.

In any case, they were also hunters. Once conflict arose, even If the shelter was dominant in power, there’s no guarantee that they wouldn’t suffer any loss.

Tang Yu shook his head lightly, sighing.

“Your reasoning is weak. Which limits your imagination. So if you can take one of Roger’s strikes, I will agree to your terms and conditions however you see fit. But if you won’t take it…”

Ding Qiang was enraged.


He looked at Roger who stood silently beside Tang Yu.

His aura was not strong like a newly awakened hunter. Although Roger’s combat skills were superb and his momentums were powerful. If they thought he couldn’t take a single hit then they clearly underestimated him!

No, not to mention a single strike. Even if they really fought, he might not lose!

For the records, he had beheaded three demonic beasts! He didn’t even want to fight a newly awakened person who had completely ignored him!

He’s gonna show them his real power. A real power that’s derived from his own strength!

Ding Qiang drew out his weapon, a sharp machete, “Let’s do it! Just don’t regret what comes after this!”

In the other side, Roger also drew out his weapon, a claymore.

Such a great sword seemed incredible to other people. Even not all hunter could lift it. Even if they could manage to lift it, could they step into combat with such a heavy weapon?

Peng Bo instinctively stepped back a few steps, his eyes widened, observing the legendary ‘hero’ up close.


Roger moved, he stepped out lightly and the claymore fell straight as the wind cuts.

Ding Qiang’s eyes widened. He only felt a gust of wind blowing. It seemed nothing happened yet.

Suddenly, his body felt stiff. His mind gradually went cold. When he lowered his head slightly, he saw a bloody slash extended from his lower right waist to his upper left shoulder.


His thoughts gradually sank into the darkness. The hunters who stood beside him could see the blood splattered like a painting and suddenly burst as the blood sprayed out.

In an instant, Ding Qiang died.

The other hunters were suddenly horrified.

Was he even a hunter? The other hunters they had met were nowhere this fierce! Mr. Ding who had killed demonic beast couldn’t even take a single strike, then they were gonna suffer the same result!

Blood was still gushing out from Ding Qiang’s waist. They didn’t dare to look at it anymore. They were silent. A person turned around and fled, the others followed him.

Several people fled in different directions. The small square had several routes to go up to the mountain. They knew they were no match for Roger and he might catch them sooner or later.

But there were several people, even if Roger was strong, he wouldn’t be able to catch all of them. Some unlucky souls would be selected by Roger.

Those were the people that conspired together, they called themselves brothers. They felt victory was close at their hand. Each fled in all directions in a blink of an eye.

They no longer cared about their fellow brothers’ life or death. They even hoped that someone would run slow enough for Roger to catch them. Buying enough time so that they could escape for good.

A hunter with beard on his face noticed something moving behind him. He didn’t see anyone catching up and felt joyous. Suddenly, a round figure stopped him.

“It’s just a mining puppet.”

The bearded hunter snorted coldly, a mining puppet wanted to stop him?

Since it was only a puppet, the man believed that it was not a worthy opponent. The bearded-man attacked with all his strength. He wanted to get rid of the puppet and fled. So he won’t have to face the Steel-faced man again.

He took an axe and swung it down with all his strength, causing a burst of wind.

It was fast and powerful!

The round puppet couldn’t react completely. The strike cut through the puppet’s abdomen.

The bearded man smiled and was about to move, passing through the damaged puppet. But suddenly, there was a huge force which came from the direction of the axe. Making him unable to hold the axe handle.

Only then did he discovered that the blow he originally thought would shut down the mining puppet was only leaving a small crack. That small crack could not even damage the puppet.

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