My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 351


Tree Shade Shelter.

The large playground, comparable to the size of two or three football fields, is located at the foot of the mountain and backed by the magnificent training camp building.

The hunters of the two corps were staying on the playground in pairs and trios. Some people discussed with each other, some were training moves, and some were resting after undergoing high-intensity training.

In one corner of the training playground, Lu Xiaopeng was holding a white longsword and was practicing his battle skills. His gaze was focused, staring ahead, and suddenly his body leaned forward, his right foot stepped forward, and the muscles of his right hand holding the longsword tensed up. Stabbing forward smoothly.

This stab was slow at first and then fast. By the time the arm was straightened, it was like lightning.

Lu Xiaopeng let out a low cry.

The long white sword was connected to his arm and half of his body, a faint white light gushing out, and it instantly exerted force.

Stab again!

Three consecutive stabs!

Each time he stabbed his sword, his whole body shifted forward several meters, his arm retracted slightly and stabbed again. And by the time the battle technique ‘Quick Body Stabbing’ was finished, his whole body had already appeared more than ten meters away.


The sound of the longsword piercing through the air was heard.

Next to them, some members of the guard regiment who were watching expressed their admiration.

“Amazing! It’s completely impossible to see the movement!”

“The attack was accompanied by movement without making a single sound. What a divine technique!”

“Congratulations to the great captain for your divine skill.”

He panted lightly, and his right arm, which was gripping his custom weapon ‘Arc Light Sword’. He trembled slightly and put away the Arc Light Sword. Instead of looking smug, he shook his head.

“Divine? It’s still too early, at best I can only be considered a beginner, I may not be able to use it in actual combat yet.”

“No way!” The next hunters were surprised, “With this triple stab, you can kill an awakened being of the same level in one hit.”

“It is also meaningless to kill those awakened beings without system training. “

Lu Xiaopeng paused and said, “This move is not called three consecutive stabs, but called ‘Quick Body Stabbing’. The highest can reach the realm of five consecutive stabs. I have seen Director Tang make five consecutive stabs, even though we can’t see the sword light. Each stab, the distance across not just a few meters, but more than 10 meters, 20 meters. Unlike me who can only simply stab forward, he could also turn around and stab, back and forth stab, that is called the highest realm.”

The surrounding members of the guard corps slightly raised their heads, imagining that view.

Director Tang’s sword light, interwoven into an impermeable net, cuts down the enemy easily. Until its death, the enemy can not touch, can not see the figure of Director Tang.

He can stab, can retreat, in and out freely.

Ahhhhh I really want to learn this move!!!”

“Quick Body Stabbing is Director Tang’s battle technique. I am the only one in the whole corps who knows it, you can’t exchange it even if you have contribution points.”

Lu Xiaopeng finally showed his smugness. While the others’ battle techniques were learned from Chief Instructor Roger and Chief Sky, his battle techniques came from Director Tang, and his face was all different.

At this time, the sound of drum banging runs through the corps training area. Lu Xiaopeng and others all stopped the training in their hands. They came to the designated location to gather, and more people came out of the training camp.

Chief Instructor Roger, dressed in a black combat uniform and looked like an iron tower, appeared in front of them and announced a message.

[Air Force Selection]!

“Air Force? It sounds like an air soldier, are we going to form a new corps?”

“The problem is that we can’t fly, and out of the two corps, it seems that only three people have the ability to fly, right?”

“I’m only concerned about how the selection will be made.”



Roger spit out the word. At once, the members of the two major corps in the training area stood still, not daring to speak again.

“You guys guessed right, the Air Force are flying soldiers, as for how to fly….”

Lu Xiaopeng and others followed Roger’s gaze and saw a few pieces of equipment not far away.

Black vest-like garment, the back is attached to a black box the size of an ordinary backpack.

“This is a flight backpack. The method of use is very simple. It is the same as the equipment you have used and equipped with special effects or skills. The selection of the Air Force mainly evaluates your ability to fight in the air when you use the flight backpack. Who wants to go to try it?”

Lu Xiaopeng’s eyes lit up, and he was the first to come forward, “The air force is interesting, I want to join this new regiment.”

The Guard Corps was mainly responsible for the defense of the shelter, nothing challenging. Lu Xiaopeng has always envied those in the Investigation Corps who can run around in various territories.

There was no opportunity for job-hopping before, but now it seems that the corps formed by the air force may be more advanced than the guard and investigation corps.

Roger held his hands, nodded without refusal, and looked at several flying backpacks, showing a mysterious smile.


Lu Xiaopeng picked up the flying backpack and weighed it. The weight of a few kilograms was very light for him.

After putting on the vest, the buckles were fastened and locked. Lu Xiaopeng checked back and forth several times – since it was a flight, it was not a fun thing to have the buckles lose in mid-air, and the person and backpack detached.

He tried waving his arms again, and his legs were handed out like springs.

It felt good.

The presence of the flying backpack does not impede flexibility in the slightest.

“Next, I can try to ascend to the sky, I’ve always envied those with winged abilities, I thought I wouldn’t have a chance to fly like a bird in my life……”

Lu Xiaopeng chanted. He was determined to be skilled in using a flying backpack.

A moment later, he touched the ‘switch’, and the runes on the backpack were activated.

Wow, the flight backpack is about to start. I feel the kinetic energy coming from behind… seems a bit fierce, wait-“

In the next moment, in front of the eyes of many corps members, Lu Xiaopeng shot up into the sky.

Along with the ‘Wahhhhhhh’ shriek.

Looking up, only a tiny black dot remained.


A strong wind blew past his face, whistling, and a cloud was thrown behind him.

Still rising at high speed.

If this continued, he would hit the sun.

Lu Xiaopeng cried… flight backpack comes with spirit stones energy. He had used a lot of this type of equipment. Spiritual energy was just a primer to start, however just now, the primer seems to be under a little too much, the built-in spirit stones were burning up.

He was worried about not being able to control his movement in the sky and worried that if the spirit stone’s energy burned too fast and was empty, wouldn’t he fall headfirst from the air?

Lu Xiaopeng was not sure if his source power could afford to run the flight backpack. He could only go up to the sky while concentrating on his senses, “Decelerate, decelerate, decelerate quickly….”

It seemed to hear his prayer.

His ascending speed dropped up sharply. And soon, Lu Xiaopeng stayed mid-air for a short moment. He fell headfirst towards the ground again, the gravity pulling him even faster. 


Through one cloud after another, the wide playground of the training area is vaguely visible.

Lu Xiaopeng’s heart was full of chill and began to give the flying backpack speed again. Yet, the stabilization or ascension he imagined did not occur.

He was in the middle of his descent, sliding out of the air in an ‘S’-shaped trajectory, flying away from the training area for a while. And then he adjusted back, and at the moment when he was about to land on his head, Lu Xiaopeng’s eyes widened. His teeth clenched, making a final struggle……


Like a rocket falling, Lu Xiaopeng stopped at a place one or two meters from the ground. Layers of airwaves were swept away. However, at this moment, he actually flew out sideways, hitting the wall of the training camp.

The two corps members were dumbfounded.

Roger looked a little stunned, “The flying backpack has a protection mechanism so it will not directly hit the ground, but …how do you control yourself to hit the wall?”

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