My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 350


Airplane blueprints were not just a single blueprint but a bundle of blueprints. Each one represents a certain important part.

The blueprints were optimized by the research institute, and the various parts were manufactured through the workshop, transported to this mountain platform, and assembled.

Everything was operated according to the improved instructions… General assembly blueprints and the Airplane that was successfully assembled for the first time were basically problem-free.

Checking it was a double measure. After all, the cost for creating this Airplane was more than two million and three hundred thousand spirit stones.


As an important part of the next layout plan of the territory, it was required for the authority to know about this project.

As the news of the upcoming maiden flight spread, followers arrived one after another.

Wearing a black combat suit, Roger’s muscles bulged. He had just come from the gravity room; his face was still sweaty. As soon as he saw the huge big thing parked in the center, a look of shock could be seen on his face.

Shay also appeared from nowhere, standing in front of the Airplane’s huge gun, his mouth incessantly chanting something.

Elaine and Nancy held hands and flew directly from the castle, and landed on the airplane platform.

Both of them looked up at the same time and let out an exclamation.

“Airplane…so spectacular.”

“Airplane…is it delicious?”

Tang Yu was dark. It’s been a while since Nancy was with Elaine to study. How can she ask such a childish question? Certainly, he doesn’t know if the Airplane tasted good or not!

“Ready, let’s get on the Airplane.”


On the Airplane side, a long ramp unfolded, connecting from the deck all the way to the ground. The ramp was wide enough to accommodate two vehicles in parallel, and there were guardrails on both sides to make it feel safe and secure.

Roger and Chen Haiping followed the ramp quickly and ascended to the deck in one go.

Elaine and Nancy floated up and “woosh~” flew to the deck in one go.

Shay looked focused, his legs bent fiercely, the whole person shot up to the sky like a cannonball, landing firmly on the deck of the Airplane. Leaving a visible spider web of cracks on the ground below.

“…it will be a deduction on your salary next month.”

Tang Yu glanced at the road, ignoring Shay’s shocked face. His feet were in the air, like stepping on a ladder. Each step can be pulled up a few meters. It just took a few steps out to get to the airplane deck.

Yang Wei and a few others looked silly. They wanted to wait for the big guys to go first and then follow behind. However… the big guys don’t take the usual path!

They hurriedly ran up the ramp.


Airplane, main control room.

Tang Yu held a rune ball in his hand, and mixed information rushed into his mind.

If the Airplane’s control method, lift-off, steering, control of the various rune arrays ……it was very complicated.

“This control is much more complicated than the floating chariot, even with the help of the system, I can only perform some simple operations.”

At least he could try to lift the fancy Airplane.




Inside the controller light ball made of countless runes, some of the runes began to emit bright light—a circle of invisible energy fluctuations spread from the bottom of the Airplane. Accompanied by a slight trembling, the Airplane slowly rose.

Surrounding trees and mountains are swaying away.

Kevin stood on the edge of the deck, hands gripping the guardrail, looking excited, “It worked, it worked!”

He studied the blueprints of the Airplane for quite some time, making him curious about who designed the Airplane, most likely it was the Lord, but the Lord could not design such a large and complex creation by himself…… most likely a team led by the Master, plus a team formed by a dozen design masters, to be able to design the Airplane out.

Perhaps it will take years, even decades.

But Kevin also saw an important shortcoming of the Airplane….. it was designed too perfect, resulting in manufacturing difficulties becoming extremely high. In his opinion, the manufacture of the Airplane took at least a few years. In some of the parts, the precision requirements were extremely high. Some key runes needed senior runemaster, or even master runemaster, to be able to inscribe it.

If there’s the slightest mistake, the whole Airplane will be scrapped, and the invested funds and materials will all go down the drain.

But now, it actually had been built successfully by the Lord. Moreover, the actual floating boat is even more perfect than what is shown on the blueprints!

If it wasn’t for the fact that Kevin knows how to learn that special manufacturing method, he would want to learn it under the Lord.

The Airplane rose to hundreds of meters in the air. Surrounded by indistinct white clouds, looking down, the Tree Shade shelter’s buildings were vaguely visible on the other side of the mountain.

“Strange, there seems to be no wind?”

Yang Wei was surprised. He did not dare to walk to the edge of the deck at all; even if the guardrail was high enough, it could not give him any sense of security. What if he was blown away by the wind? Yang Wei was very self-aware of his own weight.

The other people were the same. They wanted to get closer to take a look at the ground, but they were afraid to do so. Several people knelt on the deck like a cat, shivering.

At this moment, he was startled.

Yeah, how come there is no wind?

“Look guys, the airplane is flying at high speed.”

Someone pointed out, the clouds were like floating light, flying backward.

They did not feel it at all, as if they were standing on the ground. It was much more stable than a normal airplane. Yang Wei propped up his arms and slowly stood up. His legs and feet were still shivering a bit. He settled and found that he really didn’t shake or sway and slowly moved to the edge of the deck, clutching the iron bars of the guardrail with both hands, and looked out.

White clouds were like water, and the Airplane floated freely.

“I guess there must be something on the outside of the airplane, but I don’t know it could catch people falling.”

Yang Wei can not guess. He was more reluctant to test with his own body, still clutching the guardrail. His hands were a bit red.

Several other people also slowly come closer, full of awe.

“I wonder how fast the airplane can fly, do we have the opportunity to go to other shelters later… er, travel…”

“You think too much. How can this kind of strategic weapon be used to carry passengers casually.”

“Hey, look at that, you guys, what a big demonic beast….. Foggy grass, it’s flying over!”

This demonized beast with huge fleshy wings covered with brown hair like steel needles, dark red vertical pupils turned over. In an instant, Yang Wei and others sweat; their blood seems to be frozen.

With one stir of its wings, it can sweep over tens of meters. Its hideous appearance reflected in the eyes of Yang Wei several people, more and more clear.


A long, thin beam of light faded in the air.

The pressure in the air dissipated.

Yang Wei stared at the brown fur demonic beast with flesh wings. Its head had been opened with a ball-thick bloody hole penetrating through the back. Under inertia, its flesh-wing flapped a couple times. Under gravity, its huge body fell head down towards the ground.

Yang Wei turned his head and glanced at the top of the Airplane. Leaning on their side, a beam cannon was erected on the top, and the light on it was slowly disappearing.

There were more than a dozen sets of this kind of cannon on the Airplane. 

He was relieved.

At that moment, however, the sound of a dripping alarm sounded.


The alarm on the top of the airship building was flashing with a red light.

The reporting sound of the Airplane’s intelligent machinery spread to every corner, “Incoming impact with a flying demonic beast swarm, detecting enemy number in thousands; Incoming impact with…..”

It was broadcasted three times in a row.

Chen Haiping looked grave. His concern was different; his view was not the same as Kevin’s. Whether the Airplane can successfully take to the sky is not the key. The only way to prove the Airplane’s value was to resist the incoming demonic beasts.

In the distance, a dense black swarm of flying demonic beasts had appeared in view, like dark clouds.

The number may not be comparable to the ground demonic wave. However, the high-altitude flying demonic beasts were not low-level. Their flying speed was breakneck. Once they meet in a fighter formation, one can only helplessly avoid. Once it came closer and surrounded the Airplane, the whole thing would be destroyed. 

High-level flying demonic beasts with a pair of flesh wings can easily break the sound barrier and even exceed the flight speed of jet fighters. In the sky, high-level flying demonic beasts were much more flexible. Human fighters were just one of their prey.

A few moments passed, the distance between the dense black flying demonic beasts and the Airplane was only a thousand meters away.

Chen Haiping stared into the distance, tightly clenched his sweat-soaked hands.

In five hundred meters, the demonic beasts’ crimson eyes, hideous faces were clearly visible. They have long dragonfly-like thin wings. The front half of the body is dark green, only a pair of forelimbs, black crooked sharp claws, and some red blood had dried and solidified on the sharp black claws, highlighting their fierce name.

The back half of the body was flesh-red, the abdomen bulging and swelling like a heart beating, contraction, the tail attached to its back was like a thick black syringe, like a bee sting, making people’s sweat hair erect.

At this point, a few demonic beasts who were obviously larger flapped their thin wings, broke away from the swarm, and accelerated their flight. 

“It’s the red-bellied devil bees! There are so many of them!”

Three hundred meters…

The first few Red-bellied Devil Bees’ thin wings were slightly closed, and a horrible aura was already pervading over.

Two hundred meters…

Their two black front claws began to probe out with a cold mane.

Chen Haiping held his breath, his hand unconsciously rested on the hilt of the knife, as if his gaze and the scarlet eyes of the demon wasps were staring at each other.

One hundred meters…

Between lightning and fire, several white beams of light shot out violently from the open muzzle of the beam cannon from the bottom of the Airplane side.

The condensed energy particles penetrated the layers of the air.

In a ten-thousandth of a second, the red-bellied bee was frozen in the air. Their bulging abdomen was penetrated. Leak with red and green. The large intestine and internal organs continuously flowed out from the breach, spilled, and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

In the air not far away, the energy particles condensed into a line. The faint, intermittent white marks were like a dotted line, slowly dissipating in the air.

Grunting, Chen Haiping’s palm was slightly loosened, but his eyes widened again.

The following swarm of red-bellied devil bees had already flown close by!


Fifty meters…


Twenty meters…


Ten meters…

The fishy smell came to his nose. His hand gripped the hilt once again and slowly pulled it upward.



The red-bellied devil bees that flew at him seemed to hit the air.

Outside the iron railing, one arcane rune after another emerged, linking together to form a transparent but impenetrable thin curtain. The devil bee’s sharp black curved hook sharp claws, grasping, their abdomen bulging, tail sting fiercely poking the transparent light curtain, but only produced half a ripple.

Chen Haiping breathed a sigh of relief.

Yang Wei and the others fell down ass first to the ground. 

At the bottom of the Airplane, the beam cannons on the upper floors of the Airplane continued to shoot, and all kinds of white lines reflected each other.

Tang Yu stepped out of the main control room, his right palm held upward. A ball of light composed of a variety of runes suspended a few centimeters above his palm.

[Rune shield slightly damaged, energy remaining 99.6%……] [Rune shield slightly damaged, energy remaining 99.1%……] [Rune shield slightly damaged, energy remaining 98.7%……]

Tang Yu controlled the beam cannon to shoot down one red-bellied devil bee.

As the captain of the boat, he has the highest authority. He can control any runic arrays and facilities on the Airplane. Including the external beam cannon, but it was not convenient to control. When controlling the defense building, it feels like his reach was far worse.

Otherwise, he won’t have to wait until the bull-bellied bee comes. But in any case, the beam cannon starts shooting.

“It’s better to have a dedicated gunner… the artillery group. If the beam cannon can be fully utilized, this group of red-bellied bees can’t get close to the Airplane.”


Two minutes later, all the red-bellied devil bees that attacked the Airplane were shot down by all means. The only regrettable thing was that there was no way to collect the spirit stones and materials on the demonic flying beasts.

The Airplane was flying smoothly.

Tang Yu also came to the edge of the deck and looked out at the dead bodies.


The Airplane, which was as stable as a flat surface, shook violently. He stumbled and stood with his legs apart, quickly stabilizing his weight.

In front of him, Yang Wei, standing by the iron railing, did not have a firm grip on his hand. His body leaned forward and crossed the railing, like an onion, falling towards the outside of the Airplane.

The other people around him could not help but scream, and Yang Wei’s face turned pale.


Yang Wei’s stomach was propped up on the bar, his center of gravity was unbalanced, and when his head fell forward, he didn’t fall outside the Airplane. But his forehead hit the invisible light curtain at once.

Blushing, he fell back to the deck on his back, gasping for breath. 

The Airplane has two layers of shields, one to the outside, one to the inside.

At this point, the control light ball came back with a feedback message.

[Rune shield moderately damaged, energy remaining 91.9%……]

Tang Yu’s face was grave as his gaze swept into the distance.

A golden figure flicked in the air.

Each piece of its feather is bigger than a door panel, like pouring gold, wings spread out, covering the sky, bigger than an airplane. Its beak was like a hook, and a pair of sharp eyes coldly overlooked the Airplane. Like a king standing on the cloud.


It circled around the Airplane for a while and then suddenly came closer, with two front claws poking out. The wind whistled and blew.




The Airplane shook violently.

The feedback information from the control light ball was floating like rain.

[Rune shield moderately damaged, energy remaining 85.6% ……] [Rune shield moderately damaged, energy remaining 78.3% ……] [Rune shield moderately damaged, ……]

Nancy came to his side, her white palm outstretched. The thick ghostly power converged into a huge black sword, staring coldly at the giant golden eagle outside the shield.

Tang Yu shook his head, gesturing for Nancy to slow down.

Under his control, the beam cannon on this side condensed and shot out a dozen back and forth in an instant. The condensed energy particles smashed through layers of air, penetrated the clouds, and blasted towards the giant golden eagle.

Its wings flapped and flew up quickly. Only one beam hit the wing but failed to penetrate, leaving a bit of scorched black marks on the golden feathers.

The wound was small, but the golden eagle was in pain, and its attack became more and more fierce and frantic. The wind it stirred up formed huge wind blades visible to the naked eye, chopping on the rune shield.




The energy was sliding rapidly.

“I’m going to control the main cannon.” Shay quickly said, and a few people rushed into the cabin.

Tang Yu frowned and pondered for a moment, looking at Roger, “You go too, control the other main cannon.”

In just a few seconds, the shield energy had dropped to less than half.

The sound of the Airplane’s ringing alarm became even frequent.

Tang Yu no longer controlled the beam cannon but reluctantly manipulated the Airplane, keeping it steady and controlling the shield energy. Converging on the side that the golden eagle attacked as a way to increase the defense and reduce energy loss.

The main cannons on both sides of the Airplane began to charge up, emitting a humming sound.

The air vibrates away, visible with the naked eye.

The inferno dragon roars on the left, the thunder spear on the right… At the beginning of the design of the Airplane, the two main guns both could deal heavy damage and were capable of killing transcendent beings. In other words, the Airplane itself was a unit capable of fighting against the transcendent!

Tang Yu turned the direction of the Airplane, and when it was attacked by the giant golden eagle again, the main cannon on the right side charged to its fullest.

A blue-purple pillar of light burst out from the massive cannon’s muzzle!

The flashing thunder light surrounded the beam of light, piercing his ears, and the line of sight was filled with blue-purple light. The clouds on the horizon were penetrated by a huge circular gap!


The thunder spear missed the golden eagle. Half of the giant eagle’s body feathers stood up, with a number of it scorched black by the electricity. However, this does not have much impact on the giant eagle’s combat power.

Tang Yu’s eyes focused. It was no time to say sorry. He immediately steered the Airplane and even increased the power output, approaching the golden eagle. The left side of the cannon muzzle steadily aimed at the beast!


Flames blotted out the sky, and the golden eagle squealed.

The air was filled with a burnt smell, and the air had evaporated.

The Inferno Dragon roar gradually dissipated, Tang Yu poked his head to see.

The giant golden eagle has become a giant black eagle. The feathers have lost their color and have fallen from the air like layers of ashes.

“It did not hit it completely… and transcendent level mutated beasts’s life energy is too strong.”

Tang Yu can feel the golden giant eagle’s breath slipped a large part and has been seriously injured. He can see it flapped its wings and flew away quickly with fear. He opened the shield. Nancy flew out to chase it for a while but could not catch up with the giant eagle with dual-core power.

In the blink of an eye, the golden… no, the black giant eagle’s trail disappeared from sight.

Nancy was quite frustrated, and Tang Yu also felt pity for her.

Chen Haiping and the others, however, were uplifted by it.

The power of the Airplane was still deeply engraved in each of their hearts.

Before, the demonic flying beast occupied the sky, and the golden eagle was the overlord of the sky. But in the future, the Tree Shade… The Airplane will be the real overlord of the sky!

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