My Doomsday Territory

My Doomsday Territory Chapter 354


The night in the forest was quiet. There’s no hissing of demonized beasts nor chilling cries of the cicadas.

Tang Yu walked on the gravel-paved path. The lights were dim, and the environment was complex. Nancy followed behind, acting as an escort, turning her head from time to time to look.

Roger was behind, walking on the side.

Three people walked in the forest path in silence.

Suddenly, Roger spoke, “Lord, I think you need to form an escort team.”   

Tang Yu had not yet spoken, but behind him, Nancy froze, “I… protect… the Lord.”    

The aura belonging to the transcendent diffused. Roger laughed dryly, “Miss Nancy is certainly capable of protecting the Lord. But now with tens of thousands of survivors, the Lord also needs to pay attention to some platitudes.” 

“In my hometown, a Lord with financial resources will certainly be accompanied by an escort in each trip. They’re not only to protect the safety of the Lord, but also a manifestation of strength. In the territory you own, travel alone may be nothing, but if you go out to other Lords’… shelter, with your current status alone to other shelter… even if you brought Miss Nancy, it’s a bit inappropriate.”   

Tang Yu thought about it. In terms of personal strength, apart from Nancy, he considered himself second…third class.    

To protect his safety, Nancy is enough.

Roger used to be a knight; he can be considered some kind of noble class. Elaine and Roger’s way of thinking weren’t the same.

The arrangement was not necessary. But the existence of the escort and showing force can avoid some unnecessary trouble. He will also have more people around to order. He didn’t have to do everything by himself.    

It would feel like recruiting a secretary?    

Tang Yu pondered for a moment.

‘A secretary is fine, of course it is best to be a capable female secretary.’   

Ahem… So in this way, the members of the escort, tentatively set at twelve, from….”

He was going to say screened from the two corps but paused and thought about it, “select from the martial arts school apprentices.”   

Compared to the corps members, the younger and more malleable martial school apprentices are more loyal.    

In addition to worshipping him as the ‘strongest person in the shelter’, several followers such as Roger subliminally instill the loyal thought of ‘the director is supreme’ when teaching.

Adults with sufficient experience would find difficulties changing their stereotypes. But the dozens of teenage girls were the best training objects.

Roger clenched his fist with one hand against his left chest and answered, “Yes! Must select the best escort for your Lord.”    


After a few minutes of walking along the forest path, the front gradually opened up. The bright lights illuminated the mine as if it were daylight.  

The trees near the deep pit were all cut down and poured with cement to prevent the shrubs from growing fast, except for the massive tree with glittering white leaves in the middle of the deep pit. The tall breathtaking white tree.   

“It seems to be a little bit bigger again, there is nothing wrong with the rune array running off the shelter, right?”

Roger nodded, “Every half month Master Kevin will come to the mine to check the array, there is nothing wrong.”    

The array only has a simple light and shadow effect, a certain degree of obscuring this giant tree.

The layout was not easy; only Kevin alone in the entire territory was capable.    


Walking to the deep pit.    

Surrounded by tall arrow towers, which give people peace of mind, the sound of clanking mining came into the ears.

Spirit stone mines operate 24 hours a day. Mostly it’s operated by ‘reformers’ who made mistakes and were escorted to work in the mines, but also some survivors who chose to come to the mines to earn more spirit stones.

A guard corps brigade consists of fifty hunters, patrolled in two shifts.

As soon as the three arrived, the hunters of the guard corps immediately noticed them and greeted them.

A loud greeting came from the distance, shaking the eardrums.    

As if it were a giant, a figure over three meters tall walked step by step, and the ground stones trembled slightly.    

“Good evening, my Lord.”    

Tyron bowed, but Tang Yu still had to look up, making him a little uncomfortable.

Even a tall man like Roger looked like a child next to Tyron.


“That is to say, a total of six people, one was killed by your mistake, another dying is hanging on to life, the remaining few imprisoned?”    

These people are not the first outsiders to spy on the mine. Long before the formation to hide the giant tree was built, many spies found this mine. Now those people have either died or become a dedicated miner.    

After the formation was built, the giant tree was not easily discovered. But the mine was only a few kilometers from the shelter, and some people came in with bad intentions or by mistake.

Most of them are not strong.    

But, the six spies that were just caught were strong. If it wasn’t for Tyron’s help, the hunters of the Guard Corps alone would not have been able to catch all of these people.    

“Let’s go and have a look.”


On one side of the pit’s edge, a three-story building was built as a residence for the miners. In the basement, the prisoners were temporarily guarded.   

Before he could walk in, he heard a commotion coming from the front.    

“Get him.”    

“Don’t let him get away, but be careful not to kill him either.”    



Not far away, a hole was blasted in the ground, and the wretched figure jumped out of the hole. His clothes were torn, and he was coughing blood from the corners of his mouth, yet he was fast. In a few body flashes, he had already appeared a hundred meters away.    

One after another, several members of the guard corps jumped out of the hole in the ground and chased after him.

Seeing the distance became close and his pursuers were about to catch up, the fleeing figures shifted and suddenly changed from one to two, two to four figures.

 In the blink of an eye, there were more than a dozen identical figures, scattered in all directions towards the distance to flee.    

The members of the guard corps who were chasing after them were in a state of hesitation, not knowing which one to chase.    

Tang Yu looked at the figure that had scurried into the forest and disappeared without a trace, turned his head, and ordered, “Nancy, capture him back.”  


Li Guming endured the pain in his body, ignoring it. The complex terrain of the forest environment can not hinder his movement in the slightest. From time to time, he looked back on. Although he could no longer see the pursuer, he was still being careful and split a few more diversions, continuing to flee.

Thinking back about the strong, inhumanly bald man, Li Guming’s heart was palpitating. With just a punch, he beat one of his subordinates to pulps.

He was the terrifying power that cannot be resisted.

Tree Shade actually has a strong person of this level.  

He looked back again, the lights of the mine were far away, and the surrounding area was quiet. There was no sign of the pursuers, nor was there any sound.   

Li Guming slowed down his pace to keep the noise he made to a minimum…    

“Thank God, I escaped and did not spoil things.”

He turned back, just halfway, and suddenly, a violent shudder ran through his body.    

It was as if the soul was going to leave the physical body.

His consciousness gradually blurred. Li Guming could only vaguely recognize that a petite, seemingly under-aged female hunter had left him defenseless with just one punch.

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